Abinash sahu

Drama Horror Thriller


Abinash sahu

Drama Horror Thriller



2 mins

It was 10 o'clock at the night. I completed my assignment then texted my friend Mike "let's go for some drinks".

No reply found then I thought let's just grab some beer but I saw my freezer was empty, so I went to buy some beers near from the market.

I was walking on the street alone usually this road was crowded but today it is very lonely and some of street lights are flickering.

After few seconds I feel like someone was following me, I followed my path without paying any attention.

Then suddenly someone laid hands on my shoulder, a cold chill ran down my spine, I slowly turn around and saw it was Mike.

I asks him why he didn't reply my text but he didn't talk any word then we went to a nearest bar for drinks.strangely Mike didn't saying anything just drinking his drinks.

I went to the bathroom and when I came Mike already went. I search my phone to call Mike but I didn't find, I checked the table we were sitting and searched the entire bar but didn't find it.

Then I borrowed the phone of a bartender to call mine, after few rings someone received the phone and chuckled in a scary way then hang up.

I thought my phone got into the wrong hand, after that I think Mike drank too much and went home on his own.

I also went to my home and saw my phone lying on my lamp desk. After seeing the phone my body was shaking in fear, then a text came to my phone. 

I picked up the phone with trembling hand and saw that it's from Mike, he texted "Bro I'm out of town, I can't join maybe next time"

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