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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Betrayal Of A Nightmare

Betrayal Of A Nightmare

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Thursday Night – 3.47AM

“Rishan…………..” she woke up with a loud scream at midnight which was scary enough to awake Rishan.

“What happened Kiara? What happened honey? Had a bad dream?” he questioned holding her tightly in his arms.

All her face was covered by sweat and her eyes were wide open signaling that she has seen something miserably wrong. She wasn’t in condition to speak up anything hence she just sheltered herself in Rishan’s arms and held him so tight that no can take her away from him

Assuming that Kiara would have seen any nightmare, Rishan gently rubbed her head and kissed her forehead to get her back to her senses and ensure her that the nightmare was over. After a while he realized that she seems to be better “Was it that horrible Sweety?”

Kiara this time took herself out of his arms and sat on the bed and said “Yes it was, It was the worst ever nightmare … My hands are still shaking” actually showing her palm to Rishan which was still shivering out of fear

Understanding the gravity, Rishan also set on the bed and to change the mood he asked “It seems like my Wify has seen me flirting with Angelina Jolie in her dreams, haha don’t worry sweet heart I will never hurt you...” He said with a broad smile and a tight hug to Kiara

“You did…” she replied with lots of pain in her eyes

“What I did?” Rishan became little serious looking at Kiara’s fierce expressions

“You hurt me… Rishan, it was such a bad dream I can’t even explain. We were in Goa and you along with someone else was hurting me.. You was beating me Rishan and was behind me to kill me I was running here and there in the cottage but you was behind me to kill me with an open knife. I struggled a lot to survive but I failed you caught me and burnt me Rishan… you burnt me…” She said and busted into tears fear was still all over her face. Her body was shivering badly and she was sweating all over again.

Rishan felt numb on hearing this, He felt as if someone shot him on a point blank range. His blood was frozen and body started to sweat even faster than Kiara. His nerves were out of control as his heart skipped few beats before he controlled himself and convinced that it was just a dream she saw.

With great effort he held Kiara’s hand tightly and said “I don’t know why you had such a bad dream, but I swear darling I will never leave you or never hurt you”

“Of course I know, but it was so depressing that I can’t tell you and more to it tomorrow morning we have a flight to Goa… I know you love me more than anything and would never hurt me but it was very disturbing.” She said and tear rolled down to her chick.

“I can understand, Even I am shocked that how come you had such a nightmare…!!! Anyway just forget about it and think about tomorrow … We are going to GOA… Wohoo... Aren’t you excited?? We were planning for this extended weekend trip since long and finally we are off to GOA… 3 Full days – Sun, Sand and lot of SEX…… “He said winking his eyes and then leaned towards her to give her a passionate kiss she felt completely lost in his love and thought it was just a bad dream and it has nothing to do with their GOA holiday plan or there was no point doubting on such a loving hubby.

After chatting about next day a little they slept back and Kiara was the first one to fell asleep but Rishan had a storm in his mind. He was not able to understand how come such a coincidence can happen that Kiara have this dream just a night before their flight to GOA and most importantly when everything she saw in her dreams was supposed to be TRUE in next 3 days!!!

Rewinding the Tape

Kiara Malik was one of the famous names in whole of Chandigarh. Her fame was owing to different reasons like her prestige as an avid social worker with her NGO “MadLin Cares” which was noted to be among top 10 NGO in the region, She was also active columnist in leading newspapers where majority of her subjects were on Feminism and Woman empowerment but most of her fame came due to the fact that she was the only daughter of Madan Malik – Power Politician and owner of Malik Business Empire. Kiara was born billionaire and she was the new face of the company when her parents passed away in road accident while she was only 24.

Young Kiara took enough time to come out of such a big thunder shock in her life of losing parents but she was able to mold herself towards taking care of her family business and emerged as a new face of Malik business house where she made wonders as a new chairman. Along with that she also took a big step towards kindness by starting her own NGO “MadLeen Cares” in memory of her parents Madan Malik and Leena Malik using part of their names as a name of NGO. She was a busy lady who kept herself busy with office and NGO activities for 3 consecutive years.

As every Fall is followed by Spring, destiny showered blessings on Kiara by accidentally bumping her to a tall, dark and handsome vulnerable guy called Rishan Malhotra who was not a billionaire or even not a millionaire but had a million dollar heart as from his considerable salary as a software engineer in leading IT company he was donating 50% of it in “MadLeen Cares” to support all of its leading causes and he was also key volunteer in most of activities of NGO. Rishan was very different from Kiara, She was sophisticated and sober while Rishan was all about fun and living life to the fullest he used to spread laughter around wherever he goes. Kiara soon found a friend in him but she never though she would marry him until Rishan proposed to her in front of 300 people on annual NGO activity and don’t know why Kiara wasn’t able to resist him as he was so passionate about her and she dint wanted to lose someone who loves her so much.

The duo got married within a year, On Kiara’s insistence Rishan quit his job and joined Malik Industries which gave great relief to Kiara as now she was just focusing on NGO work and all company activities were on strong shoulders of Rishan. It has been 8 months they were married and tomorrow morning they were leaving for their long planned weekend trip to Goa where Kiara is looking for some quality time with Rishan, while on other hand Rishan have some other plans.

