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Mike Scott

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Mike Scott

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Ajay Part 9: My Aunties

Ajay Part 9: My Aunties

10 mins

As the days went by, I fully engaged myself in my new life. I forgot how I lived before, I became mama's baby and lived as her baby and truly enjoyed every minute of it. I only used my diaper when I had to go, mama fed me every one of my meals which was always some form of baby food. She fed me a bottle of milk every morning and every night before bed. I ate in my high chair, I slept in my crib. I wore little kid clothes and onsies, played with toys, used bibs and pacifiers. I literally lived like a baby. 

We were in summer break before going to college, I didn't even know what that would mean. Mommy had to go too, I didn't know where, but I didn't want to bring it up to ruin our moment. Mama played with me tickled me, held me in her arms every chance she got. We were just with each other non stop, me submerged in her arms. Mama was really strong and quite bigger than me. She was 5'8 weighing around 180lbs. She had an amazing, strong body with the perfect curves. Myself; I was 4'8 weighing around 70 lbs. So of course I looked like a little child next to her and she could easily pick me up in any way she wanted. 

Today was no different from every other day. I was sitting on my playmat waiting for mama to finish getting ready. It was mid afternoon and mama just went to shower. She came back in 15 mins. She had a nice fitting red sleeveless blouse on with tight blue jeans. She had on a pair of white socks that had pink around the toes and heel. She walked over to me and picked me up off the ground by the armpits and held me in a front carry. She looked at me and said "OK baby, were going to have some people over today, so I need you to be on your best behavior OK?" I nodded yes. "Mama, who's coming?" I asked her. "My friends Asha and Uma are coming for dinner today," she said. 

I got a small chill go down my spine. I remembered Asha. She was the main person that humiliated me at school that day. Mama saw the look that crossed my face. She tightened her grip on me. "Don't worry baby, mommy will be right there with you. Asha won't be mean to you like last time, I promise" she said rubbing noses with me. "Now I'm going to put you in your crib, you play with your toy until they arrive, OK baby Ajay" she said tickling my neck with her mouth. I giggled while she gently placed me back into the crib. 

I lay there playing with my toy when I heard the doorbell ring. Mama opened the door and I heard the girls all start talking in high pitched voices, excited to see each other. After about a half hour I heard my bedroom door creak open and mama came in. "You ready to be introduced to the girls Ajay?" She asked me. I nervously nodded yes. She walked up to my crib and scooped me out by my armpits and placed me on her hip. She tidied up my hair with her free hand and began carrying me out the door. She carried me to the girls, "Look who I brought!!" She giggled. The girls just burst out laughing. Asha I remember all too well. I didn't remember Uma by name but I recognized her, she was actually 3 years junior too us, only 16, but part of their friends group. 

I glanced at the girls and they both looked equally pretty to Shalini. Asha was almost 6 feet tall and also a fit curvy girl. Not as fit and curvy as Shalini, but she was taller than Shalini. Asha wore a white t shirt and black tights. She had black crew socks on which she pulled over he tights. She had her hair tied in a ponytail and looked quite beautiful. Uma was also quite tall for her age. She was a little bit taller than Shalini and a bit smaller than Shalini in size. She wasn't as curvy as the other two girls, but she had an athletic look. She had on a white tanktop tucked in her blue jeans. She had on a brown belt to complete her look. She had white socks on and had her very curly hair down. 

"Oh my God Shalini, what did you do to him. He's just sitting there on your hip like your little kid or something. And whats he wearing!!!" Asha hollered out. I was dressed in a Paw patrol shirt that was a size to small, so you could literally see my belly from beneath the shirt. "What, I think he looks cute" Shalini said giving my cheek a pinch. "You weren't joking, you completely turned him, and he just accepts this now?" Uma asked. "Yup, he's completely bought in, he even turned down his parents the other day, told them he wanted to stay with me, isn't that right Ajay baby" mama asked giving me a little bounce. I nodded yes. "Use big boy words Ajay darling" Shalini cooed to which the girls smirked. "Yes I wanted to stay with you mommy," I responded. "OH MY GOD, he called you mommy, that's just the cutest thing ever" Asha hollered to which the girls all giggled. 

Shalini put me down on the floor infront of the girls and she went and sat down herself. They continued talking about me like I wasn't even there. Talking about all the stuff we've done, the treats and punishments, Mama was telling them everything from the beginning. I began feeling very embarrassed listening to mommy tell them everything, so I began slowly crawling my way back to my room. Then I heard Asha behind me, "hey, where are you going?" I heard footsteps behind me and saw two big feet walking towards me. I tried to crawl faster but was scooped up off the ground in seconds. Asha had picked me up by my one arm and one leg and carried me back to the couch. "Asha, becareful, don't hurt him" I heard Shalini tell her. "I know, I know, I wont" Asha responded while carrying me back to the couch. She sat down and dropped me on her lap. I was sprawled over her legs, but she quickly readjusted me so that I was sitting upright on her lap with my back to her. Her chin was literally resting on my head and she had her arms wrapped tight around me, holding me against her. "I got the little runner. You can't run away from me little boy" she said giving me a little shake. 

