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Suman Patil

Romance Tragedy Inspirational


Suman Patil

Romance Tragedy Inspirational

Destiny - Part 3

Destiny - Part 3

2 mins 134 2 mins 134

Nǐ hǎo everyone,

We all need that someone

Who gets you like no one else

Right when you need it the most

We all need a soul to rely on

A shoulder to cry on

A friend through the highs and the lows...

This song is very close to Venu's heart, it reminds of all those moments when Jitu was there with her in a bad time. 

We have to learn to say NO without feeling guilty. Even today, Venu regrets that she never learned this.

As we all know she works part-time after college. She got the job to work but never got her salary on time. 

Due to non-payment of salary for the last 3 months, she started getting upset and finally thought to ask the reason for the delay. 

She calmly notified her boss about her problems but something else was going on in his mind and he got angry. He started speaking against and blaming her for everything. According to him, no one will hire a teen to work and she should be thankful to him for giving her a job.

She would never have imagined that she would have to hear all this,

where till today she continued to do her work well and never gave anyone a chance to complain. 

She calmly requested him to pay her salary and asked him to release her from the work permanently.

On this he said to pay 25k as he trained her and gave her a job then only he will release and blamed her for the things which got messed in the past by her team members. He said the company has faced a huge loss and she has to pay for it as a part of the team. 

25k is a big amount for her and she doesn't want to trouble her family by pursuing them into it but anyhow she has to settle this shit. 

She managed a sum of the amount from her friends but still half is yet to arrange. Then she called Jitu but helpless to explain anything to him, and requested him for help. He instantly transferred the remaining amount without questioning about the matter. 

After paying the amount she left the job. 

You can see a person's true colour when you are no longer beneficial to them. 

On one hand, she is concerned about how she will take care of everything, how will she return the money to everyone, and how to inform about it at home. On the other side, Jitu is concerned thinking what would have happened to her that she was so upset.

That night was too long for them...

To be continued...

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