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saravanan Periannan

Drama Crime Thriller


saravanan Periannan

Drama Crime Thriller

Detective RO Chapter 4

Detective RO Chapter 4

6 mins 128 6 mins 128

Read Detective RO chapter 1,2,3 before reading chapter 4.

Rohit takes his mother to the hospital and the doctor prescribes medicines and instructs Rohit to give healthy foods as his mother's health condition is weak.

Rohit takes care of his mother caringly.

Rohit cooks healthy foods such as idli and cereals foods.

Rohit goes to buy spinach from an old day having a roadside shop.

Rohit cooks and serves spinach for his mother one day per week.

Rohit gets a call from a new number and attends the call.

Akil asks what is your educational qualification Rohit.

Akil sir why are you asking this says Rohit.

Say it smiles Akil.

Criminology says Rohit.

What us your age asks Akil.

Rohit replies 24.

Ok, I advise you clear the Indian civil services examination and join the CID department.

You have to clear the written exam, fitness test and pass the interview Rohit.

If you are interested go ahead Akil cuts the call.

Rohit decides to start his career as a detective and starts preparing for the exam.

Akil helps Rohit in preparing for the fitness test by giving training.

Rohit clears the Indian civil services exam and leaves for Pune to attend his fitness test.

Rohit's friend Rashiq and his mother Begam take care of Rohit's mother.

Rohit gets a new set of friends at Pune in the fitness test academy.

Gowtham, Sam, Vishal are the friends he got.

Each of them has a passion to work in different departments of CID.

Rohit selects criminology and gets posting in Tamilnadu as an officer in criminology.

He enters his office situated among one of the busiest places in Chennai, Velachery.

The senior officer Mithun welcomes. Newly recruited officers and addresses the rules and regulations to be followed.

Rohit makes new friends Rhithika in the fingerprint bureau, Vishal he met in fitness camp works in the anti-narcotics cell.

He makes another friend Prasannah in CB-CID where Rohit is allowed to work.

Inspector Kevin finds a sample of a drug that the lab faculty say is made artificially and can be highly dangerous.

Kevin finds a bag and asks for the gloves to open it.

He sees a person beaten brutally and tied and locked in the bag.

Kevin instructs his constable to call the ambulance.

Kevin checks for the pulse in the hands of the person by placing his middle finger and index finger jointly on the base of the thumb of that person and checks for 15 seconds. 

He says 15 beats for 15 seconds.

For 1 minute it is 15 x 4 =60.

The ambulance arrives and Kevin says them the count of the pulse.

Kevin informs the CID office about the incident.

Mithun instructs Rohit to inspect that place and interrogate the person saved by police in that place and admitted to the hospital.

And Rohit must submit the report to mithun.

Inspector Kevin introduces himself to Rohit and Rohit introduces himself to Kevin.

Rohit wears his hand gloves and visits all places and things in that room.

Rohit sees a loaded gun and puts in the zipper bag and seals it.

Rohit asks his assistant Surya to carefully transfer the remaining chemicals individually into the salvage drums.

Rohit collects some hair samples from the comb and puts them in the plastic bag.

Rohit again walks through the place.

Rohit starts forming his theory and writes it in the report as 

"The two suspects rarely went out of the house and have used all the chemicals they got.

But they never went to chemical shops and never showed their faces to the person they gave the work.

They used the house of a person admitted im the hospital and many helped them because they know that admitted person very well and not these two suspects.

The inquiry in the hospital turns down as no proper evidence to show which worker provided the details of the admitted person."

Mithun asks for any other details 

Nothing sir says Rohit.

Mithun asks the fingerprint department's report and reads that "all the fingerprints impressions are removed."

Mithun now closes his eyes and thinks.

Rohit reminds him of a person saved from that room and from the bag.

Mithum orders Rohit and Vishal to enquire the person.

Rohit and Vishal get to the hospital and starts enquiring about the person.

The person introduces himself as Siddarth, an amateur detective and a chemist by profession.

He says that one suspect has only the left half of the face visible and the other suspects have only the right half of the face visible.

The invisible part of the face is covered with a skin coloured sheet making them look like ghosts.

My friend having a water supply business said he saw a really strange room in an apartment with a room that rarely opens and the apartment did not have CCTV cameras.

I went to the place and rented a nearby room.

I cannot know what happens inside the room.

The dustbins of the room are so clean.

Yes said Rohit and continues saying "the suspects destroyed all the wastes with chemicals."

One day I tried to enter the room by posing as a water supplier.

But when I saw their face, I was scared.

They pulled me inside and served me a dose of anaesthetic.

What is their gender Siddarth?

One is men and the other is women.

Did they try to kill you? Asks Rohit.

No says Siddarth.

Rohit instructs Kevin to leave the constables for the protection of Siddarth.

Rohit enters his house and starts to write all the details of the case on a whiteboard with his black marker. 

Rohit writes the following words 


Men and women 

Half of their face covered with skin coloured mask

Did not try to kill anyone."

Rohit switches on tv and selects the news channel and sees about the massive accident in a shop that sells paint.

The paint shop worker says that a girl who covered half of her face with skin coloured mask puts fire on the shop.

A student stops people from that place pouring water on this paint fire saying that it may spread the fire and asks all the workers there to bring a carbon-di-oxide fire extinguisher.

He shouts "PASS" and all there stood thinking what is that word?

The boy said to follow my instructions by saying the abbreviation of pass

1. Pull the pin

2. Aim the nozzle from a safe difference

3. Squeeze the handle slowly

4. Sweep the nozzle from side to side until the fire is out.

The boy said please all when using an extinguisher, you all want to aim low at the base of the fire.

The fire is put out with the efforts of all the people.

Rohit is immediately called to collect details and Rohit sees a skin coloured mask in the place where the accident occurred.

Rohit walks into the burned shop and sees half-burned paper left.

"catch me if you can" with a smiley symbol.

Rohit again thinks of the link between the suspects and the accident.

Rohit says I will solve this case.

Rohit thinks of all the evidence got and the hair sample along with the loaded gun that he got from that room reminds him of the person who actually owned that room.

Rohit goes to the hospital and enquires about the owner person admitted there.

The owner person sees Rohit and runs.

Rohit catches him and takes him to his house and ties him to a chair.

Rohit asks him did he own a gun.

The owner person gulps saliva and Rohit stares at him.

Yes I own that gun and the hair sample you found is mine and I am a drug dealer.

Rohit gets shocked and asks him do you know the chemists.

No, they have used my house knowing that I have the drugs.

Rohit sees someone stepping down inside his house from the stairs and shoots Rohit at heart twice and shoots the owner person coming close to him at his head.

The shooter smiles at Rohit with half of his face covered with skin coloured mask.

He puts his skin coloured half-mask down there and leaves.

Vishal who bought food for Rohit came to Rohit's house and correctly hears the gun sound.

Vishal knows Rohit does not own a gun and immediately calls the police and ambulance.

To be continued as detective RO chapter 5.

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