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Sopheap Chhun

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Days Before I Remember Myself

Days Before I Remember Myself

79 mins

Days Before I Remember Myself 

Always find a way to make yourself shine and stand out.

 I love the taste of maple syrup. 

It’s my number one weakness. 

Please don’t tease with a bottle of maple syrup. 

I won’t be able to control my nerves. 

I’ll try to snatch it from you. 

I’m a maple syrup kind of girl for your information. 

Plus, I’ve got snapping magic, which is whenever I’m in trouble. 

I snap my fingers, and I arrive home immediately. 

I don’t have control over it. 

I may forget how I got home, and I won’t recall using snapping magic. 

My name is Camila, and not Camille.

I won’t respond to you at all. 

Do I make myself clear to my readers? 

I would like to give the credit to Rossini Crezyel for making artwork for Camila Summers and thank you for your hard work and efforts bringing her to life.


Dear new readers,

Hello, every reader that is out there.

My name is Camila Summers

I love eating waffles with maple syrup.

Please don't tease me with a bottle of maple syrup.

I won't be able to control my nerves

Yes, I am addicted to maple syrup.

I'm such a dork and I laugh out loud.

Do you know why I crave it, my readers?

Tell me, readers, what you all do when you are sad or angry.

Please don't say alcohol, drugs; mental illness is your final answer.

Yes those wonderful answers to my readers are all wrong answers. By the way, my readers, do you have any questions for me before we go on this journey together?

Yes, the reader tells me your questions and it can be any question you may ask.

Will I become a villain is the first question.

The answer is yes but eventually later in my journey.

I have a question for all of you, my readers.

Are there a lot of female swordswoman books? Something evil dwells in the castle of glass—and it's there to kill. When her competitors start dying one by one Celaena's fight for freedom becomes a fight …

but that is about someone being killed off from assignment and trying to be free afterward.

My story is not about that; it's different! You will all enjoy my journey.

I can wield a Katana and I've got a lot of skills from it.

I've got magic but I’d rather use my Katana instead of my charm.

My journey will have a lot of sword fighting fights.

There will be a lot of them on my first journey.

My name is Camilla Summers and not Camille. Do I make myself clear to my readers?

Yes, my name is similar to Camila Cabello.

My past was worse for me.

I didn't have anybody to play with me.

I was the one that everybody feared.

You would play with me and later you will be punished.

So I didn't have any friends.

Yes, it is sad.

I snuck into the kitchen and found waffles and a bottle of maple syrup and I ate them.

I loved the taste of maple syrup.

Do you feel very sorry for my readers?

I am Mexican and I am twenty-three years old.

My height is 5'4 and yes I am short.

My favorite color is red.

Sit tight and hold to your bonnets and enjoy the ride, my new readers

I hope you all like and enjoy my story. I am sorry that I will offend other readers when you continue reading my story and I am despondent.

Please don't get mad at me; at least I am trying my best.

My year is March twenty in the year 2643.

Yes, I am ahead of all of you, girls and boys.

A lot has happened in my year.

My Cousin is the Shadow Mage and she is a ruthless person.

She ruled my childhood and I wanted to break free from her control.

Thank you readers for reading this part before I start my journey.

Please don't skip ahead.

I hope I can wow you all my readers and fight for the light if your life depends on it and never stop finding a place on this earth.

Stand out and show your shine that makes you unique.

Everyone, you can find your place on this earth.

I wish you could all live in my time but there are rules you must follow.

The first rule you all are not allowed magic inside Red Mist.

It's forbidden and not allowed and I don't do magic at all.

The second rule would you all pay five thousand dollars to drink silver water from the fountain?

Raise your hand my readers if you would do this.

I see all of you would raise your hands and some don't.

I understand you all want magic to wield it but Crimson Magic is a curse to wield.

If you want to wield it, you can. but it will make you thirst to kill without stopping.

You won't be able to control your nerves.

Will you all be able to control the thirst of Crimson magic?

Tell me, my readers, can you resist the craving of Crimson magic?

If you can resist killing without stopping, be my guest.

Crimson is magic you don't want to crave.

Okay, the reader, do you want to know the truth of Crimson magic?

I'll be honest with you, okay, my readers.

Here I go, Camila begins to sigh.

When I was eight years old on March 21 in the year of 2628

Camila begins to sigh again.

It's tough for me to explain. I'm sorry for me heisting my readers.

Here I go again Crimson magic was being tested from my cousin Shadow Mage.

That is what she prefers.

Shadow Mage is wearing a silver and red dress.

She has a lot of skills with dual-wielding Scimitars and the best welder ever.

She is stronger than Ice King in my first journey of magic.

So Shadow Mage gave me Crimson magic.

There I said it, and yes, I was infected with Crimson magic.

I'm sorry, my readers, for yelling at you.

Crimson magic altered my mind and I became Scarlet Phoenix.

Her magic was full of dark magic.

I felt the magic inside me and went on full rage.

I wielded a Silver Rapier and black one-handed sword.

I charged at Shadow Mage.

All the magic inside me was flowing too quickly.

I kept on slashing at Shadow Mage without stopping.

I couldn't stop attacking her.

I wanted her dead and the negative side was enraging inside me.

You see my readers; this is why I dislike Crimson magic.

Oh back to my back story. I'm sorry my readers for stopping in the middle of my tale.

Crimson magic is potent magic that I once controlled.

It was hard to fight the urge.

Everyday Shadow Mage gave me Crimson magic by telling me to drink the silver water.

I told her no several times to reject her request.

Shadow Mage kept on threatening me that if I don't drink the water I will die from her blades.

I was afraid of my Cousin and I didn't want to die.

How I resisted and broke is when I ran away from my cousin.

Everyday my cousin locked me in a jail cell and I couldn't escape.

Scarlet Phoenix is my most substantial darkness.

Drinking the silver water, I hated everyday; a battle to the death against Shadow Mage.

Then one day I battled my cousin and defeated her in battle.

She let me go afterward.

Shadow mage told me on the day this magic will find a new vessel and my life would be game over.

I asked my cousin how do you stop it?

You need to find a striping crystal to stripe her magic and I'm sorry readers again the answer is very hard.

I have to kill them so that Crimson magic won't be inside of other people.

I told Shadow Mage you’re crazy and I won't be able to do that.

Shadow Mage removed Crimson's magic from me but I still felt my darkness inside me always.

Crimson magic didn't change Scarlet Phoenix and what created her.

I'm sorry readers I'm getting off-topic again. Am I, my readers.

The answer is yes. I'm sorry, my readers dislike Crimson magic and drinking silver water.

Thank you readers for reading this part. I hope this part helps you.

Also thank you for understanding me and thank you for listening to me.

Camila started to cry.

It's not easy for me to explain.

The one thing I fear the most in my journey.

When I meet new people they will die and then I will have no one to talk to. It's very tragic! Yeah, I know.

I mean it, my readers.

There will also be you the readers that I can talk to right?

Would you love to listen and be there when I need company?

Shadow Mage disappeared and never returned.

I know one day I will have no choice but to kill my cousin.

I don't want to but she will hurt others if I don't stop my cousin.

Tell me my readers what is the best solution and I don't want to kill my cousin.

If it leads to that I accept my choice.

Which choice do you prefer?

Be pure as light or pure as darkness?

It's a choice we make everyday.

Surround us with good people or be a loner and have an evil heart.

Will you be a slave to the darkness or be the right person?

Will you be tempted by others and follow them?

Will you be a leader?

Will your destiny be good?

Will you be a slave to the darkness?

Can you handle the choice you make?

Will it define you?

Will your heart corrupt into darkness

Can you resist the night?

Will you fade back into the darkness?

Will hatred and anger consume your choice?

Will your choice be pure and clean?

Which choice do you prefer?

If I become a villain, I accept the challenge.

Eventually, later in my story, you will find out.

Stay tuned to my next journey.

I didn't get my Hogwarts letter in the mail so I am sword fighting with Camila Summers.

Hey readers; what is Hogwarts?

I never heard of it and in my world, that doesn't exist. In my journey there will be female heroines with the same talent as me but living in a different time and world.


Chapter 1

Camila Summers lives in Red Mist.

It's a wealthy City.

People from other regions go there to sell stuff and promote it for a profit.

She is Twenty three years old and has long black hair.

Camila is wearing a long red shirt and denim jeans.

My year is March 21 in the year 2643.

She lives in the Red house.

It's near Red Mist.

Camila walks home because her city is too noisy.

She got an iPhone 8 and listened to Inner Demons by Julia Brennon.

The air got cold and icy.

“Why is it getting cold?” she said.

“The weather forecast didn't predict any snow”, she said.

A guy in ice walks towards her.

“Sir, may you please get out of my way?” Camila said.

The guy in ice kept walking towards her without Camila's regards.

Ice guy was covered in ice and very cold.

He has taken out his ice blades.

Camila got very scared.

The ice guy was approaching her with his ice blades.

She wanted to avoid him but every time Camila moved to the left.

He would move to the left.

She then moved to the right but he moved to the right.

Camila didn't know what to do next.

She was fearful for her life.

Camila passed out on the ground.

Oh this was too easy the ice guy said.

He approached Camila and was going to stab her with his ice blade but she was in a trance and her eyes turned Phoenix eyes.

Camila awakens from the ground.

She has taken out her Phoenix blade from her hands.

It was a Katana and Camila was ready.

She has gripped her Katana tightly.

The Ice King charged at Camila very quickly and fast.

He tried slashing at her very quickly.

Camila counter attacked his every attack that he directed towards her.

Ice King could not land a single slash or attack on Camila.

She was a lot stronger and faster.

Camila charged at the Ice King.

She slashed at him very quickly.

He got slashed from her blade.

The Ice King got very angry.

He tried a second attempt to slash her.

She kept on dodging a lot from his slashing attack.

Ice King couldn't land a single attack towards Camila.

She is tough to hit and he kept struggling to land one single attack.

Ice King didn't give up to land one single attack at Camila.

He tried a third attempt to attack her.

Then she performed the fire burst Phoenix strike.

Ice King fell on the ground very quickly.

He had trouble getting up.

“Is that all you got?” Camila asked.

The Ice King was still on the ground.

“Oh come on Ice King you are a big fat wimp”, she said.

Camila was taunting Ice King.

He got up from the ground.

Ice King disappeared in Ice.

Camila snapped her fingers.

She arrived home and ate waffles with maple syrup.

Camila used half of her maple syrup.

She started to cry.

I used too much maple syrup and was in tears.

Camila took a shower and changed into her pajamas.

Then she fell asleep.

Dear fellow readers, I don't recall what happened to me.

I don't have any magic at all or what so much of it.

Yesterday never existed. Do I make myself clear to my readers?

In my time the weather is sunny and a little chilly.

Camila was going for a walk.

She plugged in her headphones and was listening to the chain smokers.

Her favorite song in Paris.

She was singing the lyrics to herself.

Camila was bumping up the volume to eleven.

She was wearing a blue shirt and black jeans.

Also a little jacket that is colored red.

Her favorite color is red.

Camila's birthday is July 4, 6489.

She doesn't have any parents.

Camila doesn't recall who gave birth to her.

Red Mist is an exceptional city because magic begins to create everything.

So Red Mist created Camila Summers for a purpose.

To defeat the Ice King and restore Red Mist on the light side again.

Can Camila find a way to defeat the Ice King without killing him?

Is there a way for Camila to remember without forgetting yesterday? She can get her memories back or will it be lost forever? 

I wish I had the answer for you all but I don't.

