CEO Of The Year

CEO Of The Year

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He walked up to the dais to collect the most coveted of all, The CEO of the Year Award. His company, a meagre start-up ten years back was now a giant organisation, and the turn over had been so impressive, so very hard had he worked, that there couldn't have been a better choice for the award.

He enjoyed the after-party, the booze, the ladies, he had fun. The only slight glitch that occurred at times was when his colleagues enquired about his wife and he came up with the same excuse of her being ill.

As he returned home late in the night as usual, he pondered about the distance between him and his wife. He, sauve, successful, charming. And she, just an average looking, simple housewife. A failure.

He woke up early the next day for a change, his kids were getting ready for school. They waved their mother goodbye and hardly noticed him.

"No bye for me?" He playfully enquired.

"Bye Dad. Mom, remember you need to take us to swimming classes in the evening. " they sauntered off.

"Kids are taking swimming lessons? Why do I not know about it?" He was surprised.

His wife replied, " They have karate and music classes too. Did you know that? For that matter, do you know any of their lessons or which class they are in school?"

As he stood rooted to his spot, he couldn't help but notice his wife cleaning up in a hurry. Seeing the astounded look on his face, she spoke, "I teach some simple mathematics to the slum children nearby, in case you don't know. Will be back by the time kids come home. The maid will iron your clothes and you will be returning late, right?"

She smiled and left. CEO of the year plonked himself on a sofa and wondered. His wife didn't need his company, his children managed well without him, he hardly existed for his family.

Wasn't he The Real Failure? As a Husband? As a Father?

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