Arushi Dwivedi

Romance Fantasy


Arushi Dwivedi

Romance Fantasy

Cynefin Of Monsters

Cynefin Of Monsters

11 mins

"It was sad to hear of her demise, Mr.Niran. She was indeed a great friend.” He heard her from behind. In the spring of February hid the cold of December, drenching the town of Mystic falls in the mournful morning. The sheets of white roses laid beneath their feet, labeled with heavenly showers as if the sky was weeping. "She was definitely a child of God. Look how the heavens are weeping." Avery spoke dropping the epergne of white lilies over the glass-topped coffin that had Sheryl Michealson's frigid, dead body laid in.

"She was a beautiful soul, of course." For the first time in the being, ever since the news of his wife's death, he spoke. The horror of devastation visible and invincible to penetrate into. A sad smile gracing his lips lead his eyes closed and it diminished in the air. 

'It's sinful to love something that death can touch. And I am a sinner in your love, Sheryl.' Avery's lips wobbled reading the epitaph getting engraved. A ghost of smile tinged on her lips when she saw the coffin tossed in the pit opening doors for her in heaven.

 "Accept your child in the arms of heaven, the beautiful soul she had, and the life she was worthy of. Oh, Lord! May her soul rest in peace. Amen, " chanted the head priest of the old church followed by the rhythmic prayers by the people, dressed in mournful black and holding umbrellas for the rains that haven't ceased since the sun kissed the horizon and hid in curtains of clouds. He stood erect, his features lining emotionlessness when they set her in the grave, a masquerade of vulnerability and strength at play. 

"She would always live in your heart, Mr. Michealson."

"We'll miss her."

"May her soul rest in peace."

They all told him. His saddened smile stretched in grim and glossy eyes were powerful enough to trap anyone into false assumptions. 

"She gave this to Todd," stood Mrs.Berlin stretching out a vintage dusty paper coiled by a red ribbon," She wanted him to give this to you when she's gone. She would be free of all her pain now unlike the fatality of cancer and depression that killed her. Rejoice her rest, Mr. Niran." Unknowingly his eyes trailed over the teenager, Todd. Todd's fingers caressed the epitaph, his knees soiled, and tear-stained cheeks was an unlikely affair for someone as cheerful as him. Sadness crept in Niran's eyes too, "The child needs consolation and an ability to accept the truth. Help him, Mrs.Berlin."

"He would really miss being around her." He nodded at her affirmatively, his callous fingers rimmed the ribbon—confining her last letter for him. He watched his soul feel the emotions in cracks, a layer that jinxed with devastation and sadness while the other singing songs of delight. 

"Excuse me, Mrs.Berlin," his guttural voice and whirl of emotions shuddered the human in him, evoking the beast. In the bustling crowd, he vanished through the air, sitting in the car that sped off to his home.

In the confinements of solitude, the tangy bourbon of Sweden flourished on his taste buds and gaze affixed on the wall that had their wedding portrait hung. Sheryl's white ball gown trained in the garden, her hand resting on his beating heart with craned lips for a kiss that stayed forever, etched in his memories and fragmentary vows. His frame supported by the settee sculptured of gold and silver mahogany imported from Switzerland, the silk layers drew across felt feathery alike Sheryl's fingers on him.

"A man drowns in bourbon with delight or a heartbreak. What mood are you in, Mr. Niran? A heartbreak or a delight?" Rhythmic clash of her pump resonating against the white oak wooden floors. "Beware, Miss. Matthews. I can sniff the werewolf in you." He snarled at her. 

"Hush and I can see your frigid emotions, honey." Her nose dipped in his hair—that smelt of citrus and brahama almonds—from behind. She sucked in her breath paving her tongue along his earlobe. "You don't have to bit off your cheeks to stop that moan," her breaths fanning his nape," I know how much I affect you. This isn't the first time."

"She left this behind." Niran craned his neck to sides when their eyes met and frigidity of his emotions was gone. He melted pouring more bourbon in his system with the memories came flying by the window of his beast's mind. "Do you regret killing her?" Her body stiffed at the thought, a mirror to her own guilt and soul in his eyes. 