Give Camila Summers a chance to explain herself.

Also just be patient with Camila.

She still has a lot of ground to discover.

Give her time. Patience is a virtue.

Chapter 2

Camila Summers is taking a train.

In her world a train is different from over here.

When she takes the train there is a portal that opens.

Hi Camila Summers. Where do you want to go?

I want to go to Earth, she said.

Which year do you want to travel to the portal? 

“April 5, 2019, in Seattle, Washington”, Camila said.

“If you let the darkness out there are repercussions”, the portal says.

“Yes, I understand the repercussions”, she said.

Camila went inside the train.

The train is purple and red.

We will be there in 72 hours the portal stated.

“Affirmative”, she said.

“Oh, by the way, there is one rule you must follow”, the portal stated.

“Yes, what is that one rule”, Camila asked.

“You cannot use your magic at all or take any risks”, the portal said.

“If I do use my magic what will happen?” Camila asked.

“People will befriend you or use you for your magic”, the portal said.

“You mean to take advantage of me?” she said.

“Yes and don't let the Ice King find out you're here”, the portal said.

“Don't worry portal I don't have any magic by the way”, she said.

“Oh, okay, so you don't have any magic in your body?”, the portal said.

“Nope, I don't have any magic and who is the Ice King by the way?, Camila asked.

So you're going to give me that - you don't have any magic in your body?, the portal said.

Yep, she said.

You will live in Summerfield red house is redfrom the outside, this house looks stylish. It has been built with white pine wood and has brownstone decorations. Large, triangular windows brighten up the house and have been added to the house in a mostly symmetric way.

The house is equipped with a small kitchen and one large bathroom, it also has a huge living room, five bedrooms, a small dining area, a study, and a snug basement.

The building is shaped like a short U. The two extensions are linked by glass overhanging panels.

The second floor is the same size as the first, which has been built exactly on top of the floor below it. This floor has roughly the same style as the floor below.

The roof is low and slanted to one side and is covered with grey wood shingles. Two small chimneys sit at the side of the house. Several small windows let in just enough light to the rooms below the roof.

The house itself is surrounded by a tranquil garden, with various flowers, along a pond including a small waterfall and various rock formations.

Chapter 3 

Camila used her magic and passed out.

She awakens in her home.

Camila doesn't remember traveling to the train to arrive in Seattle.

Yesterday never existed to her.

She got up and took a shower and changed into a red dress.

Camila wanted to go out to dance in the Red Mist Club.

Her dress was stunning and very cute.

Camila Summers is a stunning girl.

If you see her she'll make your heart pound fast.

She wanted to have fun with her life.

Camila chugged a bottle of maple syrup before she left for the club.

She hates people who can't make promises.

Camila loves a good guy with a pure heart.

She hates guys with a contrite heart or won't be in a relationship that is controlling.

Camila has skills; just don't get her mad or let her pass out.

Her magic will defend her.

When she embraces the Phoenix magic, stay away from her.

Just stay far back as possible.

Camila is very quick with a Katana.

She went to the Red Mist club.

It was noisy and loud.

The music was a bad melody.

“Well it's 10 pm and I'm going home”, she said.

Camila was about to leave.

Then the Ice guy came back.

She heard a voice telling her not to use her Phoenix magic.

Let him beat you and snap your fingers; the voice told her.

“Okay, I will”, she said.

Camila was heading outside.

He came back with a vengeance inside his heart.

She didn't have any weapons at all.

Ice guy gave Camila his name.

“I'm the Ice King”, he says.

He has taken out his Scimitars in each hand.

Camila felt magic inside her.

Ice King charged at her.

He tried to slash Camila with his blade.

She snapped her fingers.

Ice King missed his attack.

Then he got angry.

Ice King gripped his blade and slashed Camila.

She feels the Ice King's blade slashed her.

Camila fell on the ground outside.

She had trouble getting up.

“Oh, this is too easy”, Ice King says.

“Go ahead and finish me”, she says.

“I would be glad to finish you off”, he says.

Ice King charged at Camila with his scimitars.

Then she snapped her fingers twice.

Ice King Saw Camila disappear.

He was all by himself outside of the Red Mist Club.

“Well I won this battle and we have tied the score”, he said. 

Chapter 4

The Ice King returned home.

He placed his scimitars in the blade room.

The Ice King's room was huge.

He begins training with scimitars.

Ice King lived in a place called Ice Mist.

He rules that City.

Everyone fears him.

Red Mist created the Ice King.

His job is to battle Camila without stopping until he realizes that she is right.

Red Mist created two people.

One is the villain to see if he proves to Red Mist that he can plunge the world into darkness.

Can the Ice King plunge the world into darkness?

Then Red Mist created a heroine and that is Camila Summers.

Her role is to plunge the world into lightness.

Can she be able to restore Red Mist?

Dear fellow Readers,

I've got a special magic called Phoenix magic.

It only works when I am unconscious

I'll be in a trance but nothing can stop my readers.

I've got a lot of skills with a Katana, she stated.

When I perform the Phoenix burning strike the enemy may not be able to stand up.

I speed in with tremendous force.

My enemy can't stand up for six to seven minutes.

They want to get up but my magic doesn't let them.

Plus I don't have a lot of Katanas.

I don't have any sword skills at all.

I've got zero experience with a Katana.

I hope that I don't forget about the first battle that I lost.

I know that I will, my fellow readers.

Forgetting yesterday was tough for me.

I don't want to keep on forgetting.

I just want to remember the memory.

Oh, one more thing before I go.

Why I left the Red Mist is because the music is evil.

One song can define us.

It can alter our hearts.

Our hearts will be modified and shaped from the darkness.

I don't want to taint my heart.

I can't handle the darkness of fellow readers.

One song can define you.

But I won't let your song define me.

Please respect my wishes.

It is my choice and please accept it.

I won't fall into darkness but if I fall into darkness.

I won't do it for power or control.

Which means if I win or lose; I back off.

I won't kill anyone because killing someone changes who you are.

The darkness will deceive you.

It will give false information.

Darkness will feed your anger and you won't be able to realize the destiny you're part of and you will never be happy.

Then, you start believing the false information.

The darkness will lie to you and motivate you to kill for vengeance and power.

Plus control will taint my heart.

Darkness has entered your heart.

You are now a slave to the darkness.

All you must do is to give up your light.

To claim the darkness.

A choice fellow reader.

To rise to part of the light side of darkness.

My choice is the light side.

I won't go dark or seek vengeance inside my heart.

There is always a way of defeating villains without killing them.

I don't know yet how to defeat the Ice King, however, just give me a chance to explain to my fellow reader.

If I kill someone to defeat them for vengeance or control I won't accept it and I would rather be magic free without being able to kill people.

In my story I won't kill someone in this book.

If you don't like my answer you can stop reading this book.

The door is right there.

I won't get offended because killing someone's guilt will sink in.

I can't handle those demons.

I'll find a way to defeat the darkness without killing them.

It may be hard for me to say.

Yes, it may be hard, but there is always a way to the darkness without killing them.

I hope I can stay active and may maple syrup be my key.

I don't know why I love maple syrup.

I crave it every single day.

Yes, I cry if I use half the bottle of maple syrup.

I know I have a problem.

Do I make myself clear fellow readers?

Maple syrup is my number one weakness.

Please don't wave a bottle of maple syrup in the face.

Whatever you don't tease me with it.

My nerves will go crazy, and I won't be able to control myself.

Thank you for reaching this far in my book.

I wish maple syrup had a team so I can join them.

I'm a maple syrup kind of girl for your statistics. 

We'll have an excellent day fellow reader.

Chapter 5


Red Mist started to glow Red.

Camila was injured.

She got slashed from the Ice King's Scimitars.

Camila passed out on the floor inside her room.

The color red glowed inside her house.

Her wounds are healing, and she is safe.

She was asleep.

Camila woke up on the floor of her home.

How did I fall asleep, on the floor, she started? 

Her wound is healing 

Camila saw a mark on her stomach.

It glowed brightly Red. 

Ow, why does this still hurt?

How did I get this mark on my stomach, she said? 

It was a line from a scimitar wound.

Camila kept on touching her wound.

Ow, it still stings a lot, she said.

Camila is listening for the thrill by Becky G feat. Yellow Claw.

She bumped the volume to 22.

Camila loves Becky G.

Her favorite is this song and her rapping.

Maybe a little bit for her other songs.

Camila remembers she does have magic.

Phoenix's burst strike is in her.

She was looking down at her phone.

Who is Madilyn Bailey, she stated?

Camila played something just like this feat. Alex Got.

She was listening to the melody.

I love this song; this girl is good.

I'm from an alternative universe.

Any dream can accomplish my readers.

Don't let any people doubt or crush your dreams.

When people tell you to give up, you will believe it.

We can't turn back the clock.

Any dream is possible and must be obtained.

Don't let any people crush our dreams.

Once you accept it, there will be regret.

Once regret enters our hearts.

It's too late because we didn't have a supportive person in our lives.

Look at me, for example, my readers.

I'm not perfect, but I try my best to use magic.

Even though it makes me tired, and I might not remember yesterday.

I will try my best to help my readers.

My readers, you are my light and my key to happiness.

I have a lot of fun talking to you all.

I try to stay happy or silly.

I love maple syrup because I am mentioning it makes you laugh.

I wish I could live in the Maple Syrup house.

I wish my boyfriend were maple syrup, so eat him.

 Also, cry if I use half the bottle of maple syrup.

The struggle is real and painful for me.

Just don't wave a bottle of maple syrup in front of my face.

My mind goes like a dog head thinks it's a treat.

I will drop everything that I'm doing, and my mind will be on the bottle of maple syrup.

Yes, my world does involve maple syrup.

We'll have a great night, my readers. I'm heading to bed.

Chapter 6

Camila got up and took a shower.

She changed into her Phoenix Red dress.

Camila is going to go out to the Red Mist Club.

She is just going out to clear her mind.

Phoenix magic turned off, and Camila was unable to use it.

Oh, I'm going to be beautiful but, if Ice King comes back.

I'm in deep trouble, she says.

The red Mist Club was massive.

There weren't enough people living in my City.

I'm guessing 56 people are living in Red Mist and it's a small City.

We don't get enough new people coming to Red Mist.

When I came here, I heard a legend.

Red Mist is the most potent City in Red Realm.

To the left is Ice Mist, and Ice King Rules it with an iron fist.

Ice Mist is full of darkness, and I don't cross there because it's tainted.

Ice Mist snows twenty-four seven.

To the right is Hawthorne Mist.

It is huge and lots of people live there.

I'm guessing 2000 people live there.

It's full of exotic fruits, and magic is ban in Red Mist

If they catch, you have charm.

They will destroy you, so I must stay away from Hawthorne Mist.

To the South is Meadows Mist.

Meadows Mist is full of exotic flowers.

It's quiet, and I hope someday I can bring all you here with me to my readers.

Meadows Mist is a select location because any magic you use Meadows Mist won't affect the flowers.

Meadows Mist flowers are magic resistance.

So, for example, I use my magic on the flowers; it won't affect it all.

To the North is Red Mist is a wealthy City.

It's wealthy because there are silver fountains that cost 5000 dollars just to drink it.

I watched people drink water.

But the water has one catch.

When someone drinks the Silver water, they will obtain it.

Their hearts will be tainted with darkness.

It's a fountain in the middle of the shops.

There is one magic that taints their hearts.

Crimson Magic is the magic that taints their hearts.

It's the most potent magic of evil that I don't want to touch.

Crimson Magic is dark green.

