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Karmjeet Singh



Karmjeet Singh


Aaron's New Found Love

Aaron's New Found Love

2 mins 215 2 mins 215

On one fine day Aaron was going to shopping mall to buy a gift for her mother in his recently bought Creta. 

But life had another fate for him, just he was about to cross the ally his car banged with scooty. 

With a sudden upraor around, he kept calm and helped the woman on scooty. 

Sarah was 20 year old and had received scooty as reward from her dad.

It all came crashing down when her scooty had turned into a debris.

Sarah was totally inconsolable but with touch of Aaron sent a deep sensation to her.

Aaron not only brought a smile on her face but also bought a scooty for her.

Fast forward in their lives, both have become extremely mad for each other and this togetherness has brought so much of easiness in both of their lives. 

Everything was going very good with Aaron & Sarah, it was almost two years since they had started dating.

Aaron is Smart 6 foot well built guy whose adored by lakhs of woman around her. He has finished his Master's but his passion lies in being a musician. Being a part of popular band of his school & college Aaron has been a hearthrob.

Sarah, on the other hand, few years younger than him is trained dancer whose been doing exceptionally well. She is role model for woman's who put on weight because being petite & bubbly herself her grace is solitude.

It's like match made in heaven but it's a just a start for both of them.

Aaron finally proposes Sarah in a very romantic way she would have ever thought. It's as if her dreams are coming through.

The spark can be seen on Aaron eye's when he says to Sarah. Seeing on Sarah's eyes, Aaron say's 

" Your eyes 

 Your smile

 Your heart " 

Sarah erupts with a joy as soon as she hears those six words and they sealed the moment with a kiss.

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