"Do you regret killing her, Niran?" Avery asked him again in a trance. 

He grazed his dry fingers on her crimson-hued cheeks and the dark pool of almonds brightened up like day. "Look me in the eye and you might unravel what is still untold." He said, brushing his digits along her collar bone and sent shivers to her spine. A metaphor to the tamed lioness, she followed his words and sat beside. He held her gaze darting his visuals deep into her brain until the cat was out and a smirk driven in his jawline. 

"! This can't be true," her body felt loose and mind wavering with impossible clause," I couldn't kill her. How could I? It was you. You wanted her free of all that pain; didn't you?" 

"That's the truth, darling. It was your teeth that grazed her thriving blood." his nail drawing an outline of vein on Avery's nape, " She was your transforming feed. You had it through veins, not some dampening blood pouches I stole."

Bewilderment graced her wiggling eyebrows and palpable doubt in her tone, "Had I? Really? How couldn't I remember that?"

Niran denuded the settee, talipes walking out to the nineteenth-century piano that ran in bloodline inheritance and placed across the farthest end of the room. His skilled fingers tossing the keys in perfection playing a perfect sequential Opera engulfing the tranquilized walls. "That's the sire bond and a little compulsion." He sung along the tune, the freckles of worry and brewing confusion grew dense on Avery's phiz.

"How could you? That's what an original can do–" Her breaths hushed at the latter, sinking in the web of her own words she glanced him with a questioning gaze. 

"That's what I am. An original." She stood spellbound to the revelation as he continued to create music in his aura.

"You're half-Indian," a sharp accuse demanding an explanation escaped her lips.

"Still, I am Klaus's seed bored by an Indian hybrid Sonarika Bajaj." He stretched his hand out to her, his amber eyes glittering in fierce passion. Consequently, she complied. "Aren't the vampires sterile?" she asked, breathless of the torture his slurpy tongue did to her milky skin behind the ear. His hands roaming around her slender frame, feeling the curves and grooving her body more into himself. 

"They are. But an original can sow his seeds in any of the creature free of the sun and moon curse and sire to him." Niran dipped his nose in her tresses, chopped in Bob and crisply styled with bangs," He was infatuated with her beauty and the duo spent countless nights. "He was unknown of the fact until I was conceived.”

"So I am perfectly brought up hybrid and an original to be precise." He announced. Twirling a strand on the other side of her neck, he trailed off his nose along her nape. Avery's shriveling knees and blinking eyes gave away the dizziness transpiring her senses. He forwarded his wrist signaling her to drink the ferocious liquid running in his veins. A slightly doubtful caught in daze of his unveiling secrets had her brain haywire and jumbled.

"You, a fresh hybrid. You need it from the vein. Have it, my love," his voice brought her to reality as the sound of blood rush filled her ears. Her sharp canines grew out, digging into his wrist as she sucked in the immortal fluid, empowering the beast in her churning insides. 

Niran's teeth grazed aligning her pulsating veins with an escape gasp, freezing her into the moment. In a tongue swirl, he took her flesh in between his teeth, licking it off and concluded with a peppery kiss. Avery craned her head to lay on his shoulders, pushing it further to stare into his eyes. There was music in his eyes she wished to dance on tunes of; in a daze of insanity she spoke,“ I never understood what made your lips on my neck such an intimate affair until your teeth gazed at my pulse and I realized you could tear open my throat but you chose to kiss.” 

"Your blood might tempt me but so does your floral breaths and serene heartbeats to keep you alive. What do I do about it? I am willingly tempted to be my prey's kill." His husky voice wavered her skin in pleasures of his touch.  She wanted to push herself into him. A little more after the confession he made. 

"When they have called you a heart breaker, there's no way they could have known that you left no heart more broken than your own.” Her voice appealing sent shivers to his beating heart. Niran's lips twitched in a smirk and a distance bridged them apart. A fear crumpling his soul," Aren't you afraid of darkness, my dear?"

