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Yuvashre Nagendran

Abstract Inspirational Children


Yuvashre Nagendran

Abstract Inspirational Children

Beauty Is In Eye Of Beholder

Beauty Is In Eye Of Beholder

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'Teena... Your friends are here, greet them, ' shouted her mom from the kitchen.

It was a pretty warm evening, after school. Teena was so tired, that she jumped on the bed, soon after she reached the house.

Her friends visited her to call Teena to join them to play tennis, as Teena was very good at it. But Teena didn't want to join them. So, she pretended to be asleep.

Both of her friends left, knowing that she was sleeping.

Teena is a 16-year-old, doing her high school in literally a very big school, in which parents queued up for admission, as their child studying in that school considered a pride.

She was born to an unknown couple, who left her in a bin. She later was carried to an orphanage and was adopted by a very rich couple, who had 5 cars, 4 houses, 2 estates, and a bungalow.

It was 14 years back when Teena was adopted by Isaac and Rebekah. They told 2-year-old Teena, that they had many cars, house, and could give her a lot of Ice Creams, cakes, candies and blah and blah and blah... to get her consent. But she who didn't understand anything went with them for single chocolate which would have cost a dollar or two, is another story.

Till she was 12 years old, she was fine. She was a fun hype actually. The place where she is was guaranteed with laughter. But you know, when puberty hits, people change, so did Teena. Adding to it was, when her parents confessed to her, that she was adopted. She felt lost. She was broken. She felt unloved.

She was already an overthinker, and puberty spiced it up more. Her character changed, as a result. She didn't be the same. She changed into an introvert. She avoided everyone. She did not even go to play her favourite tennis. Her routine changed from school to house and house to school and loop from house - school - ground - tennis club - keyboard class - house.

One day, her school had arranged for a trip to an orphanage. Teena did not show interest but was convinced to accompany her friends later.

It was the day of the trip, after reaching the orphanage, the board read Mother Teresa orphanage. When Teena stepped in, she saw many children running towards the bus in excitement but it was all blurred for her. She was very much triggered by the thought that once she also was an orphan. She replaced the faces of children running and playing happily, without even knowing that they're an orphan, with her own face. She saw many Teena playing there. Her eyes misted, thinking that her flashback would also have been like that. She stood there still while others tried to make friends. But suddenly a girl who could be 14 or 15 caught her attention. It seemed to her that she wasn't like others. She was sitting alone near a pillar, scratching it with her fingers. That's all she could picture from the distance. Something inside told Teena to talk to her. Before she could resist her inner voice, her leg reached out to her.

The girl did not notice Teena. Teena started at the girl, her eyes were surrounded by black circles, she seemed to be sad. She wore a long green frock. Teena sat near her, touched her shoulder smoothly. The girl removed herself from her grip and smiled at Teena, confused.

- 'Hi,' greeted that girl.

- Teena did not reply, she kept staring at her eyes. Then she realised she was awkwardly staring and then broke her gaze.

- 'I am Teena Isaac.', she replied.

- 'Sarah.', she smiled.

There was an awkward silence, which none they tend to break.

Sarah continued scratching the pillar and, Teena continued to stare at her.

- 'what? ' Sarah asked her looking back her eyes.

- 'Why are you alone here? why don't you play like others? ', asked Teena.

- ' I... I am new here!. Also, I don't like being here. ', replied she looking at the ground.

Teena did not reply anything, observing her.

- ' I was with my parents till, I was 14...', she said and paused.

- 'Then?', Teena asked, shifting herself to a comfortable position.

- 'They died...... They died in an accident. And so, now I am here! ', she said, her voice broke as she finished.

- ' I am so sorry for reminding you about that.', Teena expressed her condolence.

Sarah wiped her nose with a hankie.

- 'Sorry to bother you, Sarah apologized.

- ' Nah, it's fine .', she replied with concern.

- 'And if you don't mind, could you please tell me about yourself...Teena, right? '

- ' I am an orphan too.'

Before Sarah could reply, Teena continued.

- ' I am an adopted child. My mom and father left me in a bin when I was 2. Sadly, a rich couple adopted me. I didn't know this until I was 12. I was happy until then. They confessed about it then, after when I was and is not happy till now. In fact , I don't enjoy being an adopted kid. ', finished Teena.

- ' Oh! Wow, you have a flashback like this! ', Sarah's voice expressed pity.

- 'Hmm, unfortunately. I would love to be in an orphanage. I feel unloved. ', said Teena.

- ' what are you saying? You are lucky to be adopted. '

- 'I promise, you'll regret.' promised Teena.

- ' okay, getting adopted at this age could be a bad idea. But believe me, if my tragedy happened when I was 2, and if I was adopted, I would be grateful.' Sarah exclaimed with sorrow.

- ' Huh, seriously? What makes you say this, dear?', asked Teena.

- ' You know how it feels to be with parents. Sometimes, you'll be pampered, you'll be taken care of, also you'll get scolded but I swear everything they do has the deepest care and concern and love. I experienced all of this. And now, when everything vanished, this world seems like hell to me. But Teena, you are blessed, you are adopted, you have parents now. It is your mindset that is affecting you, it is you who isn't loving anyone. Please make use of it, you are the one who should find love in them. Accept the way they are. You deserve it. You deserve to be loved. You are worth it.

Teena didn't even utter a word. But her silence spoke.

- ' Bye, darling. One should practice something before preaching it.', Sarah ran to the children playing there.

She turned back after some distance and bid a flying kiss, though Teena wasn't looking.

It was 6 past 12 when Teena reached her house.

- ' Mom', Teena searched for her mom throughout the house.

- ' I am here in the kitchen, Teena. Take the snacks, there on the table.', Rebekah screamed.

Teena took the bowl and went into the kitchen.

- 'why only today?', asked Teena. ' I mean corn flakes', she added.

- ' It's being kept every day, dear. Think you did not notice. ', she said.

Suddenly everything seemed different to her. She realised her mistake. But what did not change is her mom's love and care for her.

- ' Rebekah, Teena, I am back from work. Look what I've got you ', Isaac took a box of chocolates outside and looked up.

- ' Hello, dad.', Teena greeted hesitantly.

- ' Wow, what a surprise, darling!', Isaac exclaimed. ' You are out of your room', added he.

- ' Shut up, dear ', Rebekah smiled.

- ' Here, take the chocolates, Teena.', Rebekah handed the box to her.

Teena forcefully grabbed the box and put it aside.

She ran to them and hugged them both at the same time. It was a surprise to Rebekah and Isaac, as they have not seen her daughter like this, since when they confessed.

- ' Love you, mom, dad!', Teena said and cried in silence.

- ' We love you too, Teena ', both replied in Chorus and smiled at each other.

Teena felt an utmost peace.

So, each and every relation are worth and deserve to be loved. There is love and care everywhere on this earth. They are so many good people here. All you need to do is find the love inside them and give them back the same. As the title suggests the beauty of love depends on how we see it.

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