Back to Friday!

Kiara and Rishan are dressed in best of their casuals and looking all excited to land in GOA for a fun filled weekend. They got a little shocker when they got their boarding pass as both of them assumed that their office secretary would have booked business class tickets obviously but they realised that it was economy tickets which were booked. Kiara was very angry and wanted to fire the secretary but Rishan was calm and he convinced Kiara to continue with economy as a part of new experience and also as there was no business class seats available at that time.

Little upset they boarded a flight and checked their seats they got middle and aisle seats and on the window seat there was a pretty girl sitting already. Due to motion sickness issues Kiara wanted to sit on the aisle side but considering there was a lady sitting on a window seat she took a mid-one and offered aisle seat to Rishan.

Kiara was friendly in nature and hence she introduced herself to a lady next to her with a broad smile on return lady just waved a short smile with her name “Hi I am Diya Mehra”. She did not initiate any other conversation and continued looking outside the window. Kiara also dint attempt any forced chatting.

Most time of the flight Kiara was sleeping only to catch up on her sleep from last night. In the middle of the flight, Kiara woke up to go to the washroom. When she returned, she was too lazy to push her way into the middle seat. And with Rishaan readily offering to shift seats, the seating arrangement changed. With 20 minutes still remaining for the flight to land, a sleep starved Kiara took another power nap, this time holding Rishaan's right hand more firmly. Rishaan's other hand, though, nervously moved to touch Diya's. Her heart skipped a beat. Diya pulled her hand away. But a defiant Rishaan held her wrist again, this time firmly and more reassuringly. The changing behavioural dynamics between the three perhaps gave out a foreboding of what was to come in Goa.

When the flight landed at the Dabolim Airport, Rishaan felt uncanny...his excitement seemed replaced by an unknown fear that he found very difficult to decipher.

After reaching the resort Kiara went ahead to take rejuvenating bubble bath while Rishan chose to relax. While lying on the couch his body was at rest but his mind was on rush there were so many thoughts going on. He stood up and inspected whole suite to understand the minutest details on each and everything and then started to think on his next steps towards executing his mission on why he is here.

After a fine lunch both Rishaan and Kiara went to explore beach side of the resort and get some sun burn, Atmosphere was very pleasant and sunny. While roaming hand in hand Kiara noticed that Rishaan was not actually with her and was lost in some thoughts while asked he said he is not feeling well. Kiara agreed immediately to head back towards the hotel to give Rishaan some rest but Rishaan didn’t wanted to waste their hard earned holiday and insisted that they should continue to explore the beach side and should also try little street shopping.

After a day full of fun filled moments both arrived back at hotel late evening and while entering the hotel Kiara noticed the same girl Diya sitting in hotel reception whom she met on the flight. It was too much of coincidence as there are more than 300 hotels to choose from in Goa, but she was too tired to pay attention to it as she just wanted to get into the room and have some special moments with Rishan...

That night after their lovemaking Rishaan gave a pleasant surprise to Kiara that he has planned a day on Private Island where only both of them will be there for whole day tomorrow. Kiara was so excited to listen to this one that she gave almost dozen kisses to Rishaan and started thinking on what should she wear tomorrow to look the most sexy lady on earth to make Rishaan die for her while Rishan actually wanted her to DIE for him


The day arrived for which Rishan was waiting since long, Kiara was dressed like a princess and she was so in love with Rishan that her eyes were filled with glitter of happiness. They both left the hotel around 10Am in morning and took a private yacht to take them to their island. The yacht was beautiful and Kiara was enjoying every bit of Rishan’s planned date. Soon they reached their destination which was heavenly beautiful. There were some beach chairs waiting for them along with fantastically decorated table cottage and one another hut made from wood where they can have some special moments of privacy. After Kiara and Rishan got dropped off at a beach the yacht driver took it back and Rishan asked him to come back at evening 6 pm.

Kiara was speechless to see that how much he loved and how well he planned such a wonderful date for her. She explored everything which was there on the beach side and hugged Rishan tightly. On the other hand Rishan was also losing his patience and he just asked Kiara if she wanted to explore that wooden Cottage as well on which she happily agreed as they started walking towards the cottage Rishan’s heartbeats were going faster and faster as he was now real close to end of his Mission.

On reaching the cottage Kiara went ahead and unlocked it and her smile vanished as soon as the door opened, she saw Diya laying on the bed and looking at her as if she is welcoming both of them. Her expressions were signaling something very wrong to Kiara hence she just wanted to hold Rishan to ensure everything is fine but when she turned back she got biggest shock of her life where Rishan bursted to devil laughter and somewhere Kiara understood that her nightmare was not just a coincidence.

Controlling herself she asked Rishan in a very soft voice “Tell me what is happening here? Why she is here and why the hell both of you looking at me like this?” On this Rishan didn’t speak anything and just went ahead and sat next to Diya on the bed which made Kiara almost mad and now she almost lost all her hopes from Rishan but she continued to ask “Is it a prank Rishan? Tell me please what is happening? I am not liking it, I am getting scared Rishan.” She was almost begging.

