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Satish G

Romance Others


Satish G

Romance Others

A (Really) Stolen Heart (Hostel Story)

A (Really) Stolen Heart (Hostel Story)

11 mins

And the claps continued like thunderstorms for a few minutes that showed the fourth year perfect revenge for the stolen election by winning the culfest. Lambu and Rajesh came and lifted Srini and started celebrations because they are aware that they got 190 points that they beat the third year, the entire crew thought very intelligently and took revenge was the general talks around the fest that humiliated Rahul and his gang absconded in the middle itself.

Machhar, Lambu and Srini were very proud of what they have done to the fourth year ended with a happy note to remember forever. The whole VNIT college boys hostel celebrated it heavily with fireworks and dance because everybody liked Machhar and co. Machhar took to the stage of the boy's hostel in that gathering and said, “Bhaiyon, we have lost the election but we got this cufest which will cherish with us final years forever. And for juniors, to do good things we don’t need power we will try our best to do for you all before we leave our college. Dhanyawad for all your love and support” and after that Machhar party did whatever they said in the election manifesto by putting more pressure on Rahul gangs.

After these sweet and dark memories took everyone back to the college hostel world, the flashback ends and now they are back in the alumni party which is confirmed by one of the Kid who flashed the water gun on the tortoise coil, every 90s kid knows that the flashback starts whenever the tortoise coil starts and it ends when the coil gets over. The Kid flashes the water gun on all of the people in the party and also the tortoise is none other than Srini’s daughter. Yes, you heard it right!. Srini got married to his college mate Ritu after several years of love and a live-in relationship, they had an adorable daughter 6 years back.

Lambu got married to Garima finally and still, they are in an on-off relationship and got the baby boy delivered 5 months ago. So, both Srini and Lambu are proud fathers aka uncles but our hero Machhar is still single and the reason is he did not like any other girl than Reshma who is also in the party. They(Srini and Lambu) were looking at Machhar and he is not into this party, somehow lost and very silent drinking his glass. On the other hand, Reshma was also not mingling (she had a breakup with her boyfriend and never married anyone to date) which they have got to know from their better halves.

Srini and Lambu went to the stage and started with the mono act on how Machhar will walk and talk asked everyone to guess who is that? children able to recognize easily. One of the kids shouted “hey this is Rohit uncle, he will walk and talk like this. My dad told me once!” and all were shouting “Rohit! Rohit!!”. Then both Srini and Lambu clapped, agreed and pulled Machhar to the stage as well and joined by Rajesh himself.

Srini started “So, here is our smart and handsome hero Machhar aka Rohit. You have heard the stolen election story from us, and there was a stolen heart story that we wanted to share with you all”.

Rohit got the name Machhar in the first year itself due to his whiny tone and he accompanied that name wherever he went, that is his biggest plus where he will take the challenges and convert them into his success. He had very good leadership skills and his calm, composed nature of him proves it always all our professors liked him as a class leader to maintain classes in their absence and we all just blindly followed him.

Machhar had a lot of fan followers in his second year itself and girls fans are very high in ratio because girls generally like the boys who are very calm and are a leader. We will always pull his legs in our boy's hostel because we are always jealous of his fan following, but he never took that as an advantage or showed any attitude to anyone and he helped each one of us in need. He never looked at any girl badly and he will not watch the porn movies in the hostel when we play them and force him also.

One day in Machhar’s fluid mechanic's record notebook we found the love letter to himself. The letter was very touching and the girl is a junior whose name we will not disclose due to the privacy, we read the complete letter and at the last, it is written that girl is in deep love with him and if he rejects then she did not have any reason to live. We told this immediately to Machhar and looks like he has not read the letter after he read it, immediately he asked us to plan for the meetup with that girl. So, we arranged the meetup in the canteen and made sure from outside that no one will see their meeting as everybody was busy with the exams and practicals.

Machhar took a puff and put the chewing gum, took one cup of chai and went near to that girl. She was very nervous and closed her eyes, we were seeing from outside what will happen now eagerly waiting for some good romance. He lifted her hand then we were almost right. Later he asked her to open their eyes and then told “See I understand your feelings but currently, I am in love with another girl, so if I accept yours then I am doing something wrong to the other one. Do you agree to do something bad to another girl for your benefit? If you are fine with it then I am ok and we will leave this canteen as lovers from now.” And the girl replied “How come the girl will screw another girls love life? and moreover, I got the feelings for you since you are a class leader and all my friends were praising you. This is a crush only and I apologize that have troubled you a lot. Thanks a lot for your clarification and I just want to hug you. Is that fine for you”. Then they both hugged and she came out, Machhar started tasting the chai (the best part of our college is the hostel and its chai which tastes great as always).

We went near to him and then he smiled at us “problem solve ho gaya! Abhi kya kaam hai humko bhatao?” then we were in surprise and asked him “what happened Machhar? You both hugged each other, though you are now couples that we are articulating outside. Didn’t that happen?”. He laughed again, “no Bhai, I told them that I am already in a love affair then she asked sorry and hugged me then left. That’s all!”. We started laughing around him and asked “arey machhar, you told a lie and she believed that. What an innocent girl she is, man? See Bhai logo our hero faked that girl”. Then we all left from there.