No, one is the owner of Crimson Magic yet.

But if someone wields this magic.

It's game over because Crimson Magic is very complicated to control.

You have risked everything in your life and gave up your loved ones for this magic to work.

It will strip everything you know about magic.

Once you accept Crimson Magic, there is no turning back.

You will be a Crimson Magic slave for life.

You can't change your mind when you accept the magic.

Fight for your light if your life depends on it.

 The legend is Red Mist creates two people.

Red Mist created me as a heroine.

Then the villain is the Ice King.

I must restore Red Mist to reclaim the light back.

Ice King must Red Realm to plunge into darkness.

I will fight for the light and stay right.

I won't kill anyone in this book.

If you kill someone, it taints your heart.

The darkness modifies our hearts and souls.

So, you wanted to kill. I'm sorry, but I won't kill someone for my benefits.

You can stop reading this book.

The door is right there, goodbye.

There is always a way to defeat someone without killing.

Plus, feeding off from the darkness.

I'm staying well.

My heart can't handle the darkness.

I don't want my heart to form darkness.

Chapter 7

Camila is dancing at the Red Mist Club.

The music changed, and it was a heavy beat.

She had to leave whenever the heavy beat or ghetto song that plays.

Camila headed outside.

It started to snow.

Come on out, Ice King. I know you are here, she says.

The Ice King arrived in front of her.

Why do you want to hurt me, she says?

I must plunge your city into the darkness, he says

You are not falling the town into the night she says

Ice King has taken out his scimitars.

Camila's eyes turned Phoenix magic is now in her system.

Come on; Ice King killed me; she was taunting him.

He tried charging with his scimitars towards her.

She blocked every attack, Ice King.

Camila has taken out her Katana.

She waved her hand first at Ice King.

He charged at her and tried to slash her again.

Camila was going to perform the Phoenix burst strike.

She gripped her Katana tight and charged at Ice King.

Fiery Phoenix bird magically appeared, and it aimed directly towards Ice King.

He fell on the ground hard.

Get up, Ice King Camila stated.

The Ice King could not get up.

He was struggling to get up.

 Is this all you got Camila said.

Ice King got up from the ground.

Oh, that's more like it, Camila said.

The Ice King was tired.

He can't handle her Phoenix burst strike.

Just stop using your Phoenix burst strike, he said.

Why do you hate it when I use it, she said.

Yes, I do hate when you use it, he said.

Well, I'm going to go now. 

Wait, you're not going to kill me, he said.

No way am I killing you, she said.

Camila snapped her fingers, and she was gone.

She arrived home.

Camila was too tired to eat.

She took a shower and did not eat.

Camila used the bathroom and changed into pajamas.

She fell asleep in her room.

Ice King was surprised that Camila wouldn't kill him.

She had a chance to kill him, but Camila stopped herself.

Dear fellow readers,

Did you know why I didn't kill Ice King?

I don't want my heart to be tainted with darkness.

Once I accept the slightest bit of darkness.

Darkness will begin to shine in my heart.

I don't want to be addicted to the darkness.

Once you accept the darkness, there is no turning back.

You gave up your light.

I don't want to risk my light.

I don't want to favor the darkness.

I want to stay pure and innocent.

Is this my choice and my readers please accept my decision.

If you think I'm wrong, I'm sorry that offends you.

The door is right there; you can leave.

Light and dark is a choice.

My choice is to embrace the light.

I won't embrace the darkness in this story.

The next day, Camila got up, and she used the bathroom.

I Took a shower and changed into her Purple shirt and red pants.

She tried to remember what happened to her yesterday.

Camila couldn't remember anything.

Her mind was blank.

She knows that she has magic.

But her memories won't let Camila see them.

Camila was getting sleepy.

Phoenix magic protected her from gas.

Ice King was near.

Phoenix magic goes find help and head to Meadows Mist.

Find ten red Phoenix roses.

Spread your magic, and I will fight back, she stated.

Camila fell asleep on the ground.

She woke up in a chamber.

Phoenix Katana was on the ground.

Where am I, she stated.

No, one was with her.

Everything was destroyed and was gone.

She snapped her fingers.

Camila arrived at her Red Mist.

The world plunged into darkness.

No, I'm too late, and I couldn't stop Ice King.

Phoenix Magic was there.

You are not too late, her magic said.

What do you do? I'm not too late, she said?

 Is this the future of the year is July 4, 6899, her magic says.

That's ten years later, and I'll be 33 years old, Camila said.

Yes, you must find a way without killing the Ice King, her magic says.

How can I beat him without killing Camila?

You must figure for yourself, and there is one way her magic says.

What is that one, she says?

You must find Icicle crystal and strip his magic away, her magic says.

Is Icicle Crystal easy to find, Camila says?

No, it is tricky to find what she said.

Now pull out the Phoenix Katana master, her magic says.

You just called me master Camila said.

Yes, you are my actual ownership for Phoenix magic, her magic said.

What if I can't do it, she said.

I'll help you master her magic, she said.

You helped in my first with the Ice King Camila said.

Yeah, I did help you, her magic said.

Why did you help me, she stated?

I had to help you because I don't want the Ice King before he plunges Red Mist; into darkness, her magic says.

Phoenix Katana was on the ground.

I believe in you mastering her magic, said.

I have one condition before I pull out this blade, Camila said.

Yes, anything masters, her magic said.

I don't want my heart to be a vessel of darkness, she said.

Yes, master just close your eyes, her magic said.

Camila closed her eyes.

Phoenix's burst strike attacked her.

She was unharmed from the attack.

Open your eyes, her magic said.

Camila opened her eyes.

She saw the Phoenix Red dress.

This dress will help you not be a vessel of darkness.

Thank you for my magic, and I'm grateful to have you, she said.

Your welcome and go pull out the Katana, her magic said.

Camila was in her room.

The world is destroyed from the darkness.

She gripped the Phoenix Katana in her hand.

Camila put strength to pull out the blade.

It could not come out.

Believe in yourself and don't doubt or be afraid you can do this, her magic said.

Camila pulled out the Phoenix Katana.

She snapped her fingers.

Camila woke up in Ice Mist.

The Phoenix Red dress protected her from the cold.

You finally woke up, Ice King stated.

Phoenix Katana in her hand.

Ice King walked towards her.

He was wielding his Ice Scimitars in each hand.

Camila got up off the ground.

She started to slash very quickly and fast.

Ice King caught off guard.

He tried to slash her.

Ice King tried to attack her.

He missed because Camila moved the right very fast.

She was going to use the Fiery Phoenix burst strike.

The Ice King used an Ice burst strike against her.

Ice strikes are going to attack her.

Phoenix Burst Strike burned through the Ice burst strike.

Camila charged very quickly and fast.

Her Katana was sharp.

Ice Mist begins to shatter.

Ice King is getting ready to attack.

Yes, Ice King charged at Camila very quickly.

Ice darkness stabs her performance.

He stabbed her with the darkness ice.

Phoenix destroys the Ice stab her magic said.

Ice blades begin to shatter.

Well, see you soon, Camila says.

Wait, don't go, he said.

She snapped her fingers.

Camila was gone.


Chapter 8

Ice King just realized that Camila wouldn't slay him.

Every time they battle, he is tired.

She spares his life and won't kill him.

Oh, man Camila had so many chances of killing me, he said.

She won't end my life, and I must rethink her.

Camila has so many chances of killing me, but she refuses.

I'll keep on fighting her, but I won't kill her.

She gives me a chance to rest.

Camila Summers, when we arrive for our final fight, I will hug you, and we can start our friendship Ice King told himself.

You give me a chance to heal, and I'm grateful for that, he stated.

Camila arrived home and fell asleep in her room.

Ice King arrived at Camila's home.

He knocked at the door.

She heard the knock at the door.

Camila woke up and answered the door.

She opened the door, and Ice King was at the door.

Oh, what do you want, she said?

I'm not going to hurt you, Camila, he insisted.

Why are you here, she said?

I just wanted to talk, he said.

Oh, okay, Camila, let Ice King in.

The Ice King was in her home.

They were in the living room.

So, what did you want to talk about, she says?

Why don't you slay me or kill me when you have the chance, he says.

That is an easy answer, she says.

Why is it an easy answer, he says?

I had so many chances to kill you or slay you, she says.

Why did you spare my life every time?

I don't let darkness control my heart.

I spared your life every time I can.

Darkness is the Ice King's choice.

What do you mean darkness is a choice, he says.

You are a different person right, she says.

Yes, we are different people, he says.

Darkness only prevails if you give up your light, she says.

Go on, and I'm listening to Inner Demons.

Fight for your light if your life depends on it, she says.

My light is gone, he says.

No, your darkness is not gone, she says.

I'm afraid to fight for the light, he said.

It's okay, Ice King just gives you plenty of time, she says.

Camila hugged the Ice King.

Good luck, Ice King, and I won't slay you at all, she says.

Ice King covered in Ice.

Why isn't your home covered in ice, he says?

Meadows of Mist flowers are magic resistance, she says.

Ice King left Camila's home and went home.

Thank you for the chat, Camila said.

Ice King will rethink his talk with her.

He used Ice teleportation to arrive home.

Ice King is planning to put his differences aside to be Camila's friend.

He will give up his darkness to be friends with her.

My darkness will be hard, but I must reclaim my light back.

Camila is doing well without getting tired of her magic.

I will keep on fighting for the light, no matter what she says.

Dear readers, 

Darkness is a choice we make for ourselves.

Darkness doesn't force you to be part of it.

You must banish your light, and darkness will be your master.

Once you give up your light, the darkness will modify our bodies.

It will feed you false lies and false hopes.

You will believe in the false lies.

Darkness will slowly sink in.

You will begin to fuel your anger and hatred.

Darkness will cloud our minds.

Darkness is a choice we decide for ourselves.

I choose to embrace the light.

The light is more relaxed and the right choice.

It feeds you pure energy instead of darkness.

The light must fuel all of us.

Laugh at yourself when we are struggling.

Don't get mad when you get lost from a destination we are heading somewhere to accept and enjoy the adventure.

Just accept and smile at yourself.

Don't be afraid or doubtful.

Any dream you want to accomplish is possible.

Don't let your dreams be crushed from people saying give up on your vision.

They will feed you with their opinion and your dreams, our crushed.

Imagine your dream is a seed.

You feed it good things and positivity; it will begin to grow.

But if you believe people who don't believe in your dream, your tree will not be able to grow.

They will feed you; don't follow your dreams, and you are not worth it and wild desire.

Don't give up on your dream.

Any dream is possible for my readers.

It may be hard to reach it, but we all have a chance to prove ourselves that we can achieve it.

My readers, do you like this pep talk?

Do what you love and make it great.

Achieve any dream you want, and it's possible.

I hope I encourage you all to reach for the stars.

Don't let our dreams be crushed by other people that are dream crushers.

When you accept that you are not worthy of that dream and you will give up, and guilt will sink in later.

Guilt will sink in our hearts, and it's too late to turn back the clock. 

We can't change our past from the dream crushers that told us don't achieve your dream.

I'm telling you all you achieve any dream you have in yourself.

It is possible to achieve our dreams; it may be hard to reach for it.

No dream is more natural to accomplish but, give yourself hard work and lots of effort in that dream you want to achieve.

Stay awesome every reader and reach for the stars.

Don't give up on your dream.

Also, don't let the dream crusher destroy your future for us to achieve the dream.

You can achieve any dream you want to accomplish.

I hope my positivity can help you embrace your dream. 

 I hope this advice will help you achieve any dreams you want to accomplish.

