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Peace In Chaos

Peace In Chaos

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That night, I reached the brothel earlier than usual.

Brothels are a lot like chameleons. They look different during different times of the day.

Once the night has set in, brothels look like a marketplace of sorts. Different kinds of skins are put on display, and the customers carefully choose one (sometimes, more) depending on what they prefer. The music always plays loudly, mostly to mask the noises coming from the many rooms. Even the noises vary. Sometimes, it’s the general rocking of rickety beds and bed-posts. At other times, the bawling of the fatherless babies of the prostitutes. Occasionally, it’s the sharp cry of a young virgin forcefully entered.

But that night, I had reached the brothel before any other customer. The place was surprisingly clean, and mostly empty. A young woman was sleeping near the doorway, presumably tired after a hard day’s work, cooking and cleaning for the residents of that brothel.

“You are early today,” the owner remarked. She was a thin, pale woman, dressed in a simple saree and her hair neatly tied in a bun. Without her dark red saree and all the make-up that I usually saw her in, she was hardly recognisable.

“I was told that the early birds get the prettiest and youngest worms,” I replied, looking around to see if any pretty young ones were close.

“Pretty ones don’t reach here. Young ones, yes. How young would you go?” she asked me, getting up from her chair.

“Umm…” I wondered what to reply. I liked them young, but how young was I willing to go, was something I had never considered. I know I want fresh body and mind but don’t know how young can I say to the owner. I know I want someone who I can talk to and relate to but don’t know what I shall say to the owner.

After thinking for a while, I said, “as young as I am.” The owner, Ms. Sridevi gave me a malicious smile and stated “young one, you are not asking for a dime and a dozen today so it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg.” I thought for a while and then agreed on what she asked me to pay. I emptied my pocket to her and she asked me to hold my horses for some time.

It was almost half past six that the owner brought a very charming and young girl and introduced her to me as Payal. She was not the most beautiful girl I have ever seen but there was something about her that engrossed me. Her eyes were shining like a diamond and she had pleasing personality that can attract anyone towards her and I was no exception. However I could not see the same glee in her eyes when she saw me.

Ms. Sridevi asked Payal to take me to the room on the top floor to the extreme right. Payal asked me to follow and started moving towards the stairs. However I was not very happy with her loss of delight and I wanted to talk to the brothel lady before following Payal. I asked her, “I feel that she is not ready for this and I understand that. It is totally normal for her to be not liking me and not agreeing to spend time with me. I do not want to force her if she doesn’t want to so could you please check with her first?”

On this, Ms. Sridevi replied, “why don’t you find out yourself, go and ask her if she doesn’t want to spend time with you, we will give you a replacement.”

I went upstairs and on my way I met Kamla, Chintana, Ruby, Vaishali and Saiba. They all knew me and gave me a wicked smile but I was not sure why? I found the room where Payal went. She was sitting on one corner of the bed waiting for me as if she had lot of questions for me. I believe her friends would have already told her about me so she was now comfortable. Payal started the conversation, “can I ask you something?”

I responded, “Yes, of course, you can.”

“You are doing college, you belong to a well settled family, in no time you can get a good job then why are you thinking of coming to this profession?”

“So I guessed right, your friends have already told you about me.” I smiled and reverted.

“Yes they have, we share each and every thing with each other and they told me a little bit about you on my way here that how you are thinking to become one of us. I am not very convinced that a person, who can touch the sky, wants to fall into sludge.”

I started laughing on her statement and said, “I believe you are not forcefully brought into this profession, are you?”

“No, I am not but I do not have a degree and I belong to a poor family so I have to work here to feed my family. If I had a choice I would not work here.”

“Well, for me, I am craving for love. Yes, I do agree that I have a degree, I have lot of money to buy whatever I need, I can easily get a job, I can do my own business but is that what everyone wants?” I sighed.

Payal thought for a while and said, “may be and maybe not. It depends on what you have and what you don’t.”

“Yes, that’s the point. I have money but I don’t have love. My parents are divorced and I see them once in a blue moon. I can get as much money as I want but no love. They can give me anything I name but not their love. So if I don’t have love, I am craving for it.”

“How can you get love in a brothel? You only can find lust and not love” Payal was a bit confused with me now.

“Well, if you step into my shoes then you will be able to see only love. Few months back when I was totally shattered, I was roaming around and wanted someone to talk to. I came to this brothel and tranquil myself. I started coming here often not because of lust but my reason was love. I could hear the laughter that the ladies of brothel share with each other; I could see the love in their eyes for each other, I could see the mischievous smile when they see each other taking a very handsome guy or girl for into their rooms, I could see the bonding between everyone, I could see how they care for each other. Let me tell you, I have never ever felt so calm and composed in my entire life till the day I came here. If God asks me where you would like to spend your life, I would say HERE.” My eyes were almost wet and Payal did realize it and gave me a comforting hug.

Payal thought, how strange it is that this person sees love in a brothel where others see lust.

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