On that night, we started playing the gully cricket in the hostel after our late night dinner with the yellow lights which is the happiest part of our daily college hostel world and we will discuss that day's most important problem to solve. We started on that canteen story and teasing Machhar that Machhar fallen love with the girl is a pure lie and he never can be fallen as he will not see any girl in that angle. He suddenly became serious and told that it is not a lie and he is in deep love with one girl who is in a girls hostel and did not reveal the name, so, we went ahead and intervened more on this and enquired more details. He just told us that she is from our class and a very classy girl that he has seen in his whole life on the day1 of college itself but he never proposed or told anyone in this regard.

From the next day onwards, we were forcing him to propose which he declined and we thought of finding ourselves who is that classy girl and everybody thought process was correct. She is none other than the girl which our whole class likes next to Machhar. She is fully fluent in English and all our boys have full respect for this girl because she will not show any girl attitude and talks very jovially with all of us and teaches us English as we are very poor in that subject. Machhar never proposed to that girl and he restrained us to talk this matter to her as she might take it differently, even that girl also got some boyfriend in our third year so we all gave up.

Even in the stolen election time, he was ready to the canvas in the girls hostel and he saw her with the full makeup and dressing, his mind slipped away a bit but his heart did not agree with that though it is stolen by her. We all were together with him and we forced him but he was very reluctant to do so as we thought that will be the final chance to meet and speak during vote canvas. Later, he came our after seeing her in that costume “bhaiyon, I should have proposed it right? Am I wrong? I wanted to yaar, but she is already having bf then how could I propose her? I cannot forget her but at the same time, I cannot screw her life as she should be good and might have selected the best for her” then everybody in our hostel started hitting him by covering him in the bedsheet that he missed the last chance which we thought will work out in all our favour.

Later we decided ourselves that he will not propose in his life and we managed to keep one meetup in the canteen and convinced both the parties by cooking some junk stories so that they should not be aware of this matter, otherwise they both will kick us in our ass itself for sure. Machhar and the girl arrived in the canteen, they both talked to each other and had a chai then came out with happiness. We thought that this worked out and we were celebrating in the hostel, then Machhar came and told that girl has told about his boyfriend and I was quite impressed that he is very tall that matches her height and looks like he is also in the same final year in another college and both wanted to go united states for higher studies (M.S) than getting settled over there.

We are mouth shut and plan failed heavily than our college life ended. So, till now Machhar is still single and that girl is also single which we heard of after coming to this party only. At this point, we are all happy with our families and we want our buddy to be happy which he is deserved of and definitely, we wanted to reveal the name in this group as this is our last ever chance. Machhar took over the mike and started asking Srini, Lambu and Rajesh to go down then he started doing some mimicry and standup comedy and all to divert the crow.

But the crowd did not leave him and asked the girl name who has stolen his heart repeatedly with the support of Srini, Lambu and Rajesh. Finally at one point after so many requests, he just told from his mouth that it is Reshma whom he had a crush on and one side love from day1 of class 95 till date. The entire crowd turned their focus to Reshma and she was stunned, she never thought that Rohit will have this feeling and she felt very bad that she missed a lot of love life with this gentleman. Everyone including kids started pulling Reshma and pushed her to the stage by shouting Reshma! Reshma!!.

Reshma went near to Machhar and he was very nervous closed his eyes, then she lifted his hand and the entire crowd were looking at them. He gracefully opened his eyes and their both eyes had the lock initially and later the lips, all parents have closed the eyes of children and they were enjoying this romance as it is not very awkward. Later, they both relaxed.

Machhar was very happy and he thanked his friends to fulfil his dreams and wishes, Reshma took over the mike from him and said “I had a breakup in my final year as things did not go well with my boyfriend. So, I restrained from going abroad, working here and concentrating on my career. I never thought that Rohit will have feelings for me, if I would have known then I am the one who felt very happy because after hearing all this story coming from the friend's mouth in a good way is not that so easy. I have known him for years but this guy should have told me. Wait, I will come and hit you Machhar! You are really a Machhar only” and the entire crowd opened their mouth. She continued with blushing “I mean, you don’t suck blood as you are not a vampire I know but you suck everyone’s heart to the core and stay there as a virus.” And the whole crowd closes their mouth, started cheering this moment.

Everybody enjoyed this moment, did a small engagement programme for Machhar and Reshma by exchanging the newly bought ring by Srini who wanted to give the ring anyways for Machhar as a token of love if things does not work out on his fair. But now he is one of the happiest people as Machhar also soon will enter the Uncles club as they all did. Engagement over for the stolen hearts and the mission for the class of 95 gathering after 20 years achieved, the localites and the children accompanied the people who wanted to leave the airport except the two love birds decided to stay there itself and enjoys the post engagement with full romance. All understood and cleared the space for these birds to fly.

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