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Piyali Sanyal

Abstract Tragedy


Piyali Sanyal

Abstract Tragedy

End Of Life

End Of Life

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Careful about what you wish for,

You may not be able to handle,

When it suddenly comes true..

You may be wishing death upon yourself,

But when it knocks at the door,

Somewhere very close by,

You may just wish for another day,

To live that one last loved moment with all!!

While you were wishing it upon yourself,

It befell unexpectedly, in close quarter,

Giving you a reminder of the pain,

That you will leave behind,

For those, who wished otherwise always!!!

Careful about what you wish for,

While life may seem burdensome for you,

It is better than many,

Who chooses to live,

Despite all odds!!!

While you were immersed,

In pitiful thoughts,

Death actually happened,

Shook a mother's faith, a wife's prayers,

Stole a child's childhood,

And broke a father's strength..

Leaving behind a shattered family,

Each grappling with reality.. Death..

Pause.. think.. introspect..

Mend what is required,

Seek a purpose to live,

Cause death is not a solution,

Nor an escape for us to choose,

It will own us when destined!!!

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