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Eagle's Third Eye (Better Ediion)

Eagle's Third Eye (Better Ediion)

11 mins

The summer vacations had started and like every year this time also my family was sitting at home and enjoying eating watermelons. It was so hot that it felt as if all the records are going to break this year only. Seeing, feeling, or touching anything hot made me feel irritated. During the day time, I and Daisy were daydreaming that we are on a beach in Hawaii and the cold winds of the seashore are touching our body and making us feel fresh and ….….

 “Daisy, Priyasha we have to go!” said Mom in a cheerful voice

 Our dream broke. We both angrily said together, 

 “Ah!!! What Mom? You broke our dream.”

  Mom said, “Oh! I am sorry but by the way, what were my two little ones dreaming?”

 And she started guessing herself, “a chocolate land, Or were you people dreaming that you both are queens of the world or something related to fairies or….”

 Daisy exclaimed, “Not at All!.”

 She continued, “Mom we were nothing dreaming like that, we were thinking that we are on the seashore and the cool gusts of winds are touching my face and rejuvenating us.”

 Mom broke into laughters but it seemed not as if to tease us but in a happy way.

 Daisy said, “Is it seriously so funny?”

 “No ! No! Absolutely not, but I think that your dream is going to turn true.”

 I and Daisy jumped onto the bed started to do the signature step that we used to do when anything nice was going to happen. We gave her a tight hug and started packing and keeping all the important stuff.

 Just then Daisy asked, “Mom, where are we going?”

 And guessed, “Is it Hawaii?”

 Mom said, “No not Hawaii.”

 Daisy and I were very sad hearing that response but the next word again made us do the signature step. We both were cheerful hearing that we were going to Goa.

 We packed everything and left for Goa. Once we reached there we booked a hotel and left for the beach. I was strolling on the seashore taking the cold gusts of winds with me. The clouds had taken over but the eternal yellow garish sun was also there. While I was making a palace of sand I saw a small little piece of paper near my foot. I opened it to find a message in it. It was strange to find that there was a clue written in it. The clue was to reach a red box with a joker’s face drawn on it. I thought that it must be for someone else and had by mistake come to me. So I threw it away and continued playing. Soon it was night and so we left for the hotel. The next day I got up and opened my bag to take out my brush and what I saw was shocking. I saw the same box with a joker’s face on it. The box was really big, at first I thought that might be my parents want to give me a gift so I curiously opened the box and there was 1 More box in it so I again opened it and it was strange to find that was a small letter in it. The letter read, “You have to go alone, else you won’t be able to come back.”.I just didn’t bother about it and threw the box. While I was relaxing on the beach, I saw a large wave hit the seashore, and with it came a corked bottle. I moved towards the bottle to find a 

 letter and a shimmering pearl in it. The pearl was visually dazzling, lucent with a glossy surface, and was shining bright. The letter read, “I am choosing you. Take this bottle to Eagle’s Third Eye”. At first, I wondered that does an eagle has three eyes?.....The letter further read, “ He is a man with a gigantic figure and muscular body. Clue: Shaman” This cleared my doubt that it’s not an animal but a man but I didn’t know anything about Shaman. What was it? I asked my parents even they were unaware of this. Then I asked the hotel clerk and he told me that it resided on an island name. After that, I noticed that a butterfly traveled with me and used to go where I went. Now I was sure that it was an important task and not a joke. I decided to go there the next day. I and my family left for the hotel. I noticed that the butterfly had disappeared. The next day when I moved out of the hotel I noticed the same butterfly beside me, I thought that it finds a friend in me so not bothering much about it I left for Shaman. I bought the map for Shaman. I was about to tell Mom and dad about it but then suddenly remembered about the letter which read that I was supposed to go alone there. As soon as I reached the island, I was attracted by beautiful dazzling marigold flowers and on the first flower itself there was straw and inside it was a letter kept rolled. I read the letter. It read, “Eagle’s Third Eye is a man with a mark of an eagle on his face.” Just then I saw a little dwarf man near me. I went to him and asked him about Eagle’s Third eye and he told me that it was him. I was shocked hearing that because unlike my gigantic imagination of him as written in the letter, he was a little dwarf. I was in doubt if he is saying true or is he lying but then I saw the mark of an eagle on his forehead as described in the letter but it was quite small. To me, it seemed total to be like a tattoo. The mark was exactly like a drawing of an eagle. 

