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Chole Bhature

Chole Bhature

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He is not talking to me for three days. Rishita said to her friend over the WhatsApp conversation.

We had some fight over pillow cover colors.

Her friend Nandini replied to this. The way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

Don’t be so old methodic Nandini. Rishita ended the conversation.

But, her heart is saying to do something to make her husband talk to her. Again and again, Nandini’s words started appearing in her thoughts.

She knows he likes Chole Bhature more than any food.

It was rainwater outside which is making slight rhythmic sounds. Vaibhav came back home and relaxed by bathing with hot water.

While he sat for dinner he got surprised by seeing Chole bhature. She said I am sorry.

He felt he has shown anger for stupid reasons. 

He came near to her and held her hands. She is looking into his eyes and felt they are also guilty of fighting over small issues.

He leaned towards her lips and she enjoyed the passionate kiss.

He said if I am Bhature you are my Chole. Our combination is fantastic.

Let’s have dinner together he invited her.

While going to bed she messaged to Nandini.

“It worked”.

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