Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Ishika Singh

Romance Fantasy


Ishika Singh

Romance Fantasy

A Relative Stranger

A Relative Stranger

6 mins

Phone beeps * *Screen Glints Constantly*

"To Miss Kaira Singh;

Hearty Congratulations!!! We are glad to inform you that you've stood at the first position in our poetry writing competition and as a token of appreciation, Rupees Five Hundred (Rs 500/-) has been credited to your account. Thank you .”

This is what the message looked like, the one that Kaira had received on a mundane Monday morning in her humdrum life. Kaira was a girl full of optimism, passion and youthfulness, just the one trying to chase the myriad variety that the universe had to offer to her. Kaira exactly knew how and where to divert her mind, body and soul in order to conquer whatever she aimed at. Her happiness lay in the most minutest and unusual of things, usually the ones that went unnoticed by people’s naked eye. Known to be an originative mind and compassionate soul her heart was wounded time and again by the incidents that her life had thrown at her at a very young and tender age. The charismatic girl’s near and dear ones turned their backs towards her but poetry gave her a means through which many understood her emotions , feelings and thoughts . It was just that She was an amalgamation of everything completely different!

Jumping with utmost excitement on her face in happiness and astonishment at the unfolding of events, she immediately checked her account for the credited amount. To her disappointment, she had not received the given amount mentioned in the message. Leaving no stone unturned she left a message to the organisers in order to reap a clarification for the same. Unfortunately, minutes turned into hours however there was no reciprocation from the opposite side. In a state of confusion and desperateness , she ultimately decided to drop a message to the person who had stood at the second position in the same competition thus inquiring whether he had received the cash prize or not.

*Phone beeps again *

"Hey Kaira ", the message read.

It was from Kabir, the person who had stood second in the competition. Previously before Kaira had made the decision to drop a message to Kabir, she experienced anxiousness and nervousness to converse with a complete stranger. She was under the impression and was convinced that like her precedent experiences with various people that she had crossed paths with she will yet again, one more time be treated with lordliness and crude behaviour thus resulting in her not being entertained or given any lift by him whatsoever. BUT; To her revelation, Kabir turned out to be completely the opposite of the image that she had created in her head of him.

He was a down to earth and understanding being. Kabir made sure to make any and everyone feel comfortable in his presence. The most beautiful quality for which one could never leave an opportunity to admire Him was his optimistic approach towards every task and situation that he ever undertook. His smile was a glistening one and His eyes were full of demeanour and glint. All in all Kabir was the universe that Kaira found herself attracted to. He was Everything that one

would ever want in a friend and a close one.

"Hii ", replied Kaira.

"Are you sure, you haven't received the amount? ", asked Kabir." Yes I’m quite sure that the amount hasn’t been credited to my account ", replied Kaira.

“Although, I've received the payment, but because I know the organizers personally, I'll definitely

ask them about it and let you know shortly." , promised Kabir.

"Sure ", said Kaira.

The conversation between them continued.

After having a fruitful and interactive conversation for almost an hour or more varying from the stars to the tiniest possible creature on earth, both Kabir and Kaira realised that this flow of mutual emotions,feelings and most importantly perspectives and thoughts was worth cherishing.Kaira was satisfied to know that someone shared her habits while Kabir was glad that someone shared his dreams. He was quite successful in making her realise and accept herself for the way she was and in a way that nobody had ever done.

They didn't know that the conversation they just had was about to turn their lives and from being complete strangers, they will form their own version of a world where there was happiness, trust and respect. Few hours later, Kaira received a message from her bank, claiming that her account had been credited with the respective amount. In a state of happiness and shock Kaira messaged Kabir, thanking him for going the extra mile and doing the favour for her. It was since that day, that Kabir and Kaira didn't even realise when they got along with each other so well and that not a day went by when they wouldn’t talk to each other. Kaira found a friend, a partner and a confidante in Kabir. The only downside between them that posed as a problem was - the distance. Kaira lived in Lucknow while Kabir lived in Pune. Fortunately, the distance never mattered, because everytime they thought about it, their heart skipped a beat and they knew that the presence of the other was just like a shadow that lived with them throughout.

Words and feelings felt as if they were meant to reach that particular address. They knew they had the same taste in music and movies and it always felt like a complete bollywood movie starring Kabir and Kaira as the main lead concluding with a typical happy ending. He served as the best listener to her endless conversations and even heard her cry without making her feel wrong about being vulnerable and even before they could realise amidst their common

approach towards art and the space they got around each other for them and their art to grow, love had already sown its seeds in their hearts. Honesty , understanding, maturity and yet never leaving the kid behind was all that their relationship was formed of. Both of them seemed to be exactly the pieces that were missing from their lives. Their relationship was a kindle of magic.

Thus, both Kaira and Kabir decided to spend the rest of their lives together. Next day, smiling calmly, Kaira woke up. She rubbed her eyes and saw her roommate standing in disappointment with her hands on her waist. Kaira, inquired sheepishly of what's going on. Her roommate mocked at her for forgetting her appointment with the psychiatrist.

Kaira tied her hair, gruesomely smiled again and without saying a word, she knew, she never really needed a therapist. All that she needed was letting herself fall loose into the world of imagination and mystic whilst realising that healing is always locked in one's soul, heart and mind. All that is required for us to know is, which key will fit in perfectly and heal us in a way that one will never feel the need to depend or bank on anybody for their happiness which unfolds just one aspect, that the soul is divine and has marvellous and multitudinal powers to imagine and create! 

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