Just ignore the dream crushers and go forward and turn back.

Prove the dream crushers that can achieve your dream.

Also, one last thing before I go just have fun, everyone.

I am glad that you are reading my book.

Thank you, readers, for reading my book.

Camila is heading to bed.

She took a shower and got dressed in her pugs. And I fell asleep.


Chapter 9

The next day Camila is having a typical day with magic.

She got up and took a shower.

Camila put on her Red Phoenix dress.

She is going out for a walk.

Camila plugged her headphones in her ears.

She was playing a Rachel Platen fight song.

Ice King, I will be your fight song and reclaim your light she said.

Fight for your light if your life depends on it.

She is going to visit Meadows Mist.

Camila snapped her fingers and arrived at Meadows Mist.

It was sunny but a little chilly.

I forgot to be in a jacket.

Her Phoenix magic started to glow bright red and is no longer cold.

Camila saw the Phoenix roses.

Her magic kept them growing.

She kissed the roses, and they loved her.

Phoenix Roses started to grow.

Twenty of Phoenix roses started to grow.

Phoenix rose, can I use my spare time I want to share with all of you.

I have a friend, and his name is Ice King.

He is evil, but I don't slay or kill him.

For that reason, I don't slay or kill him.

Once you have a little bit of darkness, it will devour my heart.

The slightest inch of darkness is evil.

I don't want to kill the Ice King.

If I kill him, the darkness won the fight.

Darkness is a choice.

We all choose to embrace the light side or the dark side.

Darkness doesn't force you to decide.

You must give up your light to achieve the darkness.

It will feed you false lies and false hopes.

Our bodies will be modified and shaped for the darkness.

Phoenix roses, what do you all think I'm doing the right thing.

Not slaying the Ice King and not killing him.

I didn't want to be addicted to darkness, and it began to taint my heart.

Do you think I did the right thing? I hope so?

Well, Phoenix roses, thank you for your time.

Thank you for listening to me.

She kissed Twenty Phoenix roses goodbye.

I'll be back soon, Camila says.

Camila snapped her fingers.

She arrived at Red Mist.

Camila watches people pay five thousand dollars to drink the Silver fountain.

I won't be drinking that water at all.

It will give you small amounts of darkness.

Then, the darkness will embrace your mind, body and soul.

It will modify everything, and you will be the vessel for the darkness.

I won't drink or pay money to drink from the Silver water fountain.

I won't let my heart go dark.

I know that I can't handle darkness.

It's too much power to control; I refuse to be their masters.

Darkness is not my choice.

Camila is watching people paying and drinking from the Silver water fountain.

But there is one girl who paid five thousand dollars to drink from the Silver water fountain.

The girl is about my age, and she has long blonde hair.

The girl drank from the Silver water fountain.

She glowed Dark green and ran away very quickly.

Red Mist closed the Silver water fountain.

No, one will be able to drink the fountain anymore.

I walked home, and it became Icy cold.

The Ice King arrived again.

Do you want to battle me again, she says?

Yes, I want to beat you in a fair match, he says.

What happened to Ice Mist Camila says?

I rebuilt Ice Mist and no longer crumble.

Fiery Phoenix Katana was in Camila's hand.

Ice King has taken out his Scimitars in each hand.

I'm not going to kill you, she says.

That's fine with me, he says.

Don't hold back, Camila says.

I won't hold back, he says.

He changed her blades into Two Ice swords.

I'm ready to fight you, Camila, he says.

She gripped her katana tightly.

Ice King came in charging very quickly and fast.

Camila blocked his attacks and counterattacked.

He moved swiftly and fast.

She loved that the Ice improved on his skills.

Camila swung her Katana at Ice King.

He wasn't getting tired at all.

You improved yourself, Camila says.

Yes, Camila, I did improve, he said.

She was impressed with his sword skills.

Camila is going to perform the Phoenix burst strike.

She gripped her Katana in hand.

Camila came in charging at Ice King.

Her speed was breakneck and quick.

Ice King got a direct hit.

He fell on the ground.

The Ice King was able to get up.

Then, Camila performed the Phoenix bird burning burst.

Her Katana was burning up quickly.

She charged at the Ice King.

Camila's magic did ten folds stronger.

Ice King was not able to dodge or miss her attack.

He was exasperated, but the Ice King had one moment to win this fight.

Ice King gripped his Ice swords in each hand.

Icy burst strike, he says

Camila caught off guard.

She fell on the ground.

Camila got up from the ground.

Her blade changed into a Rapier.

She charged at the Ice King fast.

Camila had her Katana in her right hand and her Rapier in her right hand.

She slashed Ice King very quickly and fast.

Ice King stabbed her in the chest.

Camila stopped fighting the Ice King.

You win this match, she said.

Phoenix magic healed her wound.

That was a good fight.

Her blade collided with his edge.

Camila was tired.

 I won't end your life, he says.

Wait a minute, and you are sparing my life, she says.

Yeah, I am for the times you didn't end my life.

Camila was at home.

She has eaten waffles with maple syrup.

Camila kept crying for using half the bottle of maple syrup.

She was crying, and tears were falling from her eyes.

Camila has taken a shower and changed back into her pajamas.

She went to bed and was dreaming.

You are not going to be able to save the Ice King, a girl's voice told her.

Who are you, Camila said?

We will meet soon, the girl's voice said.

Crimson magic you've got said.

Wow, I'm impressed that you recognize the magic the girl's voice said.

It was you that drank the water and ran away.

You shut down the Silver water fountain Camila stated.

The girl used her dark magic to hurt Camila.

But Ice magic shot at the girl.

Camila heard a voice saying, wake up.

She woke up, and the Ice King was there.

Camila hugged the Ice King.

Why did you save me, she said?

My magic won't plunge Red Mist into the darkness he said.

You mean that girl I saw paid money and drank the Silver water? Camila said.

Yeah, I had to save you, Ice King said.

Why do you keep on saving me, Camila said?

I love you, Camila Summers, with all my heart.

I love you, she said.

You do love me back, Ice King stated.

Yeah, I didn't want to kill you, she said.

I'm going to stop the Crimson girl Ice King says.

You can't stop the Crimson girl Camila says

Why not he said.

Crimson magic is the most powerful dark magic to wield, she says.

What makes it so compelling, he says

One-touch of a single hit from this magic will turn any dark, and there is no turning back Camila said.

I will fight for us, Ice King said.

You can't fight Crimson Magic.

I will risk my life for you, Ice King says.

Camila kissed Ice King on the lips.

Okay, thank you, Ice King, she says.

So, my name is Camila Summers, she says.

My name is Ken Icicle, says.

We need to keep on fighting, she says.

You are right, so the Crimson girl won't expect a thing he says.

How are we going to stop her she says

I'll finish the Crimson girl, Ken says.

Just don't get hit from her Crimson magic, she says.

Ken went back home.

Camila kissed him goodbye.

See you soon, she says.

Red Mist was going to change, and no one could stop this, a voice told her.

Who are you, and why are you warning me Camila said?

You can't win this fight with your blade, the voice said.

How do I stop the darkness from plunging Red Mist?

You can't stop it, and you must accept it.

No, I won't accept it, Camila said.

I won't take the darkness plunge Red Mist.

Camila arrived at Meadows Mist.

Blades of all Blades of Meadows Mist appeared in front of her.

It was Katana fused with a Rapier.

You need to pull this blade out and prove to Meadows Mist that you will defeat the darkness the voice told her.

Camila was wearing her Red Phoenix dress.

She gripped the blade tightly in her hand.

Camila put every strength she had to pull out the Meadow Mist blade.

She begins to doubt herself, and fear begins to sink in.

Camila, you can do this. I believe you can destroy the darkness.

That voice I recognize Camila stated.

Ken Icicle appeared in front of her.

You were my guide this entire time, she said.

Yes, Camila, I've been helping you this entire time.

The battles we had were that she said.

Red Mist told me to battle you, he said.

Why did they tell you to test me, she said?

They wanted to prove to you that the darkness can destroy he says

No, one can ruin Crimson magic, she says.

It can be a ruin, he says.

How do you destroy the darkness without being consumed from the hatred inside our hearts, she says?

Easily find your inner light inside our hearts.

Fight for your light if your life depends on it, he says.

Those are the words she says.

Yes, Camila, you must find a way to defeat the darkness he says.

It's impossible Camila says.

Nothing is impossible, he says.

Dear readers,

I just found out the villain in this story is my guide and my boyfriend.

He tells me that there is always a way to defeat the darkness.

I don't agree with him, by the way.

Do you believe him, my readers?

Crimson Magic is the darkest magic.

I don't believe in myself that I can win this fight.

I'm afraid that I will lose the fight with the darkness.

I am losing to the darkness I can't handle.

I want to conquer the darkness and prevail over it.

I don't think I got enough faith within myself

If I lose to the darkness, Red Mist will plunge into darkness.

My readers, what should I do?

I don't believe in myself.

I do want to win against the darkness.

But I lack the confidence within myself.

Do you think I won this fight, my readers?


 Chapter 10

Camila pulled the Meadows Mist blade.

She saw the magic glowing from it.

Ken told her that he would try to stop the Crimson girl.

I'll do anything that I can before she plunges the Red Mist darkness.

Camila glowed bright red.

The Red Mist girl appeared.

Hi, Camila Summers; my name is Scarlet Mist.

Who are you, she said?

I'm the one that created you, she said.

Becky, we don't have time for introduction, Ken says.

Right, you must strip her magic with this, she says.

I can't help you with this journey, she says.

Ice King will have to leave you, Becky says.

I don't want him to leave me, Camila says.

Crimson Magic is very tricky to stop, she says.

Ice King to go, Scarlett said.

He left Camila by herself.

Ice King came back to give her a hug and kiss goodbye.

Good luck, Camila. I hope you win this fight, he says.

I will win this fight, she says.

I won't let the Crimson girl plunge Red Mist into darkness.

You won't be able the Red Mist from being plunged into darkness the girl's voice said.

Give me your name Camila yelled.

My name is Hailee Winters, and darkness is my choice, she said.

I will plunge this world in darkness, and you can't stop me, Hailee said.

I'll beat you Hailee Winters no matter your magic will not turn my heart dark, Camila says.

I will turn your heart dark, and you will love it, she says.

No, I'm not letting you taint my heart, and I will beat you anytime and anywhere Camila says.

Hailee winters arrived.

She has long blonde hair and the same age as Camila.

Hailee winters are wearing a Crimson Blue dress.

Camila Phoenix roses gave her magic.

Hailee tried to destroy the flowers.

She can't destroy the flowers.

Camila came charging at Hailee.

She gripped her Phoenix Katana.

Camila slashed Hailee.

Hailee got very upset.

You just slashed at me, Hailee says.

Yeah, so what if I did Camila says.

You will pay for what she says.

Ooh, I'm so scared right now, Camila says.

She was taunting Hailee.

You should be very afraid of me, Hailee says.

I am on the inside, but I have beat you before you plunge this world into darkness, Camila says.

Hailee wielded a Rapier, and Camila wielded her Katana.

I'll beat you, Hailee Camila says.

You can't beat me if you can't see me, Hailee says.

She disappeared into the darkness.

Camila could not see Hailee.

Phoenix Red dress glowed bright red.

She got more magic glowing inside her dress.

Camila closed her eyes.

Hailee was going to strike to her left.

Camila saw the attack and counterattacked.

She tried again and attacked Camila from her left.

Camila saw the attack and used the Phoenix swift burning strike.

