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Another Dawn

Another Dawn

3 mins

It was the dawn of yet another day. Well! For most of us- yes! It was just another day. But for her - it was a day of reminiscence of her old wounds.

She had always heard people saying that life was hard but she really could never understand it. She was happy in her own little world. She had everything, she ever wanted. Her life was perfect and she did not wish for any more. But then life took a 360 degree turn and changed things forever. And it was then she realised that life is not just hard, but it could be cruel, it could be harsh and it could be ruthless. It could take everything away from you, in a spur of a moment and no matter what but, you are rendered powerless to do anything to fight. 

It was this very fateful day, two years back, that had ruined Sara's sweet little world. She was perfectly happy and content. Aarav was her world. And she, his. Their bond was much stronger than that of a husband and wife. They were madly in love with each other and couldn't see anything beyond each other. They were made for each other. They were both envied and looked up to, by their friends and family. 


But destiny had some other plans. Aarav had gone out of town for some work. He was to return back home after two days, that is on the day when Aarav and Sara had first met, years ago. Sara had planned to surprise Aarav with a candle light dinner. She had spent the whole day preparing his favourite dishes and decorating their apartment. Aarav was supposed to return back by evening but Sara had spent the whole evening expecting his arrival; and even at 11 at night, there was no sign of him. By this time, Sara had begun to worry. She tried contacting him on his phone and the people in his office, but nobody knew anything about Aarav. Idly, she switched on the T.V and absentmindedly flipped through the channels, unless something caught her eye and breath. A flight from Mumbai to Delhi had crashed and none of the passengers had survived. It was the same flight by which Aarav was supposed to return. She could not believe her eyes. Her whole world came crashing down. 


Two years hence, Sara's wounds are still afresh. There still doesn't go a day when she doesn't think about Aarav and the time they spent together. She has not been able to cope with his demise and all she hopes is that this is all a nightmare, and one day she will wake up again to be back in her dream world.

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