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Kate and Rachel at the breakfast table in a Mexican stand off!

"Are you sure, mom?", asked Kate.

Rachel replied "Yes dear, please."

"What purpose will it serve?"

"Probably, work on it. It's an exercise! Come on, it'll be fun. You also have two weeks off, right?"

"Oookkaaay!", Kate replied.

"So what are we supposed to do?", Kate curiously asked.

Rachel excitedly replied, "We divide the sheet in 2 columns, side A is yours, wherein you mention what is missing in life and also your grievances.

Side B is mine, I'll just.... Ummm... Let's save it for later!"

"Yes, Ok, no problem."

And so Kate started to list her problems!

Side A

1. School bus!!! Why can't we have a car??? When you need to be on time, you have to wait for it. If its early, you are late. If you are late its early!!! Need our own car, convenience!!!

2. Big house! This house is so small, I can sit anywhere, throw a ball and it can come back to me!

3. Restaurant food... Everyone's having it and now it is affordable! Same old boring home cooked food.

4. Good branded clothes and dresses - don't I love them???

5. More money to shop, loads and lots of money!

Kate ended the list stating 'For now only these. Few more to be added!

With it, Kate handed the list to Rachel saying "There you go, your turn mommy!"

"Well, I'd like to keep mine as a surprise!Some of the activities we keep for the break, some we start tomorrow."

"Really! Wow! That's great."

As they left for the school bus, on their way they would give the leftovers to an old frail man named Robert. Before giving it to him, they'd mention that it's leftover from either yesterday or from breakfast and he'd happily accept it saying 'Just as nutritious as when it was made', with a smile, as they would proceed towards the bus stop.

Kate still had 2 weeks of school left before the break. An excited Kate went to school and told her friends about the activity. Her friends were surprised wondering how would her parents manage it!

At dinner, an excited Kate finished her dinner while confirming that the plan was still on, to which a little grumpy Chris and jovial Rachel replied in unison 'Sure, it is!'

Kate couldn't wait for the morning to come. She woke up before the alarm rang as if she hadn't slept!

To her surprise, the breakfast table was filled with donuts, croissants, muffins and Cupcakes!

"Wow!", exclaimed Kate. "Now that's what I call breakfast."

As she ate to her heart's content, she could barely move.

"You ready for school, dear?"

"Oh God! I can barely move mom", she said. "Also the walk for the school bus!!!"

Rachel interrupted saying, "Who said we are going in a school bus?"

Kate's eyes began to twinkle with a broad smile.

Out on the street was Chris waiting in a car and honking!

"Wow! We got our own car? That's fantastic!!! Yippee!"

As kate and Rachel got in, kate was beaming with happiness. It's such a lovely car!!!

As Chris and Rachel dropped Kate, Chris drove over to a distance, stopped the car on the sideway.

"Can you please explain what is up with all this? 'Make a wish come true' reality show? I mean, its like an alter ego issue, saving has been taken over by spending?"

Rachel smiled and replied "Well Chris, I have noticed off late Kate's complaints on life in general are growing. Now, I might shout her down or scold her but it wouldn't resolve the core issue. I want her to understand and get rid of these insecurities and the attachment to material things."

"I appreciate the approach but it’s coming at a cost! What if she gets used to it?"

"She won't, she's our daughter! And come on! As if you aren't having fun as well. I asked you to get stuff from the bakery, you get it from your favorite baker!"

Chris laughed cheekily, and Rachel continued "You could have got a Sedan, but Nooooo, you go ahead with Ford Mustang!!!!"

Chris broke into laughter and replied, "Fine! Fine! Ok! I thought if we were playing the game, why not up the budget a bit. Besides, this rent a car company do not have their logos all over the car, which is a good thing, so Kate wouldn't understand much, also, there wasn't much of a difference between a sedan and this baby! So, at least for a few weeks, I get to roll around in a Mustang! Imagine buying one!"

Rachel retorted "All entries for 'Make a wish come true' show have been closed. We request you to try next year!"

Both of them started laughing as Chris started the engine and drove away.

That night at dinner, an excited Kate mentioned that she had a lovely day, loved the car, the breakfast!

"Wait! You have no idea what's there for dinner!"


The table was filled with Pizza, burger, French fries and pasta.

Kate dug right into it. "It's all my favorite!", she exclaimed. Chris and Rachel had dinner as well. The same routine continued for 3 days.

On the fourth day, however, after finishing her slice of cake, Kate got down and got ready for school. The excitement was missing and so was the twinkle in her eyes!

"What's wrong, dear? Rachel asked.

"You look jaded! Didn't you like the breakfast?"

Kate replied in low and sad voice "No, it’s nice but then, the drive is so boring, I don't have my friends around. I miss our chats".

