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A Scream During Late Night

A Scream During Late Night

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It was late night when the whole world was sleeping, in a small town a loud scream was heard from a house where three brother were living together with their own families and their mother. The scream was so loud that it forced some neighbors and the family living in that house to wake up in order to check what happened. When they stepped out of their rooms they saw it was pitch black darkness outside and as soon as light were put back on, they saw it was one of the brothers who was screaming. It seemed like he saw a ghost as he was so terrified; so his brothers and other started asking him, 'why were you screaming?' and he replied by saying, 'I got thirsty so I was going to kitchen to get some water. He continued, 'as I reached hallway I saw a shadow and I couldn't see who was it because it was dark but the shadow was perfectly still without any movement not even a single movement...I looked and looked it was not moving at all from its place and it seemed it was not even breathing.'

His brothers told him, 'We have one came or got out of the house as the locks of the house are still intact.'

As the family was narrowing down all the options in order to solve the mystery of who was standing in the hallway, suddenly the nephew of the brother who screamed, came to him and said, 'it was me uncle who was standing in hallway pacing around because I couldn't sleep and suddenly you came out of your room to get water so I started looking at you without making any movement in order to scare you.

Nephew continued, 'I didn't have any idea that you would get this much scared and I'm truly sorry for this.'

All the family members began scolding him including his uncle who said, 'I was so scared that I could have a heart attack back there you crazy fool.'

Father of the nephew scolded him and strictly told him, 'You will not get out of your room after 12 to roam in hallway even if you are unable to sleep.'

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