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Abinash sahu

Horror Fantasy Thriller


Abinash sahu

Horror Fantasy Thriller

Campfire Horror story

Campfire Horror story

5 mins 55 5 mins 55

I have three good friends Peter, Kate, and Jorge. We used to go to vacation every holiday but this time decides to go for a campfire. we went there by a bus and saw that this place was quite empty. Then we went to find a good place inside the forest to set up our camp. The sun was also pouring and darkness Shone all around. While I was walking I tripped on something and fell down, because it's already getting dark.Then I turned on my flashlight and saw a half dead dog lying there. It looks like some wild animals bites him very badly and leave him to die there. Leaving him there, we started walking our way. then we found a good place and setup our camp's. Then me and Kate went to find some woods for fire. While collecting the woods I saw that a few more people were camping at a distance from our camps.Then we set the fire and talking with each other while sitting around it.After some time my mom called me. I picked up the phone but her voice was not heard properly. Then I noticed my phone doesn't have network.

I walked away from the camp looking for network.

Then I heard some rustling sounds near from the woods. I turned on my flashlight and saw a girl in a red dress was doing something near a tree.

Then I slowly went towards her and saw that she was eating something,it looks like a human hand. Her eyes looks white and blood was dripping from her mouth. a cold chills ran down on my spine. After seeing this I hold my breath and run towards my camp.

I told everyone what I saw while trembling. But everyone started laughing at me. Then I took everyone to that place where I that creepy girl but when we reached there was no Trace of her. Everyone told me that I must have misunderstood. After hearing from them I also doubted myself. It was too late at night we ate some food and went inside our tents. I was not used to sleep inside tent even then I was trying to sleep. Then after sometime I heard like someone walking outside my tent.

But I didn't pay much attention and try to sleep. A few moments later I see a shadow outside my tent. I took out the gun from my bag which was my father's. Then I slowly came out of my tent and saw that there was no one outside. I woke everyone up and said everything. Then we all looked around the tents but no one found. While searching we heard a strange sound coming behind a tree. We went near the tree and saw the same dog which we saw coming here. The dog looks really odd and was eating our thrown foods.

Then Peter goes to fleece him with a stick But that dog attack him and bites on his leg. Then I shoot the dog right there with my gun. Pete was heavily bleeding and we didn't even hava a first aid kit. Then we thought to ask for help form the campers which we saw earlier. We reached there but it seems like no one around there then we peepd inside a tent and saw that there was no one except the blood splatter.

I panicked and pulled out my gun then we went to the other tents but there was no one either.

Then we saw some movement inside a tent. When we peepd inside the tent,then seeing this our eyes were wide open. We saw that some people were eating a human being and it looks very disgusting.

They all had white eyes and were covered in blood. Seeing there nature it seems that those people had turned into zombies. Everything seems like a movie to us because what we saw was only in the movies.

I slowly took my steps back and asked everyone to go back But suddenly don't Know how They saw us and drove us to bite. We were running from them. in the meantime my gun shots also ran out.

Then we also noticed some changes happening in Pete's body like his eyes were also slowly turning white. Pete was slowly turning into zombie, He asked us to leave him there.

But we encouraged him and started moving forward. Pete's situation started getting worse. We had no choice but to leave him there. after that while running away from the zombies we reached the main road. 

We see a small Hotel across the road. we went inside. The hotel for help but no one there.

Then we heard knocking sounds inside a room. We thought someone is stocked. But when I open the door, then suddenly a zombie attacked us. When we couldn't find a way we entered into a room and locked it from inside.

The zombies are trying to break the door vary badly. The door was slowly beaking. We feel like now we will becomes like them.

the zombies were about to come in by breaking the door then I saw a shot gun under the table. I picked up the gun and killed some zombies and then we run towards the parking lot. I broke the glass of the a car and we all set inside it. All the zombies got attracted towards us by the sound of gun shots. Then I quickly start the car and move towards the main road. Thousands of zombies were running behind us and Pete was also one of them. . .

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