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It’s 2:46 am. I’m walking towards my home. Today was a joyful day. I’d gone out with my friends. I was supposed to get back before 10 pm. My parents are going to yell at me. My phone’s battery has been dead, right when I need it the most. I didn’t even inform them about coming late. They aren’t going to be nice to me. I’m not allowed to be out alone, or with my friends, after 10 pm. I can’t handle all those taunts and scoldings once more. I wish they aren’t angry at me.

It’s silent out here. There’s no one else except me. I don’t know if it’s my illusion or there’s actually no one around, but it’s starting to give me creeps. I don’t want to walk like this till my home. I had my car with me. But I don’t remember where I’d parked it. It must be still outside the pub. I don’t have any clue. I’ll have to go back tomorrow and check. For now, I have to walk alone.

There’s no autorickshaw or a cab nearby. There are no vehicles on the streets. It’s completely deserted.

What’s happening?

Anyway, to avoid any weird or scary thoughts crowding my mind, I plug in my earphones and start listening to my iPod.

Yeah, now I feel good. Now, I don’t feel alone.

I want to go back in time and relive today. I want to pause some moments and stay in them for a while. I was with Mayank – along with other friends of course – after a gap of almost two months.

The last time we had gone out like this, everyone was drunk except me. I didn’t want to try alcohol at that time. But today, even I decided to give it a shot.

We drank some, talked a lot over dinner, and then one by one everyone got busy with their partners, or so it seemed to be. Mayank and I were left alone, with nothing to do except talk.

I’ve had a crush on him since months now, and today I finally got the chance to confess. And so, I did. And shockingly, I got to know that Mayank has been in love with me since the first time we met. I was flattered. Things started building up, so was the heat between us. Most of it was because of the alcohol.

Oh God! I can’t even remember how much I’d drank in all. I was totally out of control. Mayank was the only one who was capable of handling me at that moment. I can’t even remember what happened between me and Mayank after that. I hope I didn’t do anything stupid.

I wish I hadn’t drank so much.

I wish I’d confessed my feelings before, if only I knew Mayank’s side of story. We would have spent a lot of time together. We could have known each other really well by now. I’d have got a chance to know his past, his secrets, his passion, his fears, everything. He’d have known the same about me by now. Things would have been so different. The mere thought of this makes me go weak on my knees.

The chain of these thoughts has to break now, as I’ve reached my home. I remove my earphones and put them back inside my bag.

I ring the doorbell. No one’s opening.

It’s been fifteen minutes now. No one has turned up yet. And I can’t even call my parents because my phone’s battery is dead. They must be pretty worried about me.

I get frustrated. I bang the door. I hear someone approaching the door. Finally. Everyone’s asleep, without a care in this world about me. Nobody turned up until I banged the door, hard enough for them to listen and get up from bed and open the door. My mom opens the door.

“Mrs. Upadhyay, can I speak to you?” I heard a voice.

“I’m sorry to say this, but your daughter, Priyanka, has died in a car accident. It’s been reported that she was drunk driving. She couldn’t control the car, and faced a speeding truck from the opposite direction. I’m really sorry for your loss. Can you and your husband please come with us to identify the body?” said the inspector.

Everything was starting to fade away. As if I’d woke up from a dream. Only it wasn’t. It was real.

I wish I hadn’t drank so much.

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