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Are We Worth Anything

Are We Worth Anything

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We tend to curse ourselves to be worthless day in and day out, we say to ourselves, “I am a no body, a good for nothing,” “everything I do goes wrong.” “I do not have a talent, I am worthless among all my friends.” Perhaps, if not us, we might have come across some of our friends, colleagues and siblings re-echoing the same words on themselves. They curse themselves of being good for nothing.

Well, we can be right, we are worthless, only because we have let a great part of us die. Socrates once mentioned that, ‘unreflective self is not worth living.’ Instead of cursing ourselves to be worthless, let us try and illuminate the greatness that lies within us. The problem is not with us being not good at anything but rather the lack of belief in our true self. Our true potential is constantly unreflective, hence we are incapable of seeing what greatly lies within us. Many times we tend to hide our major talents and skills not because we do not have anything but because we are highly introverted. We have become so introverted because we think lowly of ourselves, inferiority problem, we conceive perceptions of us being the worst version of our friends to an extent that we even feel inferior to mingle around. Hence making it possible for the great part of us to die inside.

Because of the fear that people will laugh at us, we tend hide out yourselves away from the world. Let us Wake up! And embrace our true potential. We are destined for greatness, there is no one to change our story than we can, for we know ourselves better and only we can change us. Know that sometimes, problems we face today are just like a big rolling thunder and darkest nimbus clouds that roar for the whole day showing like it is to rain heavily but it never rains. 

To be successful in life, we need to know ourselves and be aware of our potential. We need to illuminate that fire that burns within us, why should we live it to extinguish when it can brighten our whole future? One thing stands out in the journey of successfulness, critics will always be there, and they will always be people to discourage, laugh and mock us as we begin to rise. They will make our skills look as if it is the worst thing someone can ever have. But we should never be discouraged, eagles fly on a higher most altitude when there is a stronger storm. We are like eagles, and criticism we face are storms, let us be strengthened by them to fly even higher.

Life is never smooth, especially the road to success. Failure seems to take one way, if we just sit down and listen to the discouraging voices and do nothing, failure itself will come knocking at our door. But when we journey the road to success, it gets rough, dark and darker. But with faith and hope we will excel, at the end of all suffering there is an abundant happiness. One of R KELLY’s songs goes like this. 

‘I was in tunnel and could not see the light and whenever I would look up, I could not see the sky. Sometimes when I am standing, it seems like I done walked for miles and my heart could be crying………but then I climbed up the hills and saw the mountains. I hollered help because I was lost. Then I felt the strong wind. Heard a small voice saying…..the storm is over now….’ 

Our lives are just like R KELLY’s description, before the brightest beautiful day is dark the most. Many of us give up on this hour thinking we are not worth it, but we are much more than we suppose we are. Let us keep on moving, overcome the storm that rises in our way.

In instances when we feel less of ourselves, and in times when it becomes difficult for oneself to believe how valuable we are to society, then we need to take time and reflect on our abilities and see how well we can transform those abilities into something great. We are uniquely made, but the very moment we neglect our uniqueness and start embracing negativity, we start comparing ourselves to others, then we mute off the potential us.

You and I are valuable not because people respect our talents and skills, but because the reality of life is that, the skills, talents, and abilities lies nowhere other than in us being us. Many times when we compare ourselves to others, we tend to feel like we are imperfect, but it is in that imperfection where our potential self lies. Hence it is only us who can make that turning point to greatness in our lives. Let us sail our own boats, and be the captain of our lives.

ARE WE WORTH ANYTHING? Yes we are, we are worth much more than we can ever imagine. We should not just stop that fire from burning inside us. Shannon L. Alder said “there will always be someone willing to hurt you, put you down, gossip about you, belittle your accomplishments and judge your soul. It is a fact that we all must face. However, if you realize that God is a best friend that stands beside you when others cast stones you will never be afraid, never feel worthless and never feel alone.”

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