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Adopted Parents

Adopted Parents

6 mins

It was a pleasant morning in Shimla, there was snow all over and tourists came out of hotels to enjoy that beautiful morning. Aastha and Aniket also were among them. They had come from Mumbai to spend their holidays in Shimla. They both were working in a nationalized bank and had taken leave for a few days which was due. 

Aastha and Aniket were married for almost 10 years now. And they were happy in their life except that they didn't have children. 

While roaming and enjoying the beauty of nature especially due to snowfall ...they came quite further and wanted to stop for a while so they inquired to a local guy if there is any place to see nearby, so he told them about a temple, which was a small but pleasant one. So as per the direction given by local guy, Aastha and Aniket reached the temple. 

'Truly it is so pleasant here,' said Aastha so they go inside, offer flowers, which were kept there, to God, do some small prayer by joining hands and showing gratitude to God and they sit there for some time. A small girl comes with the owner of the temple, looks like the old man's granddaughter, and gives both of them ' Prasad ' with her tiny hands. They both just looked at her, she was so cute, fair and green eyes and in her floral-print frock she was. 


They come out of the temple and went back to the hotel room. They take their lunch and take some rest and get ready to go out for some shopping and sightseeing as it was looking quite bright outside now in the evening. They come back to the hotel room and talk about that small girl they saw in the temple in the morning. She was still there in their mind and in their thinking. 

For the next two days, they go to Manali, Kulu for sightseeing and come back, take rest and then they start packing their luggage as their one week leave was getting over and they had to return back to home.


Aastha tells Aniket that before going can we visit that temple again ?? And Aniket said, "oh you were also thinking the same?" 

Early morning they get ready, takes some sweets and chocolates with them and goes to the temple. The old man recognises them and greets them, and tell them that you take lunch with us and then go because you are just like my son and daughter- in- law and tell Aastha that his wife is inside preparing lunch.


So Aastha goes inside and meets the old lady who was giving instructions to a young woman who was helping her in the kitchen . She says Aastha that we are glad that you accepted our invitation to lunch. Then Aastha look for Sayali, the small cute girl they saw on that day....she asks old lady, where is Sayali? I want to give her chocolates and sweets. So grandmother said, ya she must be in the living room playing with other kids. So Aastha goes there and meet Sayali and other kids and give them chocolates and sweets.

Then before she asks anything, the old lady could read question mark on Aastha's face. So she shares the story about Sayali. That one day early morning they heard the voice of a baby crying so they try to find out and see that one very small baby lying on temple stairs, covered in a small blanket and because of cold and hunger she was crying. So this old couple brings her inside the house, feed her with warm milk and then she stopped crying. They asked so many people, waited for many months if someone comes back to take her back. But there's no clue, no hopes. Then they decided to keep her with them and look after her like her grandparents. But they were worried that they are in old age now. If we fall sick then who will look after her? Because our son is settled in the USA. He was not interested in looking after temple, so after marriage, he got a good job there and now he has two children and he is settled there. Though he looks after us well and visits us but about Sayali they have not shown interest. 

Aastha and Aniket take lunch with them, give their contact number and address and take contact number from the old couple, and tell them that anytime they need help they can contact, we will try and come to Shimla. And they come back to the hotel room and leave for Mumbai in the night...

After coming from travel and settling down in their routine, they decide to adopt Sayali legally and they give an idea about this to temple owner....and Sayali's grandparents. They are hesitant to say yes because of their attachment with Sayali for last two years but at the same time, they have no objection.

Here Aniket gets transfer order from the bank for Banglore. Now he had to shift there. Aastha also tries for transfer and after 2 months she gets mutual transfer, as one girl had to shift from Bangalore to Mumbai after marriage. 

Aastha and Aniket buy a house in Bangalore and name it as 'Sayali'. They decorate the house taking into consideration Sayali' s requirements. So after informing Shimla they both go there, spend some time with Sayali, and legal procedure for adoption and all paperwork they finish almost. They tell Sayali and her grandparents that they will come to Shimla during vacations. Though it was not easy for 3 of them because of their emotional bonding. But somehow they manage and everybody's consent was there so they come to Banglore with Sayali. 

Sayali gets lots of love in that house. She also starts going to school. She misses the old couple but as decided Aastha and Aniket take her to Shimla. So Sayali is happy now as she gets grandparents and parents both.

Now when she is little grown up and start asking a few questions, so Aastha and Aniket sit with her and explain and assure her that we will give you all that we can as and like real parents. And we have not adopted you but you have adopted us. It was our need as we didn't have children. You have given us lots of happiness. Because of you, our life has got a new meaning. We have started living our life. And we are so grateful to you and the God...who showed us the way...the temple in Shimla...and also we are thankful to the old couple. 

So never say that you are an adopted child you are more than a real child and we are sure you will make us feel proud always. And their bonding becomes strong between Aastha, Aniket and Sayali and also the old couple- Aastha's grandparents. Sayali transformed into a beautiful, intelligent, well behaved young girl and truly she also gives them love in return and makes all of them, feel proud of her with her achievements in life. 

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