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Punyasloke Bose



Punyasloke Bose


A Rude Awakening

A Rude Awakening

6 mins 228 6 mins 228

Abhisek looked out of the window and was impressed with the azure blue water of the bay. His plane was making a landing in a sea side resort private airstrip in the Bahamas. Leading a highly successful life, Abhisek was taking a power break from his busy corporate schedule. Life had been great. Leading a charmed life, Abhisek wanted to make the most of all the luxuries that were being thrown at him. Fortune had been kind and destiny had packed so much for him in this one life, Abhisek sometimes thought he was a character in Ripley's believe it or not stories.

An above average student hailing from a middle class family, Abhisek had everything delivered to him timely in life. Getting in a good engineering school was not easy and completing the four years was even little more tough. But he was destiny's Child. He was lucky to get a campus placement in a Multi National Company with a six figure dollar denominated package. The year of his passing out of the institution was an eventful one as all the cash rich American companies had come scouting for students with their purse strings loosened. Many of Abhishek's friends also secured plum jobs.

Job life started as a Merchant Banker on the famed Wall Street. After a successful stint of a couple of years there with million dollar bonus and multiple stock options, Abhisek ventured out on his own in a startup and flew across the continent to the silicon Valley in the promising west. Quickly in a time span of four years he had floated and established two startups. One was a bank payments application company and another was a food aggregator technology company. Both being highly successful were immediately gobbled up by high net worth investors. After offloading the earlier acquired stock options, Abhisek was now a dollar billionaire.

He then thought of enjoying life side by side his work. Already now filthily rich, Abhisek had no dearth of newer business ideas. He now invested in a multi roomed marquee bungalow in Malibu, a Californian suburb facing the Pacific. He sometimes stayed here and when staying away rented it out to holiday makers as a staycation spot. Leading a dream life, a renowned tech company offered him the post of chief investment officer. Among the many fiduciary benefits one was a cottage beside the Lake Lugano in the foothills of the southern slopes of the Swiss Alps. Such successes drove Abhisek to deliver more and to reach greater heights in the corporate ladder. Financially cosy and socially well oiled Abhisek now decided to call over his college sweet heart Shruti over to him.

But Shruti's parents would not let her go before her marriage with Abhisek was solemnised. Because they were uncomfortable with the idea of live in and plus the culture didn't support the same. On the other side Abhisek's parent's were of the idea that marriage without dowry was no marriage at all.

Then to satisfy them all, Abhisek booked a whole plane load of his family members and in law's and brought them to Paris, the fabled lover's paradise. There Abhisek arranged a get together near the iconic Eiffel Tower where he proposed to Shruti with a bouquet of roses and followed by a marriage ceremony in the Hare Krsna temple in downtown London. Both his parents and in law's were overjoyed with this fairy tale wedding and wonderful hospitality. No one had ever had this experience before even in their wildest dreams. They all were further entertained with a wonderful train journey in the fabled Swiss countryside of Grindelwald. Then after a jet lagging honeymoon partly in the sunshine Hawaiian lslands and the rest at the serene and pristine beauty of the cool Canadian Rockies in the Banff National Park. Life had given lots. Now it was payback time Abhisek thought. Shruti was also very happy and was living the dreams. 

Then Abhisek heard someone asking him if he would make an investment in a unicorn educational tutorial aggregator back home in India. But before he could take a decision his secretary called up saying that the food delivery tech company where he had earlier invested were asking him to do the next round of funding or was it the next round of delivery. Abhisek could not be too sure. 

On the mention of the name of the food delivery app his brain started playing tricks. He was trying to recollect the name and how he had been associated with it. Because the name had a lot of familiarity with the company he was presently associated with. He was feeling groggy and his brain was playing all sorts of tricks. He was missing some important assignment it seemed. With all these thoughts clouding his brain then all of a sudden he was awakened with the words, '' Awaken you busy bee. Again day dreaming or are you into meditation,? '' 

Then he recognised the voice of his manager Sekhar ' sir'. '' Your next delivery lot is ready, '' Sekhar said. 

It was a rude awakening for Abhisek. He felt very sad to leave behind his 'multi million dollar' empire in his dreams. What a powerful imagination he had to conjure up such fantastic fairy tale settings in a power nap of ten minutes. Whatever he had ever desired in real life was all given to him to enjoy in a ten minute dream. Abhisek was ruing the dawn to dusk slog in a courier and a food delivery company where he was presently working after failing to secure a placement offer in his college. 

Then he saw a scooterette come an stop beside him. Removing the helmet from the rider's head and brushing a tuft full of hair from her face was Shruti, a long time friend of Abhisek. She was working for a health and wellness aggregator. Both Abhisek and Shruti were of the same engineering batch and due to the severe economic downturn had failed to land up good paying jobs. So they grabbed the jobs whatever came their way and had to remain contented with it and leave the rest to their dreams. 

'' Hope, you have not been dreaming again '', smilingly remarked Shruti. '' No, nothing of the sort '' lied Abhisek. '' I wanted to ask you one thing again, Shruti, can I ask?, hesitatingly prodded Abhisek. '' Of course, continue , '' said Shruti confidently. '' Do you still love me, Shruti? Amidst all this hardship''.' 'Yes, I do and always will' ', quipped, Shruti holding Abhisek' s hand in hers. '' We are in this together, remember, '' said Shruti with a twinkle in her eye. She parked her scooter, came close and gave Abhisek a warm and tight hug. Abhisek could feel the sweat filled body of Shruti warm in his cold torso. Abhisek knew that this life had been made worth living with the company of Shruti. 

Then Shruti started her scooter and Abhisek switched on the ignition of his bike and both went opposite to each other on their own ways. One went to deliver his courier and the other to do a body spa to some customer. 

Both were due to get married in a couple of months. 

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