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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Delhi Dilwalonki

Delhi Dilwalonki

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This is an incident when I was in Delhi/ Noida.

It was around 6.30 PM. I was coming from my training. At Lakshmi Nagar bus stop I caught the bus for Noida. The bus was very much unoccupied. There were only 10 passengers. I took a seat. Then the bus rolled its wheels toward Noida. Suddenly the weather started to change. I felt an  icy breeze. Then suddenly the very black cloud came and covered the blue ones. Within a short interval of time it started raining heavily. It was impossible for the bus to go ahead. But slowly  the bus had reached the Mother Dairy bus stop. From that place a girl... an angel got into it. I caught a glimpse of her. She was special. In her black salwar suit, she was looking miraculous. She had put her Dupatta on her head to avoid the rain. I noticed her closely. Due to the rain most of her body parts and clothes had become wet. Her dark eyes were half closed and some raindrops were falling from it. I was thinking about those raindrops. How lucky they were! If I were the raindrops I would on her face or body. At that time I was praying to the  Almighty to change me into raindrops. Suddenly a harmonious voice dragged me towards my original position. She was coming toward me by leaving all the front seats. At that time the level of my testosterone started to increase. And everybody knows, this is a natural thing. It is impossible for anybody to keep that level constant after watching a beautiful girl in that condition. In the same time if she will come towards you, then just forget about that thing. You can’t control yourself. I became dumb. I could not think what will happen. Rapidly she came to me and asked for a seat. And I without any hesitation obliged her. She was totally wet. She took the seat beside me. I could feel the aroma of her cologne. That was mind-boggling. Then I gave her my dry hankie. She started to make her dry with that, after which she thanked me. At that time the bus had reached Noida Mode. And then the driver stopped the bus due to the heavy downpour. It was very dark inside the bus. So to spend some time I started chatting with her.

Where will you go? (I asked her)
Sector 22. (She said in a sweet voice)
What about you?
Same place.(from me)
What made you came in this terrible situation? (I questioned her)
I am going there for shopping for my sister’s wedding. (She said)
OK.( i said)
Anyway, what are you doing? And why are you going to sector 22? (She asked me)
I live there. I am working at NTL as a trainee. The training is over, so I am going home.(from me)
Ohhhhh…….. (She said)
What about you ?(from me)
I am studying in Delhi Engineering College. (She said sweetly)
Hmmm....Nice(I said)
Can I say something to you? (I asked)
Ya… sure (she said positively)
You are very beautiful. (I said)
Thank you for your compliment and flirting.(From her)
No, it's true.(I said)
Anyway, Would you mind telling me your name? (I asked her politely)
Shresta…. (She said)
wow!....something was there about her name.(I thought) 
What about you (she asked)
I'm Soumya (I said)

At that time the rain was at the heaviest level. There was only sound of raindrops and lightening. The density of rain was mounting from time to time and the cold breeze started blowing. I saw her and her eyes. They were just like a deep sea, where you can go for a dip! Time to time the gap between us decreased. Suddenly she hugged me due to the hasty attack of the lightening. The two hands of her formed a nest and I didn’t want to run away from them. I couldn’t stop myself from embracing her back. But my body was trembling in fear as well as in a special sensation. That was a terrible situation for me. I was trying to avoid it, but my mind or heart did not permit me. Still, I apologized to her. But she told me that there'no need to say sorry. It’s ok. And put her hand on my hand. Suddenly I felt a bit of warmth and I felt something different. And without any thinking, I started to play with her hands. That thing made us closer. In the meantime, she brought her close toward me and forced me to feel something. I felt something new as well as interesting. Her quaking lips touched mine within a minute before my expectation. Meanwhile the strength of the rain had become normal. And the bus had rolled its wheels towards its destination. And I was only thinking about the marvelous incident. She gave me a nice smile and said I am better than the best guy she had ever seen. She was very down-to-earth and very out of the ordinary. She was like a chocolate box. Suddenly after her compliment, I said to her that I like her and I'd love to be her boyfriend. And suddenly her face had changed. She was looking down and unruffled. She told me that I am quite good for her, but she will think about it. In the meanwhile, sector 22 had come, and she was about to leave the seat. And out of the blue, I caught her hand and asked her for a coffee. She just smiled. Then we stepped out from the bus. I told her to go to the GIP for coffee. At that time the road was very full of activity. It was impossible to cross. But we had to. So I held her hand and started to cross that busy road. All of a sudden a car came towards us with a high speed. And seeing that she, in the blink of an, eye pushed me towards the safer zone, but could not save her. That car went over her in a flash, without stopping. I became numb.  Her beautiful body was all over the road. I could not think what I will do. I was just crying internally. Then I went towards her. The situation was unbelievable for me and  I could not think what I will do? Then suddenly my eyes fell on her carry-bag. I picked that up and opened. But something miraculous happened. There was not a single thing in her bag. It was totally empty. So I left that bag and suddenly a piece of paper fell from the bag in front of me. I picked it up. On it something was written:
 Nothing was coming to my mind. So with a guilt-ridden mind, I left that place. I thought that I was responsible for everything. But I could not do any thing. Neither could I save her, nor did tell anyone about the incident. But one thing which I was not being able to forget was--I could not know who the girl was actually? She might have been an angel, who had come to save me from a terrible situation. SHE only saved me. Therefore all my life, I can not forget the day and the girl and the moments spent with her.

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