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chipo chama

Abstract Inspirational

Sight To Behold

Sight To Behold

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My heart dances with joy to see

Such a well brought up gentle soul.

Filled with compassion and care.

The smile that emanates from the mother, so beautiful.

Oh, what a priceless moment to behold.

When you have nothing, that's time to give.

A woman with two coins, perfect example.

Richness of a person lies in caring hearts.

What are you teaching your children?

What sought of values do they breath in and out?

Do they know the power of Almsgiving?

Do they value life of each and every person?

One needs not be Bill Gates to help.

Wait not for a Jackpot to look at the needy.

Time to claim back our humanity,

Turn with care to those who lack.

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