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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Being Together...

Being Together...

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"Friendship means no sorry no thank you"

You might hear this sentence many times said by your friends. Truly I believe that this is true because in friendship if we do any kind of mistake it can be corrected very easily due to the same age group of friends you are having with you. You will find many similarities in thinking and other things there you don't need to say a word your friend will recognize what you want to say. When you achieve any kind of success because of the involvement of your friends where you don't need to say anything your friend will able to read it from your eyes...

Sudhir and Suresh were born just next to each other house. Their parents were happy with the arrival of a baby boy so their mother's also. Both of their parents use to go to each other house and spend time meanwhile slowly Sudhir and Suresh became friends. They both use to play with each other and do all their things together. At a certain point, both became habitual of each other. They use to do each and everything together. As they started growing their friendship became stronger and stronger.

One day both this friend was going out to bring the vegetables because the required vegetables were not there to cook a meal. So, they both went to bring the vegetables. As the market was not much far from their home so they both went to the market by walking. They both were walking properly. From the back one bike was coming the driver has taken alcohol in a big quantity. Due to this, he dashes Sudhir and he fell down badly on his head lots of blood went. But Suresh didn't get much hurt. He was immediately rushed to the hospital seeing this parent rushed to the hospital.

The doctor started their treatment immediately and recommend to donate the blood to Sudhir. By taking the test they came to know that no one's blood is matching to donate Sudhir except Suresh. Without wasting much time Suresh immediately went to donate blood. After sometime Sudhir opened his eyes seeing this nurse immediately called the doctor. Doctor check Sudhir and tell his friend that - " he is perfectly okay now " after few days Sudhir got discharged from the hospital.

If Suresh wants, he won't have donated his blood to him but he did that without thinking much and saved his friend life... 

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