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Before beginning there is..

Before beginning there is..

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Mumma I love Ruskin bond stories, I hope that I could be a successful writer like him. Dear before beginning there's nothing and you have to work hard for it. By the way do you know you already are a writer. How mom? Dear you are the writer of your own life,everything is happening because you wrote this. But mom I have heard that the book of our life is already written by God. No dear,who said this to you?You know what,all your good deeds counted. Every single deed mom?Yes dear everything.

 Wait let me narrate a short tale.

Once upon a time, there was a boy who lived in a village called Ramesh. He believes in complete justice and he always help people when they are in need. One day he found someone's purse on the road. He tried to find the owner but he wasn't able to reach. He returned the purse to the police. When the owner of the purse found his purse he said that his money isn't there. Police called Ramesh in the police station for investigation and he tried alot to tell them that he haven't stolen a single rupee. During the time of investigation, the Owner of that purse received a phone call from the grocery seller.

Seller: Hello sir, you left your money in our shop while purchasing. Please take this back in the evening.

He-Okay sir thank you.

The purse owner apologised in front of Ramesh as he put the allegations on him and he also apologised to the inspector.

Ramesh: Sir putting allegations in someone without going through the whole matter is a wrong thing. Anyways if you want to thank me then help someone who's in need. After a few days, Ramesh was walking in the street with his important files. A thief snatched all the documents and money from him and he ran away. Ramesh tried to follow him but he can't. Then suddenly that thief got collided with a man and all the documents got scattered on the road. Ramesh started shouting thief,thief. That thief tried to ran away but the person from which he collided catched him. That thief got scared and he threw all the documents on the ground and ran away. Ramesh thanked the man who saved his files.

Ramesh: Thank you so much sir, these files were very important for me. Wait a second I have seen you somewhere. Who are you?

That man removed his mask and said, 'Do you Remember you returned my purse to the police station. '

Ramesh: Oh yes!

Man-And do you Remember you told me that if you want to thank me then you have to help someone who's in need and I did the same. You are worth respected.

Ramesh: Sir thank you so much.

Man: God help them who help others and this time God chose me to help you. Now I have to go,Jai hind.

Story ends. . .

Mom this was such a wonderful story.

See Ramesh was such a helpful person, helping others was his habit, and one day he was saved by another man because of his good deeds. If Ramesh doesn't return that purse at that time or if he'll not help others no one would love to help him and do you know if you'll help someone or if you'll work hard then no one can come in between you and your goal. You are the writer of your own world.

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