Rachel smiled cheekily and looked at Chris, "But then, that is what you wanted, didn't you?"

"I know. It’s just that I miss my friends, the chat, the fun!"

"Well, that's the thing, Kate! You know, some of mine and your dad's best friends are the ones we made in school and some specifically we made in the school bus. I understand the wait, the rush but honestly speaking it's the journey and company more than the mode and the destination!"

Kate smiled and nodded and ran inside to fetch her bag.

Rachel turned around to Chris and said "It's working.", with a smile.

Chris replied "I still keep the car for another 2 weeks!"

Rachel rolled her eyes and said "I feel I'm trying to get 2 kids in order here!"

"So, I believe we can strike that car and 1st point off the list and column! Rachel 1, Material world insecurities 0! Yeah!"

Kate started using the bus again! On their way Rachel and Kate gave the leftovers to the poor old man at the corner of the street. Normally, it would be leftover from dinner or breakfast! Since, the game began, soup, porridge and home cooked food had been replaced by pizza slices, burgers and pastas!

The normally grateful and thankful man, once, stopped them and said, "I'm sorry to bother you angels! But, I just wanted to ask you, what happened to the porridge, soups and homemade items you would give earlier?"

Rachel replied "Sir, it’s just that we have been having a lot of hotel and restaurant food lately. Our Kate here, was bored and kind of hated the home cooked food."

The old man gave a sorry look to Kate, and said "If I may, can I speak a few words?"

"Sure! Sir, please go ahead."

"My dear, I would trade those porridges and soups for these processed food any day! You know why? Because this type of food is and can be available anywhere, anytime! But, the one your mom cooks, will be available only till she is around. Savour it as much as you can, because she puts in that one ingredient which these hotels and restaurants don't. Lots of love, so, enjoy it while it lasts kiddo!"

Rachel and Kate stood there stunned in silence. 'Well that was of course one really good piece of advice', thought Rachel.

Stuttering Rachel said "Well, Thank you for those kind words and words of wisdom! Hope we note it down!"

Kate was quiet and did not say a word till she stepped into the bus. Her silence was clear enough for Rachel to understand that she was pondering upon what the old man had said.

As the bus started moving and Kate waved goodbye, Rachel could not hold back her happiness and with a wide smile on her face said, "Rachel 2 , material world insecurities 0. Yay!!!! Hope that adds in a lesson for Kate!"

After school, Rachel took Kate for shopping, mentioning the fact that they would be moving into a new home and would have a house warming party! Kate was excited but not to the extent as she was earlier. It seemed her enthusiasm was wearing thin. However, they went to a normal store and bought a dress and later Rachel took Kate to a glitzy showroom. They purchased some expensive stuff, rather very expensive stuff. Expensive enough to chock Chris as he saw the bill.

Rachel said "Relax! It'll be sorted."

Chris shrugging his shoulders taunted her, "It is sorted. You purchased the clothes and paid the bill, you've got the clothes, looks sorted."

Rachel laughed and winked saying, "Come on! Trust me, it will be."

Chris said "I wish you took my Mustang issue so casually! What about the house warming and new home? Where and which genie is going to grant that wish? And don't you start playing Alfred Hitchcock games with me. You think you can go ahead and rent Bruce Wayne's mansion with Alfred included, just so that you can teach your daughter some lessons in life!"

"Relax dear, just go with the flow, and trust me.., just play along. As if one kid wasn't enough!"

With the weekend coming around the corner, Kate excitedly asked Rachel, "Are we going to have any activity for the weekend as well?"

Rachel replied, "Yes! It's going to be a physical activity."

Kate curiously asked Rachel, "Like what?"

"You'll see, and can I sleep with you tonight?"

Kate replied "Sure!", as they finished their dessert and went ahead for bed.

The next morning, Kate woke up with a loud shout, to which Chris frantically ran between the rooms, just to see Kate tied up! She was blindfolded, both her thumbs were tied up to her palms. Her right leg was tied up in such a way that she could not bent it.

Chris looking at Kate and then Rachel seated at a distance on a chair with a Michelangelo pose. Chris then moved towards Kate, in a move to free her when Rachel said "Wait!"

Rachel then got off her chair and moved towards Kate and in a low tone and voice said, "I'm sorry to have tied you up like this, but I just wanted to show you that there is this one particular thing in life which we have received free, which we neither appreciate nor are grateful to god. Good Health!"

She continued..

"Now, imagine waking up and not seeing the clear blue skies and seas, nor the green grass, the reds, the blues, the yellow! It's god’s gift Kate, these wonderful eyes of yours can see all there is. Feeling the rain! Feeling the wind! You can walk, hop, skip, jump even run effortlessly, how amazing is that!"

