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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Dreams And Life

Dreams And Life

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On one beautiful morning Riya opened up her eyes. She was staring at the design of stars and moon on her bedroom's ceiling. Cold breeze of morning, coming from the window was soothing her skin. She checked her phone, saw the date. It was his birth day. She checked his whats app DP, Facebook profile several times. Tapped on message icon, typed "Hey, Happy Birthday. Your smile is the same as it was a year ago. Keep smiling. Have a nice life." Erased the text. Locked the phone screen and closed her eyes again.

With her eyes closed, a year spent with him played like a movie in her mind.

"Dear, no matter what, you promise me you will always spend half an hour time in a day just talking with me" she said to him.

"Of course sweet heart, I cant spend a day without seeing you."

And thought how crazy those conversations were. How could I say that to someone and how impractical it was.

Then the picture came into her mind, when they bunked the class and went on the beach just to spend some quality time, that too in the afternoon in a sunny day.

She remembered, she was covering his head with her scarf, they were saving themselves from the sunburn with just a small piece of scarf.

Now she thought how foolish she was, and going on a beach in the afternoon was a flop idea. But still she enjoyed time with him.

She was laughing at herself in her mind and smiling with her eyes closed.

Just at that moment her mom entered her room and caught her smiling.

Her mom asked, "What is the matter?"

She just smiled and said "Nothing, just remembered something funny."

"Ok, then get ready for your show, your team is waiting for you for rehearsal", said her mom.

She got out of the bed and started getting ready for the big night.

She was going to perform live in front of a big audience for the first time. She was the lead singer in her band.

"I saw you were there, but heart moving around. I saw you smile but your eyes real loud. They said you weren't happy for me eeee", She was singing and again slipped into the back of her mind.

Again the train of thoughts came in her mind. And she was at the garden, sitting beside him, holding his hand, and telling him that, she wanted to move to another city for learning music. And he said, "Darling, why do you want to do that, you can learn it here also." He was afraid to loose her. She was convinced at that time. But when an offer came to join a band at Mumbai, she couldn't resist. And she left her city. She left him and chose her dream.

"Hey Riya! keep going, why did you stop, the pause is not this long." said Biswas, the guitarist in the band.

They practiced the whole day. And the night came.

Everyone were so excited. Riya was little nervous too. She was performing for the first time in front of more than 500 people. She closed her eyes, and thought, "How important music was for me, that I left everything I had in my small, lovely town, my friends, family, my job, and the person I loved. So I have to be calm and give my best."

And their turn came.

They performed really very well. The audience just loved it.

They were shouting and cheering at the changing room of back stage. Suddenly someone came and opened the door and said, "Some guy is there, he wants to meet Riya urgently." Riya went out to see. She was surprised to see Ravi, the guy whom she left to join the band. Ravi was standing there wearing black blazer, with a box of cake and a large bouquet of different flower in it. He said, "Riya, I had called you, to wish you luck on your big day, but you didn't receive, and I left you a message, too, and I couldn't resist myself to come here and wish you luck by myself. And I want to celebrate my birthday with you today, and always if you allow me to."

She didn't understand what to say, her eyes only burst with tears.

"I was such an idiot, that I didn't want you to go, I was little insecure. But now understand our life has a purpose and everyone is differently talented to solve that purpose, we shouldn't hold it back. So let's give life a chance again to flow with each other's flaws. What do you say dear??", he said.

She said, "Lets do it."

And they celebrated his birthday and her success together and started understanding each other's differences with a new vision.

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