"No," she slipped her trench coat off revealing the wine satin dress wrapped on her flesh, the plunge neck playing peek-a-boo with his lusty eyes and spaghetti straps sliding low. She rose on her toes; fingers trailing over his smoky hairs, the eyes and nose before it touched his shriveling lips. Torrid of need pooling between her forbidden folds, a little ache arousing her beast, and her blood-smeared lips crashed on his.

"You haven't seen mine yet, Niran, "smile dangling her lips as he pulled her more.

"You made me needy!" She wined, her heart burning in passion, his eyes set fire on. Strap of her dress pinned between his teeth as his tongue grazed along her beauty blades before pulling it off. Her mounds barely covered in satin dress, she pulled his hands at the back, in an urge to free her of the layers between them. In a screech the zipper slid off revealing her Indian gold, dusky skin to his fair fingers wrapped around her frame.

"All you have to do is call for my name and surrender. Like the nights we spent drenching in love," he whispered, paving his tallest finger to the south of her womanhood, in search of the honey pot's opening.

Avery's chest heaved in a sync to his fingers thriving inside her forbidden folds and getting the milky love juices flushed out. She bit her lower lip, sucking the moan back. In a blink, she twisted into him, pushing his coat off and the dense need for his skin in quest adulterated her mind. Within seconds his shirt with button undone came flowing on the floor along the vintage dusty gold paper tied with a red ribbon. 

Their eyes met, infinitesimal longing flashed. She knew what the letter comprised of—she eavesdropped Mrs.Berlin's patter with him. Insecurities gripped her heart, the strangeness of emotion felt ecstatic and mirthless at the same time. "Did you read it?" She now stood an inch apart, letting the moment slid off her hands like the steamy love of treacherous night spent. A part of her wished for his 'yes', he needed closure from Sheryl's memories before they begin afresh.

"No."He sounded straight and poignant. He captivated her in an accusing trance, prohibiting her unfocused movements around him. She closed her eyes, fearing of the compulsion.

"I won't compel you, not this time." His husky voice pierced the air patching in between,"We both were created in chaos. We both were destined to destroy. You were the fascinating werewolf that surface in moonlight nights and I was the cursed hybrid to live the life of two. And where we collided, I realized what being home felt like."

Tears lingered her lashes, his voice felt soothing and floating with music. With their guards off, they held on to each other. Breathing into the solace and confinements of their cozy arms. "Did you ever love Sheryl?" Her grating vocals ranged in lower notes than an audible whisper. He was stiffed at the query for the answer unknown. 

"When a devil falls in love, it's the most hauntingly beautiful thing ever. And one should be terrified, for he will go to the depths of hell for her love. Had I been in love with her, she would have resurrected to life by now." Their breaths intermingling along with the soul's need of love," I realized the sin of loving a mortal soul when curse of immortality binds me. I loved her or rather it stayed as a long-lasting infatuation for her. She was pure, lucid, and untamable—a magnet to my tamed heart. I wanted her memories etched in my mind the same way. You don't get to die and reborn the same. You come back but you come back wrong. This is the price we pay for resurrection. I don't want her soul destroyed the way we are. But in this curse is a blessing of living an eternity with you."

"While in you, I saw the ruthlessness amalgamating with vulnerability—something that I own. I am unknown of the darkness you hold in yourself but I know the doors are open for me to explore." A chaste kiss landed on her crown as he buckled her fragile body in his. Wrapping her bare legs around his waist, he climbed up the stairs leading to the chamber of their drunken, passionate love for consumption.

"You are my cynefin. Cynefin—a sense of belonging and my abode." She giggled at the intensity with which he smooched her plumpy lips; as if a child licking his candy. They were dark, wild, vulnerable, invincible but eternally grateful for being together.

"The way you slam your body into mine reminds me I am alive, but monsters are hungry and a few steps behind you."  She twisted him underneath her, weighing her bare body in his while they lay under the satin sheets covered in love. Their rhythmic breaths syncing in and a kiss sealed the promise of togetherness.

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