"Now imagine, these things were gifted to you, in spite of you never asking or wishing for it! These are some of god's favors that you cannot deny nor can you return the favor, even by being grateful your entire life. Any single, small body part of yours, an itch, a cut, some muscle pain and you cannot concentrate on anything!"

"My Dear! You have been blessed with something, which is a dream for some! I would say you add a third column and then mention the things you have, which you got without asking!"

Rachel smiled and left leaving Kate alone and pondering on the things she said.

An amazed, Chris, looked blankly at them and followed Rachel out of the room.

"Hey! Are you sure, you aren't a Saint or philosopher's daughter?"

Rachel laughed and replied "Are you sure, you are not Lee Iacocca's?"

They both started laughing, silently though, not ruining the moment for Kate.

A few more days passed and Rachel mentioned about the house warming party and if Kate had decided on the dress to wear. Kate somehow, did not feel the same excitement as earlier. Neither did Chris, as he again came up to Rachel and said, "Hey! You really think that giving false hopes to a kid is good idea? What if she really would love a big home, a mansion with a Tree house! What are we going to do then, I'm not robbing banks, ok! And house warming parties are given in the new home, not in the old one!"

Rachel with a droopy look answered, "Would you please pump the breaks! I know she is a bit upset or thinking about something, but could be more. Give her time, will you? And please don't jump to conclusions! Also, bank robbery! I don't think you can even play Grand theft auto, let alone robbing a bank for real! Also, they are kids, what do they understand if it’s a house warming party. I have generally told their parents that it’s a party, that's all."

Finally, the day came. The guests list included all and only Kate's friends! As they hurried and somehow accommodated in the small apartment and waited for Kate to enter while they were snacking on the goodies cooked by Rachel. After a while, Chris said "Do you want to check on her?"

Rachel said "Well, strangely she said that she would get ready herself and did not want me to be around."

Chris shockingly said, "She's never done that! So much for the 'Make a wish come true' game. Now our daughter doesn't want her not so rich parents to be around."

Rachel rolling her eyes "My god! All this for one car!"

Chris broke into a smile and said "It's a Mustang! Please!!! With respect, if you will?"

The door opened and Kate walked out in the dress she and Rachel had brought. But to Rachel and Chris's surprise, it wasn't the one they bought from the glitzy and glamorous store, rather the one they bought from a regular store.

Rachel went up to Kate and said "Dear, what's wrong, why didn't you wear the one that we bought from the other store, the expensive one?"

Kate in a low tone, replied, "I just don't feel right?"

Rachel in a worried voice, touched her forehead to check the temperature. "What's wrong, dear?"

Kate replied "Nothing! It’s just that I didn't wear the expensive dress because it doesn't matter mom. I would still be the same me! Irrespective of what I wear, it is who I am as a person that is more important! It does not matter whether you wear Boss or Box, the fact that who you are as a person is what matters."

Hearing this, Rachel felt happiness seeping into her heart and couldn't believe what she had heard!

"Well, why do you say that, honey? No doubt, what you say is true, but what made you realize that?"

"The game! You were right mom, material things do not and should not matter. It’s just that its what we do with what we have, for ourselves and above all others, that counts!"

Rachel gleefully adding to it, "Well, you are right, my dear!"

Chris from the other corner added, "Well then, I guess we won't be moving out of this house then, huh?"

To which Kate nodded a 'No' and Rachel replied, "Hmm, it's not how big the house is, it's how happy the home is."

After which she hugged Kate.

Kate then replied "There is another thing I would like to say."

Chris and Rachel said "Yes, please", in unison.

Kate replied "Thank you! All throughout this month, both of you worked so hard for everything that I asked for and I, instead of showing gratitude and being thankful just kept moving on to the next issue. I'm really sorry about it."

Chris and Rachel hugged Kate and said "It's ok, doll. We are always there for you and are really grateful that you have understood so soon,and we are also blessed to have a daughter like you."

They asked Kate to join her friends and finally heaved a sigh of relief after a brief amount of silence.

"Wow! Your little game did put sense into her, that is pretty commendable! Wish I could get a gift for being your wingman!"

"Didn't you learn anything?", Rachel replied rolling her eyes.

"Well, I would like to learn it the hard way! You know, have the 'material' thing, use it and then believe that it is indeed of no use." Chris replied cheekily!

"Of course, you do! Did you look outside? There is something outside waiting for you!"

"Really!!!! I hope you are talking about the offer '25% off on the price of mustang if you are renting the same car again'!!!"

Rachel smiled, but was quite.

"Are you serious? Did you call in the mustang?"

Rachel maintained the smile and replied, "No! I believe the dog or cat turned over the garbage bin, I think you should check it out."

"You are a cruel lady, you know that!"

As he got up and walked towards the door, she took out a keychain and smiled.

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