I didn't like sitting on her lap, I wasn't comfortable. I was fidgeting a lot, trying to make it clear that I wasn't happy there and wanted to get down. Asha then wrapped her arms right around me, with my arms now trapped by my sides. "Shalu, this boy won't stop fidgeting" Asha told her amused. "He's probably just nervous around new people, aren't you Ajay" she cooed at me. "You wanna come sit with mama?" I nodded my head vigorously. Asha let go of her grip and I hopped off onto the ground and began crawling towards mama. "Oh my God, so adorable" I heard Uma say. When I got close enough, mommy scooped me up in a cradle and lowered me onto her lap, cradled in her arms like a baby. She patted my butt with her hand as she slowly rocked me. 

"He is so cute Shalu, I can't even. He literally acts like a baby with you, like he's totally bought in," Uma exclaimed. "Do you want to hold him Uma?" Mommy asked her. "He's 3 years your senior" Mama said giggling. This made the girls holler in laughter. "He's the same age as your older brother Uma" Asha said in laughter, "almost the same size as your younger brother though." The girls again burst out laughing. Mommy was laughing too but she gave me a gentle squeeze, almost like she was telling me it's all okay and just for fun. "Ajay baby," Uma called at me, "my big brother is your age and is about 6ft tall, he's a boxer at his college. My little brother is 8 years old and he's already bigger than you are," she said giggling. "You are just a cute little adorable munchkin aren't you" she cooed giving both my cheeks a squeeze while I laid in mommy's arms. "Aren't you just the most adorable baby in the world," she continued. "Come to Uma baby, come to Uma aunty. Come on cutie," she cooed reaching for me. Mommy leaned me forward towards Uma. Uma reached down and grabbed me by the armpits and with great strength, lifted me off mama's lap and was holding me close to her body. She had her right arm looped around my butt and clasped her hands together and placed them on my thigh. I was straddling her front with my legs but at a slight angle so that the side of my face was facing her. She held me like I weighed nothing. 

"That's it baby, Uma aunty has you," she cooed while starting to slowly bounce me like one would a baby. "Shalu, he's just so adorable. I love him already" Uma exclaimed hugging me close to her. "You have to let me babysit sometimes, I'll take such good care of this little boy" she gave me a pinch on the cheek. "Haha we'll see, I definitely could use a babysitter at some point." Uma continued to hold me and rock me, talking to me like I was a little baby, telling me how adorable I was and how she could just take me home with her. 

They played with me for about an hour. I was actually starting to warm up to Uma, she was really fun and played with me. I was just starting to open up with her when her phone rang. Uma answered it while still holding me and then called out to the girls in excitement. "Ladies, my friend just told me there's a huge sale at the mall. They have great stuff on big sales right now." " Oh gosh we should go, I need to update my wardrobe" mommy said. "Then cmon let's go" Uma urged them. "Mehh I can't, I can't leave Ajay and I can't bring him either it's getting later in the day and close to his dinner time." "Oh cmon Shalu, its a one day flash sale, if we miss it, it's done" Uma urged again while still holding me. " I can babysit him if you guys want" Asha said. "I'm not really feeling shopping, I can look after him while you guys go." Mommy thouht about it for a minute. I tried making eye contact with her to show her I didn't want to be babysat by her, but mama wasn't looking. "Okay, I guess that could work. Okay then, plan, Asha we should be more than a couple hours." " Okay great, I live like 5 minutes from the mall, so we'll go to my place and you two go shopping," Asha said. "Okay sounds good then, let's go" Uma said excitedly. "Ajay baby, you get to have fun with Asha aunty today" she exclaimed giving me a bounce. Mommy then walked over and reached out for me, taking me from Uma. "You be good for Asha aunty okay. Anything she says, you listen to it, okay baby?" Mommy asked me. I slowly nodded my head. "Good baby" she said giving me a kiss. She then carried me to the carseat she had brought into the house earlier and placed me in it. She strapped me in. Asha walked over and picked up the car seat with me in it. It had a handle on top, so she lifted it up with just an arm. "Okay ladies, were off" Asha said giving the girls a hug. She then walked us out the door.

My nerves were starting to hit. I never had good vibes from Asha and I was feeling it worse than ever now. She carried me into the elevator and closed the door. She held my car seat by her side, still held up in her arm. Once the elevator got down, she carried me to her car and bucked me into the backseat facing the front. She then got into the driver seat and looked back at e through the mirror with an evil looking smirk on her face. "Ready for some fun baby boy? I'm going to show you a great time you little twerp" she said smirking. My head started spinning out of fear. This wasn't going to be fun, I wanted mommy so bad, but I knew something was up, I was in for a treat tonight.

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