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Tragedy Action Inspirational


Palak Jain

Tragedy Action Inspirational

And When They Are Gone We Realize

And When They Are Gone We Realize

3 mins

Me-why you interrupt me so much. Lemme work please, please let me live my life without any restrictions.

Mom- I do everything for your care, I don't mean to hurt you.

Me- Mom stop it, I hope that instead of my father you met with that accident.

Mom- (slapped me)- I am your mother stop it. You are crossing the limits. Anyways, I will come home at 6 p.m. from my office.

(I banged the door hard and my mother went to her office.)

ME-Thank god she went. God, I don't want to live with her. Please do something so that I don't have to see her face again.

Phone rings...

Me-Hello, Yes Usha! what happened?

Usha- I am very scared about tomorrow's paper to have you prepared?

Me-Oh damn I forgot!

Usha- what? you forgot that it's ok to study hard you will get passing marks.

Me-Yeah!I have to, that's the only solution left, thank you, dear.

Usha- No worries my love I am your friend, in friends no sorry no thank you.

Me-Haha okay Usha talk to you later.

Phone cuts...

Me- My mom didn't come yet it's 7 p.m. she is 1 hour late.

(I tried to call her but no response and then suddenly I got one call from my mother's phone.)

Me-Hello, hello mom where are you! I was waiting for you. It's 7 p.m.

A police inspector (on-call)-Dear is it your mother's number?

Me-yes, yes what happened, is everything alright and who are you?

Police-Dear, Please come fast to the city hospital.

Me- Sir, is everything alright? How's my mother, I want to talk to her, please.

Police-I can't tell everything now please come to the hospital fast.

Me- Yes, yes I am coming.

(I went to the hospital)

Me- Hello, I received a call from my mother's phone.

Police-Dear, we found her mobile phone near the bus stand and one lady's dead body come to the room to see your mother and identify her.

Me-What?Dead body?Accident?I know you are lying.

Police-No dear, I am not. Let's meet the doctor. He'll let you in, in that room.

(I was crying in pain, inspector and I went to meet the doctor.)

Doctor-Yes sir have you called that lady's family?

Police- Yes doctor. She's her daughter. Let her go to the room.

Doctor- Beta, What's your age?

Me- I am 16 years old (crying).

Doctor- Oh! 16 you can't go there you are too small to go there. Sorry! Where is your father?

Me- Please uncle let me go. My father has left this world. He met with the train accident.

Doctor-Oh!Any relatives?

Me-No sir, I live with my mother alone. Please lemme go there.


(And he went away)

Police-Dear, You go to your home. I'll inform you soon.

Me-But!Oh okay(sigh)Please inform me if you'll get any clue.

(And then I went to my home alone{crying}).

{I sat outdoors waiting for my mother/police but no one came. Then suddenly I heard a familiar voice}.

Mom-Dear, Why are you sitting outside. Go inside or you"ll meet with fever.

Me-Mom, mom I got a phone call from the inspector he said that he found your phone near the bus stand.

Mom-Yes, my phone got stolen at the bus stop but I was a little bit busy so I didn't go to the police station for FIR. Okay leave this all and let's go inside. I will cook your favorite meal today.

Me-Mom, I am really sorry. I was disrespectful towards you. But you always loved me. You never said a single word to me. I am a very bad daughter. I will always remember this line, "And when they're gone we realize that we take things for granted".Sorry, mom sorry.

Mom-Dear, You are my life.

(And then she kissed my forehead I hugged her and we went back to our home)

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