वाणी ।

Romance Inspirational


वाणी ।

Romance Inspirational

"An Unknown Love"(Part One)

"An Unknown Love"(Part One)

2 mins

Ajay:- I'm from Kolkata, West Bengal, you?

Shivi:-Oh, So is this Bengali language you are using?

Ajay: Yess, But I know Kannad, Telugu, Tamil, and Little bit Malayalam.

Shivi:-Oh great! I don't know any other languages except Hindi or English.

Ajay: Not a matter.

Shivi: I am from Delhi. So you are a student or doing a job?

Ajay: I'm a DOCTOR! I just scrolling id page and find your pic...Fallen for you, But I don't know, you are in a relationship or not?

Shivi: What? What are you talking about?

Ajay: Like love, Love with someone...

Shivi: is it a joke? It's not really funny.

Ajay: No. I love you... And I care for you. Say something Shivi? Your life your decision. I'm not forcing you.

Shivi: Not obviously, I don't know anything about you.

Ajay: you want to know more about me? See.... we are four members in my family... My dad, my mom, and my sister. I don't have any past, like girl, breakup, nothing.

Shivi: No it's not like that, this is so weird. we just met a few hours ago.

Ajay: Take your time. I don't mind. I just saw you on the social app and I really impressed. I started to love you. Am I wrong Shivi???

Shivi: nooooo....., I don't know what to say, Actually.

Ajay: Just say, love you too...

Shivi: only one pic not able to fall in love with someone.

Ajay: Gundelo pettukoni queen laa chuskuntta.

Shivi: Don't use another language, which I am not able to understand.

Ajay: It happened to me Shivi because this is my first proposal. I'll keep you in my mind and I will treat you like my queen.

Shivi: Ajay, listen to me very carefully. It's not a joke or not so tricky. Maybe it happened to you but it's not possible for me to believe or fallen with 'an unknown'. Love is a very big thing to share life and we don't know each other. Not even the basic nature of yours.

Hope you'll understand, we can be friends or be unknown but not more than that.

Ajay: Not friends! We can be 'unknown'. Because I don't want my love to turn into friendship, Just think once. If you want my friend's number I'll give it to you.

Shivi: For?

Ajay: you don't know much about me. You can clarify.

Shivi: Seriously?

Ajay: yes! I don't mind!! See I like you as my lover, not a friend.

Shivi: You are looking very serious, are you?

Ajay: yes!! I am...., then?

Shivi: Why are you so serious?

Ajay: It's my life matter and you rejected me.

Shivi: Let it be, please.....

Ajay: So you don't want my love. Remember one thing. If you'll change your mind, just text me love you too!! Ohk I'm waiting.........

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