Don't Quit

Don't Quit

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There was a man took birth in a small happy family. When he was of five years his father died. His struggle started in his early age of five years. He had two younger siblings. Because of his father's death, his mother joined a factory to run the family. Mother used to work for twelve hours a day and it was he who was responsible for his siblings care. So in the early age of seven years, he became an expert in cooking. Later after seven years of his father’s death, his mother remarried and moved to another town along with the children and new husband. The stepfather hated him and the boy was becoming the victim of violence. At the age of eight years, he left his home and moved to a city where he lived on a farm and worked there. Due to these extreme problems, he could study up to primary level only.

Later he moved to another city and joined a work of painting and at the age of eleven, he shifted with his uncle. His uncle was an employee in a street car company so there he got a job of conductor and later joined Railway Fireman job. During the job, he met with a girl and did marriage at the age of nineteen years. Because of some unusual and ill behavior of his co-worker, he left that job and now he was jobless so his wife also left him and went with her baby daughter.

He was in a scourge condition and was broken internally. After such disappointment, he again started searching job and worked in many sectors like insurance, credit card, etc. and also established his Tyre Business but none of his jobs was proven successful for himself. Sometimes he failed and sometimes sector threw him out. He never earned as much money which can be saved after expense. There was hand to mouth situation.

At the age of thirty--four years, he shifted to the next city and opened a restaurant along the roadside where he sold chicken fry. It was a small restaurant but people liked it a lot. Keeping the future vision in mind he did an eight weeks hotel management course. After a highway project, his restaurant shut down.

 Whatever the money he earned from his small restaurant had now ended. With the unique experience of his chicken cooking, he visited around a thousand restaurants with his recipe but none of the restaurants accepted him. Finally with his all struggle with positive hopes he opened his first franchise when he was at the age of sixty.

This is the age where people feel tired and want to take rest but this man became an inspirational symbol for the entire world. He is none other than Colonel Sander. KFC founder.

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