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Shikha Mishra

Drama Inspirational


Shikha Mishra

Drama Inspirational

Embarking On A New Journey - The Sixth Part

Embarking On A New Journey - The Sixth Part

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Recap: The Fifth Part 

Rakesh happily told Mugdha and Kartik his plan. Post listening to the plan carefully Mugdha said,' The plan sounds great, but guys I have something more in mind to improvise the plan.

As she narrated the plan to Kartik and Rakesh, they couldn't believe that she could come up with such a fantastic plan.

After such a long time, Kartik saw the smile on Mugdha's face, that was the happiest moment for him that made his day.


Are you sure you want to do this Mughdha, her mother asked?

Yes, mom, you have taught us to always stand for ourselves. And not only Rohit's father has done the hideous crime, but Rohit and his father also threw me out of my company that was like my baby. You know very well how much time, efforts, the energy I have invested in it to bring it to success. Not only once did Rohit thought about this? I understand Rohit got manipulated by his father and this clouded his judgement but then what about his love for me? Was that also fake? What sort of love was this? I know I am not the right person to lecture about it, but, what he has done, cannot be defined as love.

And mom, before we got into this relationship, we were friends we have known each other for such a long time. My life was going in the right direction when he decided to propose to me and spend his entire life with me. Yes, I agree that it was my mistake to say Yes, to him without realising that I was not in love with him. I always saw him as a good friend, but his proposal gave a new perspective to me towards life.

Anyways, what's done is done, I can't change the past but I want to work in the present so that I can have a better future.

You know the pain that Rohit gave me is far bigger than the pain caused by his father. I don't feel bad that my legs are not supporting me, I am still grateful to live for the other blessings in my life. After your sudden demise, I always thought I am the strong pillar of this family however the kind of love, and unconditional support Papa and Kiara have shown post-accident, has moved me.

I am fortunate to be born in this amazing family, no matter how hard things are, we always sail through it.

And Kartik's re-entry into my life is the biggest blessings and learnings that I could have asked for.

He has gone through such big tragedies in his life but seeing him with a smiling face, confidence and embracing life has taught me a big lesson. We judge others so easily mom, without understanding the story of the other person.

Inspite of all this he is here supporting me like a true friend. 

I need to fight back to Rohit's family not only for myself but also for those who love me.

There were tears in her eyes as said, Beta, I am so proud of you. I wish I was there around you to protect you from all this, but I am very very proud of what you have turned out to be. Even after facing the physical challenge in your life, you have not given up. My blessings are always with you. Go, get them. Her mother placed her hand on her head and disappeared.

Today morning was different for Mugdha, as she got her mother's blessings in the dream. She felt more confident about executing the plan.

Mugdha decided to visit her old office, it was important to have face to face with Rohit and his father. It was the 1st step towards her plan.

As soon as she stepped into the office, the employees were shocked to see her in the office, as they were told she was fired.

Not only this, seeing her in crutches, she saw sympathy in their eyes. 

Inspite of being in the crutches her eyes were sparkling with confidence.

She reached the reception and asked for Rohit. There was a new receptionist at the desk, unfortunately, she was not aware of Mugdha past position in the company and her relationship with Rohit.

Mugdha asked to meet Rohit. The receptionist asked her to wait since Rohit was in a meeting.

As Mugdha took a seat, she noticed there were a couple of changes in the reception area. The name of the organisation had changed, she could see some new faces around, she could feel a lot had changed in the office.

How much she missed this place. There were so many memories of this place. The whole interior of the office was done by her. She then remembered not "Things" but 'memories" last forever.

As she was engrossed in her thoughts she saw Rohit and Mr Lahiri coming out of the meeting room.

As soon as Rohit saw Mugdha he was shocked. He never imagined she would visit the office, after all, she had been through.

But Mr Lahiri was so happy to see her, after all, she was his favourite. He was told by Rohit that Mugdha left the company due to some personal issues, and the new project would be taken care of by his new company. Though he was not well satisfied with Rohit's answer, he thought to give the project to Rohit for old time sake.

Mr Lahiri was one of their old clients and was impressed with Mugdha's work and professionalism. Mugdha and Rohit have done a couple of projects for him, however, he had high regard for Mugdha. He always saw a spark in her eyes, a zeal to prove herself and her commitment towards her work was well reflected in her work.

As he was stepping out of the meeting, he was thinking about Mugdha only.

 It's rightly said, "What is meant to be will always find its way"

He was elated to see Mugdha at the reception as if destiny had answered his wish.

Mr Lahiri walked towards Mughdha with a big smile and Rohit silently followed him. He saw her in crutches but then with a smile greeted her and said, " Hi Mugdha, How are you? I came to know about your accident, you got me worried so much. I am so happy to see you back in action now Now, I know my project is in safe hands.

He was about to say something, but Mugdha intervened, 'Thank you, Mr Lahiri. Happy to see you too. But I would like to correct you here, I no longer work with this organisation. I had to submit some papers hence I am here.

Rohit jumped at this opportunity and said, Mr Lahiri, don't worry as I told you Mugdha left the organization due to some personal issues. This is not the time to trouble her with her new project, right now she has to take care of herself. I'll have the best team working on this project. Don't worry we have it all covered.

He was still avoiding acknowledging Mughdha's presence.

Mr Lahiri ignoring Rohit said to Mugdha, "Tell me have you joined some other organisation or you have started your venture?

Mr Lahiri, I have started my venture. I'll be glad if you provide me with an opportunity to execute your project, Mugdha said with confidence.

Rohit was now angry and said to Mughdha directly, Mugdha you cant porch my customers like this. He then spoke to Mr Lahiri, You can't trust a new startup to execute such a big project. It's not a piece of cake, it requires a lot of resources, team, the funds to pull this sort of project. And I am sure, Mugdha has none of it.

You can very well see she is on crutches, she cannot do it. It's not possible for her.

Mr Lahiri said to Rohit, You have a point, that I cant assign such a big project to a new startup, but aren't you forgetting when I assigned the 1st project to you, you guys were too a startup. I gave you an opportunity that I never regretted. And I guess today, Mugdha needs the same.

So, let me do 1 thing, let me give a fair chance to you as well, since you also have a new team in place.

I'll give you 15 days to both of you to organise a fashion show based on the theme, provided by my organisation.

And whichever company proves better, would be getting the project.

Are you both in for this fashion show, he asked Mugdha and Rohit.

Mugdha said, "Thank you Mr Lahiri for this opportunity. I'll not disappoint you.

Rohit said ."Mr Lahiri don't worry this is a piece of cake for my organisation. You'll know why we are the best.

Mr Lahiri said I'll now take your leave." My office would email you the details". All the best to both of you!.

It was now only Rohit and Mugdha in the reception.

Rohit looked at Mugdha with so much anger, frustration and said, "Mugdha, you'll regret this. Leave your paper at the reception and going forward don't dare to enter into this office.

He stomped out from there in anger, leaving Mugdha more shocked. However, she maintained her calm and stepped out of the office.

She called up Kartik and said, "Plan has been successful, but with a twist".

To be continued.....

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