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A Note of Appreciation

A Note of Appreciation

4 mins

I was in the middle of a conversation with my colleague over some work-related topic. Then a small pop-up at the bottom of my screen caught my attention. That was of an email. These modern-day pop-ups give me a glimpse of the sender and a brief view of the content. Sometimes emails are so short that I don’t need to open them to read it. All it requires is a glance. However, there is nothing unusual about receiving an email. I receive heaps of them daily. But the one I am talking about deserves a special mention, and hence this note.

The initial impression lured me to open the message and the visuals instantly brightened up my countenance. That moment, along with the attire I also wore a smile on my face. That’s what an appreciation in what you love doing can do to you. Indeed, it was mesmerizing. I felt like being in a different world, the most desirable one mind you.

But I was pulled back into reality as swiftly as I was pushed off it a moment ago. The pulling back hit me slightly harder than the elation I experienced a while ago. That is when I asked a question about how I managed to stay away from something I love doing – WRITING.

I feel it is not me who writes but my heart does. My fingers sing to the tune of my feelings. Perhaps it taps on the letters like the heartbeat of a passionate lover. Off late, neither my fingers nor my heart could get an opportunity to rejoice like it has gotten today right at this moment.

I never imagined my writing would take a back seat. Not at least in the current situation when our houses have become our make-shift offices. The times which none of us could have dreamt to see. I never expected my commuting hours will become zero one day. But it is a reality now. I don’t know why that implies too to my writing and it stopped again.

I would consider myself very fortunate. Recent email is not less than a blessing. It has re-ignited the spark and warmth my passion yet again. I would say, just at the right time before I lose my way to the storms of uncertainty.

There were days when I wrote as and when I could. Though I claimed to love writing but my ignorance never allowed it to be included in my schedule. There was absolutely no room for writing in the list of things I did in a day. I faltered fundamentally and yet wasn’t aware of it. Thus, it was easier for me to go without writing than with writing. It caused a substantial amount of pain and stress mentally. That’s when I came across STORYMIRROR which gave me a platform, purpose, approach, scope – whatever you may call it or I would say it gave me every reason to stick to writing. I vividly remember to have received an email to participate in the story writing contest. That is where my constructive journey began.

Though I stopped until today and the gap was widening but STORYMIRROR stayed in touch with me. Not only the recent email (which is the very reason I am writing this note) but there were several ones that constantly kept ‘writing’ at the back of my head. As we say, sometimes you just need to write to start writing without putting much of a thought. Guess, I may have done just the same today but with some intent.

And now the email I talked about initially contains the certificate of appreciation and the information about the ‘LITERARY CAPTAIN’ title I received from STORYMIRROR. As it appears this is for my contribution so far. Though I feel I could have done much better. But nevertheless, it doesn’t take away the amount of good work that STORYMIRROR is doing. And I thank the team for giving me such recognition. It has really boosted my morale and I would like to see more of writs coming their way from now onwards.

Thus, I thought of taking this opportunity of sharing my small story and also writing ‘A NOTE OF APPRECIATION’ for STORYMIRROR.

Thank you.

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