Hailee fell out of the darkness.

Do you give up, Camila says?

No, you can't beat me, Hailee says.

It looks like I already did, Camila says.

No, you didn't, Hailee said.

Oh, why you are mad, Hailee Camila was sarcastic.

I can't find a way to beat you, Hailee says.

Use your Crimson magic Camila says.

She used her Crimson magic.

Hailee hit Camila with her magic.

Crimson Magic corrupted her.

Nothing happened afterward.

Phoenix Red dress glowed bright red.

Hailee's magic exploded when it hit Camila.

They both flew in the air very fast.

Camila's magic protected her Hailee's magic.

Hailee got up from the ground.

You should just give up, Camila said.

Darkness is my choice and nothing you can do about it, Hailee said.

Dear readers,

I found my inner strength to fight Hailee Winters.

Ice King was never a threat to me and was testing me if I can fight for the light.

I forgive you, Ice King and thank you for being in my life and the memories we made with each other.

I beat Hailee Winters, and I will try my best to defeat her.

She will be tricky, but I must fight her.

I won't let Red Mist plunged into darkness.

My heart won't turn dark because I fight for the light, and I'm not against it.

I will fight no matter what it takes to defeat.

If I do fail, Red Mist will plunge into darkness.

I'm sorry that I failed you all, my readers.

But I will keep on fighting until I win and restore Red Mist to the light.

I am scared on the inside but, I must try my readers.

I will give every strength that I got to slay the darkness.

Yes, it may be hard to slay the darkness.

I must believe in myself, and I can win any battle, my readers.

I will fight for the light, and Phoenix magic doesn't let me die or lose this fight.

Phoenix magic started to spark inside Camila.

Phoenix True Katana appeared in both hands.

Camila came charging very quickly and fast.

Her magic got a lot stronger.

Just join me, Camila, and you and I can rule Red Mist together Hailee says.

No, I won't let my heart turn dark like yours, Camila says.

You keep on fighting for light is pathetic Hailee said.

So, fighting for the light is the best option and fighting to have the power I won't stand or fight for Camila says.

Fighting for darkness is the best side to fight for Hailee says.

You are lying to me, and darkness will taint your heart and modify our mind, body and soul, Camila says.

You love the darkness because you gave up your light, she says.

Fighting for the light is a weak and worthless side to fight for Hailee says.

You should shut up, and you gave up your light and didn't tell me that the light side is a failure Camila says.

She charged at Hailee with her Phoenix Katana and slashed her.

Hailee fell on the ground.

Just do it, I know you will just kill me Hailee persisted.

No, I'm not going to kill you, Camila says.

That makes you weak and a coward, she says.

So, what if you consider me as weak and cowardly Camila says.

She walked away from Hailee.

Hailee got up from the ground.

She has taken out her blade.

Hailee charged at Camila.

Camila gripped her Katina's.

Their blades collided with each other.

I will plunge this world into darkness, and you will not stop me, Hailee says.

I will stop you, and you will not plunge this world into darkness, Camila says.

Plunge this world into darkness; I must do Hailee says.

Why do you have to plunge this world into darkness, Camila says?

So, I can rule Red Mist with an Iron fist, Hailee says.

Chapter 11

I won't let you plunge this world into darkness, Camila says.

You won't have a choice, and I will be able to plunge Red Mist into darkness, and you can't stop me, Hailee says.

Why did you give up your light, and why do you hate it, Camila says?

I gave up my light because when I was on the light side, I hated it, Hailee says.

Just give an answer or a story of why you gave up your light, Camila says.

Five years ago, I was living for the light, and I got bored living for light.

I didn't like fighting for the light because it was dull and doing it every day, I couldn't stand it anymore. I rather fight for the darkness instead of the light side.

So, you gave up your light because doing it every day is dull and boring Camila says.

Yep, that is the answer why I gave up fighting for the light Hailee says.

You want me to believe in you that you got bored and got tired from the light side.

Because that is nonsense and hogwash to me, Camila says.

I'm telling you the truth, Camila. I got bored, and it was dull and I hated the light side, Hailee says.

Camila started to laugh.

Oh, that is funny to me that the light side is dull and boring to you, Camila said.

It's not funny, Hailee says.

Oh, it's way too funny and I got to stop laughing, she says.

Camila couldn't stop laughing at Hailee.

Quit laughing at me, she said.

Oh, why it's hilarious to me because the light side is fun to fight for Camila says.

Okay, I'm going to stop laughing right now.

Camila couldn't stop laughing.

Oh, this is funny to me, Camila says.

It's not funny, Hailee said.

It's funny because the light side is a lot of fun to fight for, Camila says.

The light side is not fun to fight for me, Hailee says.

I'm going to stop laughing at you unless you give me the real story of why you gave up your light, Camila says.

When I was sixteen years old, my light didn't shine bright on me.

I tried to save my boyfriend, James Piper, from turning dark.

I battled him for four years straight.

His mind gave in the darkness.

I tried to fight for the light for both of us.

I couldn't keep on fighting for the light anymore.

I gave up fighting for the light, and I couldn't live anymore Hailee says.

Your boyfriend James was on the dark side, and you couldn't save him because you gave up fighting for the light Camila says.

Yep, that is right, Hailee says.

Wow, that is an excuse to me because you have to fight for light if your life depends on it, she says.

Fighting for the light was hard and couldn't do it anymore Hailee says.

You gave up fighting for the light because it was too hard, Camila says.

Yep, that is my answer, she says.

Light and darkness are a choice.

We choose to embrace the goodness or the wrong side.

Darkness doesn't force you unless you must give it permission, Camila says.

I wanted to keep on fighting for the light, but it was hard Hailee stated.

Fighting for the light side is not easy, but you gotta have faith within yourself and the courage to balance our hearts, Camila says.

I chose the darkness to extinguish the light Hailee says.

Camila came in charge with her Katana.

She knocked Hailee to the ground.

Hailee gripped her Rapier and tried to slash Camila.

You are weak and a coward for siding with the darkness Camila says.

I'm not weak; the darkness gives me the strength to fight back and the power that I crave, Hailee says.

The light side will be able to give us the power to fight back unless we don't give up on the light Camila says.

She knocked Hailee to the ground.

Camila performed the Swift Phoenix strike.

She gripped her Katana tightly in her hands.

Camila charged like a Phoenix bird.

She came charging in very fast and quickly.

Hailee got hit very fast and quickly.

She fell on the ground.

Hailee couldn't get up at all.

She was trying to get up but couldn't get up on her feet.

Camila won this fight, and Hailee disappeared.

Dear readers,

Would you like to know what keeps me fighting for the light side?

That is an easy one I fight for the light for all of you.

Fight for the light if your life depends on it.

You must not give up fighting for the light.

I know it may be hard or a struggle that you have.

The light side is more comfortable and a lot of fun.

 I chose the light side so I can inspire you all.

No matter the situation you have in life, let the light side embrace you.

Don't give up on your light.

Please don't light die like a star that is going to explode.

I fight for the light for you all my readers.

It doesn't matter what struggles we have or obstacles in our lives.

We all need to embrace the light side.

A smile on the small moments of your memories and have with your friends that will make you smile.

Laugh when we are struggling.

I appreciate the small things in our lives.

And one last thing before I head home to sleep.

Just have fun with your life.

Camila snapped her fingers.

She arrived home.

She had taken a shower and changed into her Red pgs.

Camila got into bed.

She wasn't hungry at all.

I'm tired of my fight against Hailee Winters.

Camila fell asleep.

Goodnight, my readers, and enjoy your night.

Sweet dreams and have a fantastic night.

Chapter 12

Dear readers, would you all like to where I started?

It's going to be hard for me to explain, but I'll try my best to tell where the backstory started.

I was about twelve years old when I was in prison.

I named it Hawthorne Mist.

You would not like to be here.

Their motto was turning you into a weapon from the magic that I got.

I didn't have Phoenix magic yet.

That magic arrived when I was Twenty years old.

It has taken eight years for me to develop magic.

Hawthorne Mist people used darkness magic for us to be their vessels.

I was abused, and there is other stuff I can't discuss here in this book.

There was Black and Red magic called Phoenix darkness magic.

I drank the water, and nothing happened to me.

They started to beat me up, and there was nothing that I could do.

I can't handle dark magic.

I won't accept it, and I don't want it to taint my heart.

If darkness does consume my heart, I can't be your heroine, my readers.

Darkness is not my choice to prosper.

I rather live and fight for the light side.

But there was a girl who saved me from Hawthorne Mist.

Red Mist girl she called herself.

She saved me from turning me into a weapon.

Red Mist came charging with her Hawthorne blade.

It was Katana, and she was fast.

She slashed everyone in the room.

The Red Mist girl gave me a home to sleep in and to recover.

She was helpful to me, and I thanked her for saving me.

The Red Mist girl gave me magic.

Phoenix magic she gave me.

But I wasn't the only girl at Hawthorne Mist.

Hailee was there.

They fed her Crimson magic.

It started to spread inside her body.

Her magic was powerful.

I had to stop her.

Phoenix darkness magic I called upon.

Hailee used Crimson magic.

Our magic collided with each other.

My magic destroyed Hailee.

She started to run away.

Hailee chose to be with Crimson magic.

Her heart is sustained with darkness and corrupted it.

Crimson magic made me go crazy.

All she thought was power and control.

We both lost each other.

I started to fight for the light, my readers.

Hailee loves the taste of darkness.

Her heart was modified and served for the darkness.

 She never wielded a Katana in my life.

I choose to embrace the light.

My darkness magic helped me fight.

Someone wants to have their way with me.

My hands went dark red.

I destroyed the person that have evil intention 

Good, you are doing the right thing, or not talking to them is a more straightforward solution.

Hailee has exposed the darkness.

She will never be the same again.

Crimson Magi is a mess when you don't have a choice.

It can devour your light, and you'll be addicted to the magic.

You will not be able to change your mind.

Darkness is a choice we make for ourselves.

To shine in the light or shine is the darkness.

Which one will you accept, she says.

Camila chose to fight for the light.

Her past is open like a book.

Hawthorne Mist chose Hailee to be a vessel from the darkness.

Darkness is a choice you decide to be part of your life.

It will lose who we indeed are.

Crimson magic can devour every magic.

The more you consume the dark magic.

Our bodies will be addicted to magic.

I destroyed Hailee when I was twelve years old.

It was a long time ago.

But I used Phoenix darkness magic.

I attacked Hailee, and my blade was Black katana, but it was special.

When I used the black, Katana enabled me to stripe away the darkness.

It can strip any magic from somebody else.

But it won't allow me to strip my magic.

Hailee was defenseless, and she sealed away for thirteen years.

I don't know where Hailee ended up.

So, that is my backstory when I was twelve years old.

You will pay for striping my magic away, Hailee says.

You used it as a weapon Hailee says.

I love the darkness and power it gives me.

Camila has taken out her Phoenix Katana.

It begins to turn black.

Dark Phoenix Katana was in her hands.

Stand back, Hailee Camila says.

Hailee was shocked that she wielded the magic that removed her magic many years ago.

Where were you for thirteen years, Camila says?

 Hawthorne Mist locked me away for thirteen years, Hailee says.

You didn't have any magic after I stripped it away, Camila says.

It was hard, but I arrived at Red Mist.

I saved five thousand dollars and drank the Silver water fountain Hailee says.

I'll defeat you again, Hailee Camila insisted.

Go ahead and try, she says.

Phoenix Katana appeared in Camila's hands.

I stripe away Crimson magic, she says.

