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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Shivali Singh

Abstract Drama Fantasy


Shivali Singh

Abstract Drama Fantasy

Conspicuous Symbiosis

Conspicuous Symbiosis

2 mins 135 2 mins 135

For one it is a matter of survival, for the other, it's a self-serving manoeuvre...

I know there is no real love or care in this relationship, but it's the most important, it is my lifeline.

We could switch partners in the split of a second, there would be a slight pain of loss at least on my end, but we would be just as good with the new, in fact, more excited with the new visuals and the new touch...

still, we adore each other, making each other look good in our eyes and in the eyes of the world. hiding each other's flaws, updating each other, giving power to each other, making each other useful.

It's a materialist world, I do not expect to receive love in this relationship, I would rather give what I expected to receive, so there is a feeling of love and ownership on my end...

We are together most of the time .it's so much fun I smile and click, sing and listen. I'm lost in a world that makes the real invisible...

sometimes I have to knock myself back to real-world and scold myself for wasting precious time with the insignificant.

It's ironic how we associate pride, a sense of value and status with each other but know each other's darkest secret, weakest moments and brightest shades...

We awaken, we live together in a conspicuous symbiosis .....Me and MY phone..........

Chirping birds, gushing lanes.

Searching eyes, Wandering brain.

Busy fingers, touching the static.

Lazy legs assuming the matrix.

Words desperately crying out for help.

Cradling Symbols oh !! Welp !!!

Vice or virtue it's perpetual.

Satisfying the real with the virtual.

I keep it alive and it keeps me.

both in silent mode, that's the key.

Dualistic but necessitous,

It is a conspicuous symbiosis......

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