 I told him that I was sent a message that I had to give him the bottle. He undoubtedly took the bottle, he opened it and read the letter and as soon as he saw the shimmering pearl he gave me a wicked look but I didn’t think much about it. He said, “Thanks, little girl!” I gave a sweet smile and said, “You are welcome, now I think it’s time for me to leave. Bye!” I was wondering that to do just do such a small task why was I worried so much and the person who wanted me to reach here could have just simply met me and told me, What a foolish person he was...I moved forward to leave that place. I had hardly taken two steps when a voice came from behind, It was of the dwarf man itself. The man offered me to see his world. I was confused that does he live in any different world? But then I thought that since he was a dwarf it might be that he lives in some other beautiful world. Curious, I agreed but little did I know, that I was walking into trouble myself. He took me to his world in a swish but before I could enter that world I had to solve a few questions. It was so strange, I thought that the questions must be very tough but I was in cloud nine after looking at the first one. The first question was –What is 2+2=? .I broke into laughter and thought what question is this? I answered it correctly but the next question was a little tricky one, it was a puzzle but thank god I could do it in the given time limit that was just a minute. As soon as I entered the world I saw the same little butterfly with me that I saw in my world. The second thing that I noticed was that I was smaller than the dwarf man. It was a miniature world! It was like a dream come true for me because I had just listened about the miniature world in fairy tales or the stories that my grandfather used to tell me. The pebbles now seemed to be like big huge mountains for me. The man was taller than me in height but other things like the insects were of my size only. There were beautiful flowers which were now like houses for me. I curiously asked the man, “Which place is this?” He replied, “Your Death!” Hearing that first I thought that he was joking. I again asked him in a very polite manner about the place but still, his response didn’t change, It was the same, simultaneously landing a big stone on me. I was in a dilemma and so stood there like a statue. I didn’t know what to do when Anna a butterfly came and saved me from the big stone. I was unconscious when she saved me. When I opened my eyes I was in a shock to see that it was the same butterfly which was staying with me all the time in my world and here too. She sat on my figure and I gave her a sweet touch. I wanted to know who she was but I thought that since a butterfly cannot speak how will I be able to communicate with her. I was thinking of a way to do that when she said in a sweet voice, “Hi!” I was surprised hearing that, I pinched myself to make sure if I was not seeing a dream but it was all real. I also said hi and asked her the reason for always being with me. She told me the whole story of that miniature world Exonia. She even told me that she could only speak in her world and not in mine. She said that she couldn’t meet me directly and tell me everything because fake Eagle’s Third Eye had put all his spies behind her. She added that to hide from them she had transformed herself into a butterfly. She further said, “The man who you met is not Eagle’s Third Eye but a monster Tom Locke and Eagle’s Third Eye is my mother, the former queen of this world called Exonia and she is held captive by Tom because he wants control over our world and that pearl that you got is the source of her power which was taken away by Tom. The questions you were asked were not asked just for fun they had a reason, Tom thought that you won’t be able to solve the puzzle in the given time and once you are unable to do it he will kill you.” I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. That meant that Tom lied and that was all a game that he was playing just to become the king of the world. I was in a mixed feeling of anger, shock, and a bit of fear. But I had decided to save the queen and so I went to fight with Tom but was unaware of his powers. I was in full confidence but failed in front of him. His next attack made me unconscious but thank god Anna was there to save me. I told Anna that it wasn’t easy to defeat him. She said that she thought that I would be able to fight him alone but now since I failed so I had to meet Mr.Triston Locke his father. We met him, what he told me was unbelievable. He told me that Tom and Crystal were siblings. I asked him, “Who is Crystal?” and he replied, “The former queen of Exonia.” This secret was not known by Anna too. We both were shocked so asked Mr.Triston that when they were siblings then why did Tom kidnap his sister. He said, “Tom was a very naughty child from birth. I was sure that he would fail to become a good ruler and won’t be able to overcome his wicked side so I made Crystal the queen. He has a problem with it only.” I asked him why he didn’t stop Tom from doing that. He said that he wanted to but he didn’t have the courage to kill his child by his own hands. He said, “Now It’s enough now I give this duty to you Priyasha. You will kill Tom now. Here is the weapon but remember you can only use it once when your enemy is in front of your eyes.”I thanked him and moved away from there. We both went where Tom was. As soon as he saw me he moved towards me in a very furious and murdery attitude. He attacked me using his magical powers. I pretended to lie unconscious seeing this he moved towards me to make sure whether I was dead or not. Once he was in front of my eyes I quickly attacked him using the sword given by Mr.Triston. Tom was dead. I quickly saved the queen and found the pearl and all was right. The queen had tears of happiness in her eyes after seeing her daughter. They both transformed themselves from butterflies to fairies. The queen thanked me and asked me to grant a wish. I said, “It was my pleasure to help you and all I want is to return to my world, seeing you both even I am remembered of my parents.” And in no less than a second I was back on the seashore under the dazzling rays of the eternal sun playing with Daisy. Seeing me she didn’t give any reaction, it was sure that till the time I was in Shaman the time had stopped!

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