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Jyoti Astunkar

Drama Romance Others


Jyoti Astunkar

Drama Romance Others

The date at 10am

The date at 10am

6 mins 413 6 mins 413

In a beautiful pleasent morning of November, at sharp 10am, Sonali was sitting in a cafe (completely engrossed in the beautiful memories). The memorable place, same table and waiting for a special person to meet.

It's very long they met, approx 9 months! Sujay and Sonali, people used to call them love birds! Very loving and caring for each other. Sujay used to like her from their college days, long awaited and finally proposed her in the last year of the college. Soon, Sonali too got attracted towards him. And the beautiful loving time started for both of them. Outing, dating and at times fighting too! But both were always supportive to each other. They decided to marry and live a fruitful life with each other. But both were very young to get married and not yet settled professionally. Both the families agreed for their relationship, but they decided to wait for couple of years to get professionally settle and complete their education, if any. They started meeting almost everyday, very happy and comfortable with each other, never ending talks and discussions about future and present etc. 

After a year,

One fine day, Sujay called Sonali and told her something weird. Sonali was shocked, she couldn't tell anything to Sujay at that moment. He told her, "I got engaged with another girl, who is known to my family. My parents had selected her for me, and I couldn't oppose."

Sujay was a complete world for Sonali, her life and emotions got scattered by knowing this. She closed all her connects with Sujay, as she is very depressed and unable to say anything. But this depression effected her badly, mentally and physically both.

Sonali, a beautiful, intelligent, confident and independent girl. Who accepted all challenges in her life till now, and strongly crossed all the mile stones on her way. Being a topper in academics and other social activities, she was also very good human being. Though she is very tough to others by nature, very soft to her dear ones. 

After 6 months,

Sujay called her, he wanted to meet her. He apologized, and just asked her to meet once. As per her nature and especially deep love for Sujay, somehow she got agree to meet him once. With a very positive mindset, to talk and go ahead to give one more chance to each other (he told her over the call, " I am not in that relationship, I had to do that because of a pressure by my parents. And now I decided to break the engagement, I can't be in that relationship.")

In a beautiful morning of November, 

Sonali wakes-up with full energy and happiness. Desparately waiting to clock stuck 10! It's the time when she is going to meet Sujay! At their favourite dating place. She was feeling some positive vibes and a ray of hope, to get her love and happiness back.

10 am, Sonali reached at the decided place and waiting for Sujay to come.

10:30 am, he was yet to reach there, might got late due to some reason. 

11:00 am, hopefully nothing wrong had happened. 

She started calling him, to check if all ok. It's ringing, but not picking. Continuously calling, but, it's switch off now. 2 pm, Sujay didn't come. Sonali was completely scattered, depressed and angry, but couldn't do anything else then moving out from the place and back to home.

Sonali's soft and loving characteristic got proved very bad for herself, in this situation. Though she was working well, with her job in a good company, day-by-day getting sick mentally. Working time was filled with work, lots of people around with official routine, and evening time was full of sorrow. No sleep, no proper food and nobody to talk, as she was staying alone in the city for her job. Feeling of this failure in her personal life was troubling her badly. Lots of complaints and questions, anger and depression, were making her life hell. Practically she didn't want to go back or talk with Sujay for anything, but by heart, she was missing him badly. Her health was getting down, many health related issues occurred. She had to gone under long medications too. Now she was unable to handle the situation alone. She needed someone to talk, to share her emotions, to listen. And, she got a friend, to whom she was able to talk, comfortable to share her sorrow and pain. She wanted to cry and open her heart, to say, "I love him a lot, how could he did this to me, I am unable to forget him, I am unable to sleep...". 

Nitya, quite aged then Sonali, but she could understand and listen to Sonali. Sonali started feeling little comfortable with Nitya. In a way, Nitya became a counselor and good friend to Sonali. Not a professional counselor, but very soft by nature, a very good listener and observer, understanding and down to earth. Nitya had seen many ups and downs in her life, and crossed many personal and professional mile stones too. Somehow, these few characteristics got match between Sonali and Nitya, and both could talk with each other very openly. Now, Nitya used to keep watch on Sonali, that she should not feel alone, she should be engaged in one or other things. She should follow her hobbies or passion if any. Though, a very tough time for both, but Sonali was in complete depression. She became like a kid, and now very much attached to Nitya. Nitya was taking care of her completely, especially for her emotions and health. They used to spent time togather, whenever possible. If not togather then on messages, but always connected. 

Nitya, who always wished to have a daughter, to love and care, to be a good friend as Mommy and a dearest, to have fun and share everything to each other, to always be with her in all good and bad times, to always be a strong support to her. In a way, Nitya was looking and feeling all this for Sonali, and didn't want to leave her in such a tough time of her life. 

Slowly, Sonali was getting better. Here better means, she started taking failure in personal life, little positively. She started thinking about her future, career etc. Nitya became an important part of her life and a person, who could understand her feelings and supported her to come out of that depression phase. 

A whole year passed away, and Sonali came out of that phase of life. As a human being, we don't forget the incidents or accidents happened in our life, but a layer of time, makes them blurry to our eyes. Same happened with Sonali, as the time passed, she became normal to life. Started thinking about her future, started getting social again (there was the time when all such talks, socialism, likings, fun etc. were completely off for her. No connect with anybody except Nitya), and importantly she got close back to her family.

Once again, a confident girl working in a good organisation leading a team and very positive towards her future. Though not planned many targets for her life yet.

As when we get into beautiful dreams, we tend to make them fulfil, and our heart just starts walking towards them desparately. But if we experienced those blurry layers of time in any phase of our life, we think twice to get into it again!

Failure is the key to success, as when we get fail in any phase of our life, success automatically becomes more meaningful and worthy. Better to keep moving on all the ways and keep crossing the mile stones to see - what is next!!

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