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Shivali Singh

Abstract Inspirational Others


Shivali Singh

Abstract Inspirational Others



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It was a chirpy sunny morning. After sweating it out at her jogging session, Sheena headed towards the kitchen to make herself a herbal black tea, that she loved, and an 'adrak wali chai', her husband Raj's favourite. Waking him up with the steaming cup was a morning ritual she happily followed.

The serenity as they sipped their cups together gave them the kick start to the hectic day.. and then followed the madness....

Laying out outfits on their respective beds, waking up the kids, preparing breakfast, packing their lunch to the little ones' demands and needs in between - sometimes the eraser was missing, or the homework book was misplaced..

At moments like these Sheena wondered if there was a way she could just stop time! Take a pause; but on the contrary, the clock itself was in fast-forward mode. 

Waving and wishing her dearies a good day, she thanked God for the precious gifts he had given her, and said a small prayer in her heart for their well-being.

Finally finding quiet time, she made herself another cup of her favourite tea this time rejuvenating her overworked nerves.

Just then she remembered! The ladies club picnic was today! She hurried with the chores, picked out a fun outfit, a one piece she had been yearning to wear. She had designed the dress using her saree which was beautiful, but she did not intend to wear it anymore. She had paired it with the bootsandals that were her proud purchase at 80 percent discount, after much searching across different shopping apps. She curled her locks, wore her makeup and, not to forget - the danglers that complimented her pretty face, now was her ME time..


She laid the table for lunch just incase she was late, checked herself in the mirror, blew a small kiss and locked the door.


The picnic was fun! The women giggled and sang and danced, played games, clicked a lot of pics from their mobiles. They were no less than divas with a heart of a kid! Just then it occurred to her, "Why not organize an exhibition of the pics, with all submitting their best entries?" The theme of the exhibition was decided as "The ME CAP". The local paper covered the exhibition, new points of view were discovered, and the chief guest was amazed at the raw talent .


These were masterpieces from the "housewives", pun intended, that were buried in their cellphones. Prizes were given to the participants. The sparkle in their eyes and the light in their smiles said it all.. a sense of achievement in taking the spotlight!


Sheena was beaming with joy, now it was time to go home to her loved ones. She had to prepare the questionnaire for her younger one's test the next day. She happily opened the lock, cleared the stuff and sipped her favourite hot cup while preparing the questionnaire and smiling at herself


We adorn many caps, each is important to us but often we miss the indispensable one, the ME CAP. Later we immerse ourselves in self pity, followed by the blame game. 

We forget that the basic rule of happiness is to love yourself in order to love others. Only a happy heart can make others happy. We can be true to others only if we are true to ourselves. It is high time we unapologetically adorn the ME CAP.

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