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Jyoti Astunkar

Tragedy Others Children


Jyoti Astunkar

Tragedy Others Children

A Pause - Part - 1

A Pause - Part - 1

4 mins

"Dad, Mom – where are you? Fun-day morning! " Ishaan and Ayaan are giggling and shouting as they both woke-up on a Sunday morning. 

"Dad, its holiday, let's play!" Both boys in a very happy mood. Rahul (Dad) and Riya (Mom) starring at naughty boys. 5 year old, Ishaan and Ayaan are twin brothers. Very adorable and lovely kids. 

As the Sunday progress, Rahul gets busy with kids and Riya is roaming around for household chores.

"Riya, what is there in the kitchen today?" Rahul asks. 

"Dad, Puri, and Shrikhand!" Ishaan and Ayaan say and laugh, as it's their favorite food. 

"Ishaan…Ayaan…let's go for a bath now, its 10 am." Riya shouts.

"Mom, please take Ayaan 1st", NO…"Mom, Ishaan will go 1st for the bath". When Rahul lifts up Ishaan and enters into one of the bathrooms, and Riya lifts up Ayaan towards another bathroom.

As both boys come out after getting fresh – Dad, its cricket time! All 4 were enjoying the Sunday (Fun-day, as defined by kids). 

Rahul and Riya had a beautiful flat on the 2nd floor of the apartment. They got married 7 years back. Both were doing very well in their careers and were very happy with each other. After 2 years of relationship, they blessed with Ishaan and Ayaan. Twin boys, very cute and adorable kids. A few months later, Riya decided to take a break from her professional life and enjoy motherhood for some time. Rahul supported her, though his job was not very well paid one, still, it was manageable if Riya doesn't work. They were happy with their routine and kids. Riya got fully engaged with kids at home. She was very happy in doing all the small things with twin brothers. Rahul and Riya, both were spiritual by nature and so their kids.

"No cricket! As you both had baths and freshen-up, now it's time for…?" Riya asked.

"hmm, ok Mom" ..And they walk towards a Pooja place at home. A small prayer by all 4 of them and…

"Cricket, cricket, cricket!" please…"Okay, boys" Rahul smiled and started playing with them.

Looking at Rahul and kids playing, Riya was relaxing aside, "Thank you God for giving me such a loving family and this beautiful house."

"Mom, please come here to the balcony and play with us. It's Fun-day!" Ishaan shouted.

 "Lunchtime guys!" Riya calls them for food.

"Rahul…please come for lunch now." All at the lunch table and Shrikhand-Puri!

Kids' finish their lunch and move back to play, as usual behavior of kids.

Rahul and Riya were talking about their life and future planning, etc. on the table.

Mom, Dad, what are you doing? Come here, will play again.

"You carry on and play carefully, I will come in some time," Rahul says to kids

Ayaan, "Ishaan bring our blue car." Ishaan, "No you bring it."

Riya and Rahul were hearing the conversation between kids, from the dining area. Suddenly Ishaan came to her, "Mom, Ayaan isn't brining the car"

She smiled, "It's ok dear, you take it while going back to him"

Ishaan went back, taking the blue car and again, they both started playing together. Again the chitchat between the kids, car race, laughing etc.

Suddenly Ayaan shouts, "Mom… Dad… Ishaan…." 

Rahul and Riya quickly come out to the balcony, and …

Ayaan was standing there near the balustrade (railing of the balcony) and looking down. Complete silence, Ayaan was just looking blank and shocked. No movement and words, just staring down.

Rahul runs downstairs, and Riya behind him, holding Ayaan. And they rush to the hospital. Ayaan was still in complete silence. 

And they are sitting in the hospital lobby outside the OT…

Ishaan and Ayaan were playing in the balcony and happily talking with each other. Ishaan was trying to look down from the balcony. 

Ayaan, "Ishaan, don't do that, you will fall."

Ishaan, "No, no, don't worry Ayaan, God is with me and he loves me. I am just looking down something." ….And suddenly Ishaan lost his balance and fall down from the balcony on the 2nd floor!

Ayaan is standing there and saw him falling down and couldn't move or say anything, just…..Mom… Dad

The only 2 words (Mom… Dad…)

In the hospital…The waiting period was over for Rahul and Riya, and again a big silence.

They had lost Ishaan…"because of fall, severe injuries in his brain and heavy bleeding, hence couldn't save him", said the doctor.

1 Week later…At home

"Where is Ishaan?" Ayaan asked.

"Ishaan is in hospital, as he is not well", Riya said.

To be continued…(in next part)

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