Hailee magic begins to shatter everything.

Her magic devoured Red Mist.

Chapter 13

Camila gained her memories back.

She will no longer forget days before I remember you.

Hailee's magic evaded everything.

Camila arrived in Meadows Mist.

There was a shield that protected from the dark magic.

Hailee was on the opposite side.

She can't shatter the force field at all.

Oh, that's right. I created this Meadows Mist eons ago Camila stated.

Creative magic Katana appeared in her hands.

Hailee stands down, or I will stop you, she said.

You destroyed everything that I had Hailee said.

It's not my fault that you used it as a weapon Camila says.

They weren't using us as a weapon. Hawthorne Mist gave us magic to rule this world, and you rather fight for the light side, Hailee says.

They gave us magic to test to destroy each other, she says.

Creative Katana speed slash Camila performed.

She attacked Hailee with her blade.

Hailee fell on the ground hard.

Get up and fight me Camila persisted.

Hailee got up from the ground.

She was angry at her.

Hailee couldn't touch Camila at all.

She heard a voice saying to Camila.

You are not ready to battle Hailee, a voice told her.

From this day on, you will not remember, and you will not remember Hailee Winters.

Three, Two, and One Camila woke up in her home and didn't remember anything.

Red Mist was not to plunge into darkness yet.

Camila went out for a walk and traveled to Meadows Mist.

She wanted to talk to the flowers.

Camila arrived there.

She loved the wind blowing on her face.

Camila loved lying next to the flowers and talking to them.

It gives her comfort and peace of mind.

Hey Meadows, Mist, I brought music so all you can listen too.

The flowers were destroyed when she got there.

Oh, no, what happens to you, all Camila stated.

You can't die on me, my flowers.

Camila started to cry.

The flowers were burned up and consumed with darkness.

I've been raising you well, and someone hurts my babies.

She kept crying, and tears were falling from her face.

One drop of her tears poured down from Camila's face.

The flowers started to grow again.

Well, goodbye, Meadows Mist Camila said.

She gave all the flowers a goodbye kiss.

Camila didn't realize her tears saved Meadows Mist.

I won't be able to see you all anymore, and I had a lot of fun spending my time with all the flowers.

She left and kept crying tears falling from her face.

Her magic is going to rebuild Meadows Mist.

Camila headed home very sad.

She loved visiting Meadows Mist and taking good care of the flowers.

Camila kept crying every day and didn't leave her home for four weeks.

She didn't visit Meadows Mist anymore.

Camila believes that they were destroyed, and she didn't know who did it.

She doesn't realize her magic saved Meadows Mist.

Camila wasn't in the mood to eat and not add maple syrup.

She ate her waffles plain without the maple syrup.

Camila wasn't in the mood to add maple syrup.

She is distraught.

A red Phoenix bird flew in her home.

Oh, little fellow, what is you, Camila says.

The Red Phoenix bird started to fly around her.

The bird was burning bright, soaring in the air.

She started to laugh and felt a little comfort.

Thank you, Phoenix, for cheering me up, Camila says.

Phoenix wanted to go outside.

Where are you going, Phoenix Camila says?

Phoenix was heading to Meadows Mist.

Why are we here, she says?

I don't want to look at Meadows Mist Camila said.

Phoenix was trying to push Camila to Meadows Mist.

Oh, Okay, Phoenix, thank you for taking me to Meadows Mist, she says.

Camila saw Meadows Mist regrow their roots back.

How did this all grow back? It was destroyed when I saw it, Camila says.

My magic was here, and my tears were falling from my face, she said.

Phoenix magic embraced Meadows Mist.

I'm happy now.

I was very excited.

Camila arrived home.

She was looking in her closet.

Camila couldn't find her red Phoenix dress.

It wasn't in her closet.

Phoenix was breathing fire and created a new dress.

Phoenix Red dress created from Camila's pet bird.

She was going to take a shower and change into her new dress.

Camila's dress was putting on her new dress.

She felt the magic inside it.

Phoenix flew on Camila's left shoulder.

The magic was strong, and she wielded a Katana.

Red Mist wasn't wealthy anymore.

What happened to my city that had a lot of wealth, Camila says?

She ran to the merchant and spoke to him.

Hey, merchant, what happened to this wealthy city Camila asked.

Oh, hey Camila Summers, you didn't hear what happened to this city the merchant says.

No, what happened to this wealthy and famous city, she says.

Magic turned against all of us, the Merchant says.

Where did Camila say?

You've been asleep for thirty years, the merchant says.

I wasn't asleep. I was still here, Camila says.

I went to knock at your home, but when I walked in, you were asleep, Merchant says.

You could have woken me up, she says.

I tried that your magic wouldn't let me wake you.

Which magic did you encounter, Camila says?

You were wearing a black dress, and you were wielding a black Katana in your hands, the merchant says.

The Red Mist woman appeared.

Camila Summers wakes up.

Merchant here is Ten thousand dollars, and you have a beautiful life, she says.

Thank you, Red Mist Woman, the merchant says.

Magic glowed on Red Mist Woman.

She turned back into a 14-year-old girl.

How did you do that, Camila says?

It's the magic I've been saving up for many years Red Mist girl says.

What happened to my boyfriend Camila said.

Darkness began to spread around Ice Mist and turned him into dust, she said.

Who turned him Camila says?

Hailee winters are now our ruler over Red Mist.

How did I stay so young? Camila stated.

Phoenix magic doesn't make their masters age a single day or year.

Chapter 14

Thirty years earlier,

Camila fell asleep.

Her dark phoenix magic activated.

Hailee wanted Crimson magic to devour Red Mist and destroy everything.

She cut her hand, and her magic began to spread everywhere.

Crimson magic devours everything as your master destroys Red Mist.

Dark Green magic was spreading everywhere.

Crimson Magic evaded everything.

But it couldn't touch Red Mist.

There was a dark phoenix bird that flew in the air.

Dark Green Raven attacked the dark Phoenix bird.

Burning striping burst and obliterated Crimson magic Camila stated in her sleep.

Then there was a giant explosion of magic.

Crimson Magic destroyed forever.

Hailee got burned from Crimson Magic.

I won't fail. Her darkness magic is gone.

Hailee didn't have any magic.

She ran away and traveled to Hawthorne Mist.

I'll find Hawthorne magic here and destroy Red Mist and kill Camila Summers.

Red Mist was restored to the light side.

But it's not over yet.

Hailee will not let it be over yet.

I'll find Hawthorne magic and destroy everyone, and I don't care for my safety.

If it does kill me, so be it, and I don't care, darkness will prevail over the light.

Mark, my words Hawthorne magic will be current consumption.

Darkness is my choice, and nothing you can do about it.

Dear readers,

It's the author Sopheap

Everything will change; just give you a heads up.

Nothing will be the same afterward.

Camila won't recognize the timeline anymore.

Time has changed dramatically, and she won't understand.

So, sit tight, and Camila will have to overcome everything.

Do you believe she can defeat Hailee Winters and win this battle, or will Camila lose the struggle, and her home will be destroyed forever?

Chapter 15

My magic kept me young for thirty years, Camila said.

Yep, everything is not the same anymore.

I saved Meadows Mist Camila said.

You can't save your world anymore, Red Mist girl said.

I will be able to save it, Camila says.

I'm afraid your magic has limits, she said.

Camila checked her magic, and she was down to half her magic.

I did. I got half of my magic, she says.

Phoenix magic has limits, but there is a way you can gain it back Red Mist girl says.

Oh, okay, how do I find it, Camila says?

You must head to Earth, and I will give you my magic before this world is destroyed, she says.

What do you mean this world will destroy, Camila, says?

Hawthorne magic is a nuclear bomb that will destroy Red Mist City, and you won't be able to save me Red Mist girl says.

I want to protect you, she says.

You can't save me, Camila Summers. I need you to stay healthy for me, The Red Mist girl says.

I can't watch you die and do nothing to save you, Camila said.

Yeah, I know, but you need to stop Phoenix Inc.

Whose Phoenix Inc. Camila says.

Hailee's new organization will test people to wield your blade, she says.

I won't have my blade anymore, Camila says.

Yeah, you won't, but no one can wield your blade, Red Mist girl says.

What do you mean no one can wield my blade Camila said?

Phoenix Katana is the most powerful blade, and you're the only master it chose you, she says.

But take this to its Crimson Phoenix Katana Red Mist girl says.

This blade will help you destroy Phoenix Inc. and find Curtis Phoenix; he will help you find your missing edge, and you can trust him, she says.

Curtis magic is Stars magic is a unique mirror blade that he can destroy any enemy with a single hit.

No, one can be able to hurt or touch him.

Stars magic is from Stars Mist, but Crimson spells destroyed his home town.

You need to go when Hawthorne's magic starts to begin to spread.

Just get out of here and don't protect me, Red Mist girl said.

I don't want you to die, Camila said.

I'm going to be just fine, and I will run to Meadows Mist and be protected, she said.

Tell the flowers I'll be missing them, Camila said.

I will Camila and I'll take good care of your flowers.

She started to cry.

Please don't cry Camila you and I got the same skill Red Mist girl said.

What do you mean we both have the same skill Camila said?

Oh, okay, let me prove to you we both have the same skill Red Mist girl said.

She got up and retrieved her Crimson Katana.

Camila retrieved her Red Katana.

The Red Mist girl charged at Camila very fast and quickly.

Camila tried to dodge her slash strikes.

They both have equal speed.

Their blades collided with each other,

Camila tried a little different move.

She gripped her Katana and used a burning air slashing strike.

The Red Mist girl fell on the ground.

It didn't faze her, so she used the Burning phoenix strike.

Camila got up from a burning phoenix strike.

How did you do that no one was able to get up?

She was shocked and surprised.

Well, Camila, it didn't faze you at all, she said.

Red Mist surrendered the fight.

You win Camila, she says.

Why did you quit fighting me, Camila says.

You got up and kept on fighting with me; I used a Phoenix burning strike.

When we both use it, the enemy struggles to get up, and we win, she said.

Camila was tired.

Get home and get some rest, Red Mist girl said.

Oh, okay, I will, Camila says.

They hugged each other and left.

Camila arrived home.

I've been asleep for thirty years, she says.

I'm going to try my best to defeat Hailee Winters.

She'll be hard to defeat.

But I got half of my magic left.

I won't be able to save myself if I die, I must accept it.

Dear readers,

I've been asleep for thirty years.

Everything changed so fast.

I don't recognize my city anymore.

I'm going to head to Meadows Mist one more time before Hailee destroys my world.

Camila arrived at Meadows Mist.

Oh, hey, there girls and boys, she stated.

I'm spending time with all of you for one last time.

Hailee was to destroy this world.

Camila kissed the flowers, and she went there to keep comfortable.

They loved her so much.

I wish I could be with you, Camila said.

Phoenix roses appeared in front of her.

You want to take your flowers with me, she said.

They wanted to go home with her.

Oh, okay, I'll take you home with me and promise you won't die, she says.

They were glowing red.

I'll take that as a yes you promised me, she says.

Camila went home excited.

She had a bouquet of Phoenix roses.

Camila placed them in a vase.

She used her magic so that the flowers won't die or explode.

Camila kissed the roses.

I love you roses, she says.

They were glowing red.

Uh, you love me too, she says.

Dear readers,

I know what you all are thinking right now.

I'm weird or strange about talking to flowers.

It comforts me; I don't have a boyfriend.

The flowers keep me comfortable.

You need a little love.

Kissing them, yes, it's weird.

I'm such a dork for loving them.