On this Rishan stood up and came closer to her, He held her head in his hands and said “Don’t be scared sweety we are not criminals, we are just your well-wishers and all we want is you to be a free spirit... Literally a FREE SPIRIT “and again started laughing. This time Diya also joined him. Kiara was cold blooded to see this side of him.

She dint asked anything but Rishan continued “So here is a story, I wanted to be rich... Very rich and that was never possible being software engineer. So I thought of marrying a billionaire girl, which I did darling, But unfortunately I bumped into this sizzling hottie before I met you and I promised her that I will give her everything in life but she was not a billionaire so I had to find you, love you and marry you so that I can become a billionaire. Now I will also need to KILL you to marry this wonderful lady here… I am sorry sweet heart but we are not criminals so don’t be scared.” He was looking like a complete psychopath while telling this to Kiara. She almost died listening to this her mind was not in position to think anything as someone whom she loved more than anything actually never loved her and was just in her life to kill her.. Oh my god she said to herself and looked at the sky while tears were rolling continuously.

Diya just kept observing all this with straight face and as no one said anything for a while Kiara spoke “Then what are you waiting for? Kill Me...” she accepted it so easily that it made Rishan curious. Looking at him puzzled she continued “Come on do it fast, Kill Me… You might be thinking how come I accepted it so easily. Well actually I can beg to you that please leave me and don’t do it to me... Take all my money but leave me and blah blah but I don’t want to do it... I just don’t want to do it because you are not worth it” her expressions were so fierce that it was hard to believe for Rishan as he always saw soft side of Kiara and never thought she would react this way.

“Nice Speech... Clap Clap Clap... Then ok Ms.Malik it was fun to meet you and now see you in heaven” He said moving towards his small luggage bag where he kept a gun secretively hidden from Kiara. “You know what Kiara, Don’t worry for your business I will take care of it so well... Yeah NGO will miss you but I can take care of that as well because I am a genius... Look how well I have planned your exit from the world that now I will shoot you and then your body would be lost in Indian Ocean forever and while the yacht driver would return in the evening I will show my fantastic acting skills to convince him that I am so so so mad that I just lost my lovely wife couple of hours back in one giant water wave while I was just watching her from the beach…. So real and So convincing… Next thing is of my Darling Dia, Don’t worry no one knows she is here and no one would ever know that she was here… Fantastic I am a genius” he said putting his hand inside the bag to take out a gun and shoot Kiara but what happened next shocked him... There was no gun there... He checked again and again but there was no gun and while he lifted his chin up he was stilled as Kiara was standing in front of him with his GUN in her hand.

“Genius… Haha Do you still think so?” This time it was Kiara’s turn to throw devilish laughter and it was much passionate and fierce than that of Rishan’s… She was holding a gun in her hand pointing to Rishan... Looking at this both Rishan and Diya were stunned. Diya stood up from the bed and stood closer to Rishan while Rishan was about to faint...

“I really loved you so much Rishan but my mom always told me to never trust a men and hence I instructed Kulkarni to ensure that all your phone calls are recorded since the time we were married.. Though I never used anything out of it but seeing this bitch yesterday in the reception I remembered of the nightmare I had the night before and thought I should use it now so I just asked Kulkarni to analyse all calls of your last one week and then I got to know everything….I knew everything Rishan… Everything… that why you have planned this trip, why our seats are not in business class and why we are coming here… everything. And you know what you are not a GENIUS… you are just a stupid psychopath” She said with blood in her eyes. Rishan almost lost all his senses in fear as he never thought that his bubbly wife can be so harsh at times and Diya was just in no man’s land.

“Come on. You can’t do it... I am your husband. You can’t kill me and Even if you kill me you can’t hide it Kiara… You don’t want to go to jail right... You can’t kill me” Rishan said with shiver in his voice and trying to come closer to Kiara to snatch away gun from her hand. But before he can actually do anything there was a BIG SHOT… BOOM… and a bullet was in inside his body. And then there was one more making sure that he has no chance of survival… Diya shouted out loud in fear but before even her scream got completed there were couple of bullets inside her body as well and within 30 seconds both Rishan and Diya were flat on the floor and it was all blood around.

Kiara dint even shiver for a second and looking at both of them she just shouted “I can… I can kill you Rishan, You can’t play with someone’s emotions... You have no right to live” She said kicking Rishan’s body with her feet. She sat on the floor for a while crying out loud and screaming madly but soon she recovered herself and did all what was supposed to be from carrying and throwing both bodies in water from other side of the beach to cleaning the cottage to changing her cloths.. She did everything so perfectly as if she was a trained one... in late afternoon while she was done with all of that she was so tired that she sat on the beach itself waiting for the yacht to pick her.

While staring at sunset she murmured ”See you in Heaven Rishan… and Diya – You shouldn’t have been here actually” and laughed out loud that her echo was was thundering in the whole island.

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