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praapti majumdar

Horror Thriller


praapti majumdar

Horror Thriller

Deja Vu (Part 1)

Deja Vu (Part 1)

3 mins 188 3 mins 188

"Where will you go now?" said the little clown who was strangling me to death. If I looked into its eyes, I knew I would be dead. 

"Leave me alone!" I yelled with all the energy left in my voice when it was about to eat me.

"Nooooooooo!!!!" I woke up, panting and massaging my neck. These dreams have to stop. I got up and went to the living room that looked gloomy on this cold winter morning. I'm getting a call and pick it up. I tried to respond to my shock I had lost my voice. After having some hot water, it miraculously returned.

The disturbing nightmares, the absurd blood-laden faces, and clowns were scaring me. I grunted while I heard a voice "You will die tonight hahaha" and vanished. I gasped while harshly grabbing my head as a splitting headache settled in. I tried to open my eyes but, everything seemed blurry. I took a hot shower and was going downstairs when I got a headache and fell on the floor. I woke up to a place that looked abandoned. I tried to get up with a little bit of headache disturbing me. An axe stuck inside the leftover trunk of the tree. It had red paint as dark as blood around the base with a few strands of hair around it. I suddenly saw a trail created by feet. 

My curiosity led me to a rope that led me to a picture of a young girl and a beautiful woman. I examined that picture it said, Anne. A girl's voice called me out.

"Give me the doll, please," she said while pointing at a clown face. I went to the clown face and examined it before giving it to her. A hand grabbed my neck and pinned me on the ground.

"Where will you go now?" The girl's face turned into a clown face. It was too scary to look into its eyes so I tried to say something.

"Anne! I know you are still in this body! Listen to me!" Her grip started to loosen.


"Mothers never say anything like that! They love you!" I said. Her grip grew tighter. I tried to recall a few more facts from the picture.

"Your mother turned you into a clown, didn't she? Your picture speaks for yourself," I replied. I recalled some of my nightmares.

"That's why your mother suffocated you with a plastic bag? Your death was tragic. You loved the song Wind and Rain and it crept your mother out then you took revenge on me," I said and started singing 'Wind and Rain' and her grip became weaker, making me free. I sang it loudly as she got dragged to the tree trunk, while my voice followed her. I ran to her and witnessed her getting sucked into the tree. The axe cut her forehead as she got sucked into the trunk when the axe was back into its position. 

The headache came in and I fell on the floor. I woke on my sister's lap. 

"Ruby, are you ok?" She asked. I got up. 

"Yes, I'm fine," the headache was gone, strange. I got up and saw her daughter coming to us. She had some doodles on her face.

"Annie, I told you to stop wearing that! You look like a clown!" My sister shouted at her. I stared at her in fear.

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