Laugh out loud for loving maple syrup.

Please readers whatever you don't ever wave a bottle of maple syrup in my face.

I don't like being teased or made fun of.

Yes, I love maple syrup.

I love the taste of it.

I prefer real maple syrup instead of fake.

I won't eat the fake one.

I wish maple syrup had a team so I can join them.

I can always talk about tasting maple syrup without stopping.

But I won't bore you with my love for maple syrup.

Yes, I kiss the flowers, by the way.

Are we going to have a problem with that for me kissing my flowers?

They keep me happy and occupied.

My flowers help me be happy.

I let them listen to my music.

They love the music by the way.

They hate heavy beat or ghetto songs.

The flowers place a shield over them so that the darkness won't taint their stem.

Well, goodnight, my readers, it's 10 pm, and I'm heading to bed.

Talk to you all tomorrow.

My flowers turned black when they were resting their magic.

The red will appear in the morning.

They will become red when my flowers are fully rested.

Camila went inside her room.

She placed the flowers next to her and fell asleep.

Magic was still flowing around Red Mist.

It made Red Mist Strong and sturdy.

No magic is in danger yet.

If Red Mist gets into a danger zone, it's impossible to defeat the darkness.

No one will be able to save it.

Chapter 16

I will save it Camila said

You gotta be crazy, Red Mist girl says.

Why is it crazy, she said?

For you to be able to save Red Mist, you must do the unthinkable Red Mist girl says.

Oh, you mean to take Hailee Winter's life away, Camila says.

Yes, Camila, trust me, you don't want that in your heart, Red Mist girl says.

I don't want to take Hailee Winter's life away, Camila said.

Her dress was glowing Red.

A Crimson crystal appeared on the ground.

What is this Crimson Crystal that is very rare to come across Red Mist girl says?

What is this? Camila says.

This Red crystal can stripe any magic away forever Red Mist girl says.

You mean, I can save our world from plunging the world into darkness Camila Summers says.

Yep, you can save it, but there is one problem, she says.

What is that one problem Camila said?

If you can save Red Mist from the darkness, but you can't avoid it, unfortunately.

The night will be arriving soon, she says. 

How does the world be plunged into the darkness from me saving it, Camila says?

You must crush the crystal after you stab Hailee with it, Red Mist girl said.

I won't be able to save Red Mist City. After all, she says.

I'm sorry, Camila, you can't save our city, it has to plunge into darkness, Red Mist girl says.

Will Hailee Winters win the fight Camila says?

No, she won't win the fight Red Mist girl says.

What do you mean no Hailee won't win the fight Camila says?

I can't say one word, but trust your magic further; it will guide you to win this battle and any battle you come across, she says.

What do you mean, trust my magic Camila says?

Trust Phoenix magic and don't give up and just must hope within yourself, Red Mist girl says.

I do trust my magic, Camila says.

That is good also; it will help you and take this teleporter red crystal Red Mist girl says.

What is this Red Teleporter crystal said?

When this world gets plunged into darkness, crush it, and you will save, Red Mist girl says.

What about you, Red Mist girl Camila said.

Please don't worry about me. I'm going to be just fine, Red Mist girl says.

Camila started to cry.

Tears fell from her face.

Camila, you are worried about me, Red Mist girl says.

Of course, I'm worried about you, Camila said.

I will tell you my story about myself to you and trust me you can do it Red Mist says.

Oh, okay, what is your story Camila said.

Two thousand years ago,

In the year 4869 May 1st, I was on my journey with magic.

My journey, which is yours now to defeat Hailee Winters Red Mist girl, says.

How come you didn't defeat her, Camila says.

I was just getting their Red Mist girl says

Oh, okay, Camila said.

My real name is Olivia Hawthorne, and I'm your cousin, she says.

You are my cousin Camila says.

Yeah, I am, Olivia said.

She hugged Jaslene, and Camila was excited.

I failed to kill Hailee because Hailee won the battle, as well as. I shielded you from the darkness, she says.

Hailee stabbed me in the heart, and my magic couldn't save me, Olivia says.

Who stopped Hailee from plunging the world into darkness, Camila says.

One blade is crafted, and it's named Red Steel Katana. I wielded it to save it, she says.

Red Steel Katana appeared in her hands.

Chapter 17

Dear readers,

I'm glad to tell you all.

We are a lot closer to the end of my journey.

Would you all love to know why I am so happy and try to stay positive within myself?

When I was born, magic never existed.

There was a crime and a lot of hatred in Phoenix Mist.

People lust magic and take a lot of lives away.

I wondered why people lust magic.

I saw darkness and watched my family turn against each other.

I watched people crave magic along with watching my own family turned against each other.

It does break my heart every reader.

My closest family members were Aqua and Olivia.

They developed magic sooner than I as a consequence.

 Juanita left me and no one was able to see her again.

Jaslene saved me from magic, and she gave me hope.

She is my heroine; do you all believe that I can stop Hailee Winters.

I lack the confidence, my readers.

I don't believe in myself that I will win this fight.

I want to be able to win this fight.

If I crush the Crimson Crystal, I blame myself.

My readers, what should I do?

May all give me an answer?

I don't know what I should do.

I don't want to take a life with me.

I don't understand, my cousin told me.

Trust my magic moreover, it will guide you in any battle and any battle I must believe in myself to have hope.

My readers, I try my best to stay positive and take my readers to reach this part.

I'm thankful for you reaching this part.

I do doubt myself and fearful about what will happen next.

I do have my iPhone 8, including I'm going to play a song.

I'm sorry that I haven't pulled out my iPhone. I just didn't want to break it.

Having magic is not easy, so I haven't used it a lot.

I got a new song from a person I don't know.

Who do you love featuring Chain-smokers and 5 sec of summers?

My iPhone 8 hasn't got destroyed yet.

I'm surprised that my magic does not destroy it.

I survived my cousin's battle.

I was surviving the Phoenix burst strike.

I'm fine, and I'm okay.

Lol, and my cousin is worried about me.

Then she tells me how she survived that Jaslene stated.

I don't have a clue about how I rise from that.

From my sincerest to all my readers, thank you for sticking with me also, I have a lot of fun talking to you.

Hi, readers, you are my light and guide me and help me with the darkness.

Will you continue to help me fight for light and continue reading this book?

Well, readers, I got to take a shower, eat waffles with maple syrup; in addition, I must go to bed.

Please don't tease by waving a bottle of maple syrup in my face.

My nerves will go crazy, and I won't be able to control myself.

I'm such a dork for loving maple syrup.

Prefer the real one instead of a fake one.

If it's fake, I won't eat it. I'll just eat the waffles plain.

I know it won't taste good.

I'm laughing right now.

It is hilarious that I'm the only girl who craves maple syrup a lot.

I just realized that.

Thank you, readers, from the bottom of my heart that you will continue reading my story.

Camila went to eat maple syrup with her waffles.

She ate them all.

Camila has taken a shower.

She got out of the shower and changed into her Red pgs.

Thank you, reader's goodnight, and have a fantastic night.

Camila fell asleep.

The next day she got up.

Good morning my readers.

I had a great night's sleep.

My iPhone is on, but I must leave it at home.

I don't want to break it from using my magic.

I love Becky G. I don't know where I get my music from.

It's a complete mystery where I get it.

I still don't know where I get my music.

I will explain it to my readers.

I love Becky G's rapping skills.

I know she cusses, but I won't say to anybody.

I will stay pure and innocent.

I could have gone pure darkness from my past.

It was my choice to pursue the light.

If you want me to go, evil stay tuned later, my readers.

You can stop reading this book.

The door is to your left and goodbye.

I can't handle the darkness.

I'm telling you the truth, my readers.

Having vengeance in our hearts is wrong.

It's toxic to our hearts.

It stains our hearts with poison and hatred.

Also, songs that have heavy beats and a lot of bad words swearing is pure evil.

One song will define us.

It will alter our hearts and stain it.

One song can modify our minds and souls.

Will you allow the darkness to give permission? 

Darkness will seek inside our hearts when we give up our light.

Will you give up your light for the darkness?

Just fight for the light.

Fight for the light if your life depends on it.

Why give up your light?

It will guide us all.

All of us have a choice.

To embrace the light.

Or embrace the darkness.

Which choice are yours and genuine desire?

I won't let your song define me!

Camila was heading to the door.

Her magic was glowing in her hands.

She left Red Steel Katana at home.

I'm going to defeat Hailee Winters without my cousin.

I will trust my magic.

Fight for your light if your life depends on it.

I do believe together; I will figure out a way to defeat her.

I promise you all readers I won't let my heart fall into darkness.

I will fight for the light.

I will win this fight, and this world will reclaim the light again.

I believe that I will be able to win.

If I do release the darkness, I'm sorry readers.

I will take that risk and trust my cousin will be fine.

In any battle, we all are facing a fight for your light if your life depends on it.

Do I make myself clear to my readers?

Don't give in to the darkness.

Fight magic with magic.

And blade against blade.

Defeat our obstacles and win the fight and reclaim our light back.

If you don't believe in the light or you won't be able to fight back.

Stop reading this book.

The door is on your left.

Goodbye my loss readers who gave up your light.

Or won't fight for the light.

I won't get offended at all.

Will your readers stop reading my book?

I won't let the darkness justify myself.

Why let evil in our hearts.

To allow it to channel through us.

It will damage our future and mind and soul.

Darkness will modify everything.

Why do you choose darkness?

I won't understand why your readers prefer darkness.

It's toxic to our hearts.

Power and addiction control our minds, and it corrupts our soul.

Do you love the power of darkness?

If you do, readers stop reading this book!

I won't let your darkness define me!

I won't allow the darkness to rule my life.

Why do your readers crave the darkness?

Do you love the power it gives you?

Why be consumed with hatred and lust for power.

Our hearts can't handle the darkness.

Why wish it to be part of our life.

Darkness will stain our hearts.

You'll start believing in the false lies.

Why do your readers embrace the darkness?

I don't understand why darkness will be your life.

Is fighting for light bad?

You don't like the lightness guidance us

It corrects our right and wrong actions.

Your readers don't like the light telling us that is wrong.

I love that feeling, in my opinion.

The light knows us and knows what is best.

It keeps us on the path of light.

So, I choose to fight for the light.

May your readers accept my choice?

Or darkness will trick our minds.

Darkness can only arrive when we forfeit our light.

When we throw our light away, we may not get it back.

Darkness will prevail inside our hearts.

Why do your readers embrace the darkness?

It's the wrong side to root for to be a part.

If you root for the darkness and stick around later in my series, you all may be shocked for the heads up.

My story is not for your readers.

Stop and close the book.

Go ahead, stop reading this book.

I won't let your darkness define me.

Goodbye, my readers, who consider stopping reading this book.

I won't get offended, my readers.

I won't tell you or hold a grudge against your readers.

My story is not for your readers, I understand.

I won't get mad either way, readers.

Would you all like to know why I don't embrace my darkness from songs I hear from Becky G?

I know that if my heart goes dark.

I won't recognize myself, and I will have guilt.

So, I'm never turning my heart dark.

I won't kill people and thirst for power and control.

When you accept power and control, our life is game over.

We gave up our light just to have power and control.

Tell me, readers, why to accept power and control in our hearts and mind.

It won't go further in life for having darkness inside our hearts.

You are listening to bad songs that curse and heavy beat.

I won't influence myself to make my mind turn into darkness.

When you banished your light away as a consequence, there is no turning back.

You can change whenever you want.

But will you have the willpower to reclaim your light back?

Now be honest with my readers.

Fight for your light, if your life depends on it.

I will always repeat this motto every time.

The light side is impressive to part.

Don't turn yourself away from the darkness.

I accept any gender, in my opinion.

I'm straight.

But my message is fighting for your light if your life depends on it.

The light side will never backstab you.

It will backstab you if you turn away from the light.

The lightness is a loving feeling and warm inside our hearts.

Darkness is a feeling of hatred and mistrust, and that will fuel anger energy.

Lightness is calm and peaceful energy.

Which energy will you choose to claim light or dark decision, so choose wisely?

Camila ran outside quickly.

Darkness will be coming soon.

I will fight Hailee Winters and win this fight.

I don't know where this crystal will send me to.

I trust my cousin, and I hope she will be okay.

Darkness will prevail over my City.

But it's not game over.

Let my magic be the way to victory and trust it.

I hope I do win, and my magic will be able to save me.

Hawthorne magic begins to spread around Red Mist.

I'm already too late to save my city.

Hailee winters weren't around her.

Oh, thank you light side for giving me more time.

Phoenix magic started to spark.

She glowed and arrived at Meadows Mist.

Well, Meadows, this is my final battle, and I will lose the fight.

I'm sorry, Meadows Mist, that I couldn't save you all.

The risk of saving the light is plunging the world into darkness.

I hope you won't stay mad at me, including please forgive me, Meadows Mist.

If I don't come back, please keep your memories of me.

Camila kissed the flowers goodbye.

She started to cry and broke down.

I can't leave all of you here, she stated.

I can't save all of you from the darkness.

A Phoenix Steel ring appeared on the ground.

Meadows Mist created a goodbye gift.

Thank you! I will try my best to save all of you.

If I do fail, it's not my fault.

At least I tried saving all the flowers from the darkness.

Chapter 18

Hailee hasn't arrived yet to stop me.

I will win this fight and reclaim the light back.

One flaw is after I win, my world will plunge into darkness.

I must accept it and believe my cousin will be safe.

I don't want to leave her.

It's Jaslene's choice to stay here when this world plunged into darkness.

I must accept her choice.

She's been through a lot.

Our family reclaimed the darkness.

I hope I stay strong if my family members go against me.

Their choice was magic corrupted their hearts, and their addiction sent them into chaos.

They lose themselves, and they fight for the darkness.

It is their choice to fight for the darkness.

I don't agree with it, but I do accept it.

Please readers, 

Don't forfeit your light.

Stay away from the darkness.

Don't allow it to influence us.

Once darkness influences us, our minds won't break free.

You'll be addicted to it.

I watched my family go after each other's throat.

Darkness influenced them along with they are no longer on my side at all.

Seeing that traumatized me and that is why I won't go dark

Hailee is near.

Soon we will battle for the Red Mist.

Camila held the Red Crimson Crystal in her hands.

It transformed into her dress.

Red Crimson phoenix dress.

She didn't feel the magic.

I hope this magic doesn't taint my heart.

Crimson Crystal won't taint your heart.

Who stated that she stated?

Hailee winters arrived.

She had long Hazel hair.

Hailee had Brown eyes and was wearing a blue dress.

Her height is 5'3.

She is shorter than Camila.

Hailee is 21 years old.

She was cute.

I'll destroy your darkness Camila says.

Go ahead and try to stop me, Hailee says.

She took out her Rapier.

Camila took out her Phoenix Katana.

Dear readers,

You all reach the end of my story.

Thank you all for reading my story.

I'm thankful that you read my story.

Thank you for taking part in my story.

I had a lot of fun talking to all the readers.

You've been so lovely to me, and I'm guessing a lot bailed on me.

I will not let the darkness taint my heart.

If you want me to become a villain?

I'm sorry my story is not for you.

I will defeat Hailee, and I will fail my story.

For me to save Red Mist, darkness must prevail.

Darkness will prevail and take over my city.

It's the grand finale, so sit tight and enjoy.

My final fight will be an edge to your seat.

Camila charged at Hailee.

Hailee charged her Camila.

Their blades collided with each other.

Camila gripped her blade tightly in her hands.

She slashed Hailee quick and fast.

Hailee dodged it and counterattacked it.

Camila used Phoenix burst slash.

She gripped her blade tight and ran slashed towards Hailee.

Hailee caught off guard.

She fell on the ground.

Hailee got up from the ground.

She used Crimson Hawthorne's burning slash.

Chapter 19

Camila got slashed from Hailee's burning slash.

She fell on the ground.

Just give up, Camila Hailee said.

No, I won't let you win this fight Camila says

You can't save Red Mist from me plunging the world into darkness.

I will try to have hope within myself, Camila says.

You believe that hope exists; it doesn't exist at all, Hailee says.

It does exist as well as I will defeat you, Camila said.

Just bring it Camila Hailee said.

Camila used the Phoenix burning strike.

She dashed with her blade and held it tightly in her hands.

Phoenix Bird burning to slash magic appeared and Hailee Rapier.

Flew out of her hands furthermore, it shattered into pieces.

No, I can't do it, Camila says.

You can't do what Hailee says.

I can't take your life away, Camila says.

You are just weak and pathetic Hailee says.

I'm not weak, Camila yelled at Hailee.

Phoenix Prism's magic glowed in her hands.

A guy came in charging in.

He had a Red cloak around him.

The guy stabbed Hailee together with her magic and went inside the Crimson Crystal.

He disappeared, and the guy was gone.

How did you win this fight, she says?

Camila held the Red Crimson Crystal in her hands.

If you crush it, you lose this battle, Hailee says.

I'll take that risk, Camila says.

She crushed the Red Crimson Crystal in her hands. It shattered into tiny pieces.

Darkness has taken over Red Mist.

Camila crushed the bright red teleport crystal.

Chapter 20

She arrived in Seattle.

Where am I?

I don't know where this is?

Camila arrived at Pacific Science Center.

Oh, mam, what year is this, she says.

Camila ran into Megan

It's March 21, 2019, the girl said.

Oh, the first day of spring, she says.

Oh, are new to Seattle, the girl says.

Yeah, I am Camila said.

Why did you ask me, she said?

I'm going to pay your ticket for the Pacific Science Center, the girl says.

My name is Camila, she says.

My name is Megan, the girl says.

She was Eighteen years old.

Megan had Blonde hair and blue eyes.

She was Black North Face Jacket.

Oh, thank you, Camila, says.

Oh, where are you from Megan, she says.

Camila did not remember.

I'm sorry Megan, I don't remember.

It is okay also your welcome, Megan says.

Camila entered the Pacific Science Center.

Oh, hi there, how can I help you two the attendant says.

Two tickets for the Pacific Science Center, Megan says.

Would you like to see the star gazing at the attendant?

Yes, Megan says.

She paid for their ticket and Camila was amazed.

Her eyes went huge together and she was very excited.

I'm glad you are having fun. Megan says.

Why is this place Pacific Science Center Camila said?

Everything around us is based on Science that revolutionizes us, Megan says.

What is Science Camila says?

Science is the wind in motion and everything that surrounds us, Megan says.

Oh, Science is fantastic, Camila says.

Science is incredible, you mean, Megan says.

They both were walking in the Pacific Science Center.

Megan showed Camila the butterfly exhibit.

She was waiting in line.

Where are you taking me, Camila says?

Butterfly exhibit Megan said.

The attendant explained the rules.

You can take pictures of the butterflies with your phone.

But you can't let them escape.

Just stand still if they land on you, and they will fly away the attendant stated.

I understand the rules they both said.

The attendant let them in.

Camila has taken out her iPhone 8, along with it at 11 am.

Today was Tuesday, and her eyes went huge.

She was taking pictures of the butterflies.

Her favorite was the Yellow butterfly and black one too.

Camila was walking around.

Megan saw Camila having a great time.

Oh, Camila does move, Megan said.

Oh, why not, she said.

There is a butterfly on your head.

Oh, there is, and that is awesome, Camila says.

You got an iPhone 8, Megan says.

Yep, I do, Camila said.

I'm an Android fan, by the way.

She has a Galaxy Note 8.

Megan took a picture of Camila with the butterfly on her head.

Camila has forgotten everything about her days with magic.

It was her first-time having fun.

Camila took a lot of pictures of the butterflies.

She is having a lot of fun.

Camila is enjoying herself.

They spend one hour in the Butterfly Exhibit.

Camila took one hundred pictures of the butterflies.

They left the exhibit.

Stand back for a while, the attendant.

They checked for butterflies if they were on Camila and she was clean.

Then, they checked for the butterflies if they were on Megan, along with she cleans.

Thank you, and have a great afternoon, the attendant said.

Thank you, Camila; you have an excellent afternoon, she said.

The attendant smiled and hugged her.

She hasn't smiled in a long time, Megan says.

Oh, why not, Camila said.

Her boyfriend broke up with that girl, and she says.

Camila went back to get her name.

My name is Camila, she says.

My name is Becky, the attendant says.

She gave Camila her number.

Thank you, Camila, for making me smile and making my day Becky says.

Dear readers,

You all have the end of my journey.

I've had a lot of fun with my days with magic.

But I don't remember my time with magic.

Phoenix Magic comes with a risk.

You lose your memories when you claim the light back.

But I know that darkness won this fight.

Back in Red Mist Olivia found Hailee and sealed her away in Zero Mist.

Prison people that caused chaos and destruction and corrupted from Crimson Magic.

I'm glad you are having fun Camila.

We won the fight, and she plunged the world back into the light again.

Jaslene used Portal Mist to bring back and everything was restored to normal.

Chapter 21

I've arrived in a New City.

Seattle, Washington, is a magnificent city to experience.

I'm having a lot of fun.

Megan bought me a rock saying to inspire.

My readers, you inspire me to live for the light.

I know that a lot of you guys and girls won't accept me.

You people vote for the villain to win the fight.

This story is not for you.

The door is to your left and goodbye.

I won't get mad at you or hold a grudge.

You don't like the heroine, I understand.

Fight for the light, if your life depends on it.

That is my motto; I say a lot.

I hope one day I do find a good boyfriend who treats me right.

I won't date a guy who thrives for power and control.

I will refuse them and would not date them.

If they do touch me or try to harm me, I'm not afraid to defend myself in any means necessary.

My magic will come back and it will pay back soon.

Thank you readers for reading my story.

Megan showed her apartment.

Avenue and Residential located on 200 2nd Ave W, Seattle, WA 98119.

“You can sleep in the room along with I'll sleep in the other room,” Megan said.

How about I take you to the tulip Festival she said.

What is the Tulip festival Camila said?

It is a place of flowers that bloom, and I want to take you there soon, Megan said.

I would love to see the Tulip Festival, she said.

You pay for two rooms, Camila said.

Yeah, I work for real estate including I bought two

Bedroom apartment for myself.

Now I will end my story everyone 

The moral of the story is to fight for your light to reclaim it back and never give up on the fire.

The second moral of the story is that don't let vengeance be inside our hearts.

The third moral of the story is to live a beautiful life and don't give up on your dream.

Don't let the dream crushers win this fight.

We all can achieve our dreams.

It's possible and not impossible.

When we believe that the dream crushers are right, you have made your choice.

You gave up as a consequence guilt will sink in.

We don't have a time machine to rewrite our past.

We all can achieve our dreams.

I believe in all you girls and guys and stand with me 

Prove to everyone that we can achieve our dreams.

Don't give in to fear and doubt yourself.

Don't let the dream crushers stop us.

Have an awesome day everyone! Goodbye.

Sincerely, Camila Summers.


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