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A Journey Of The One Who Sold

A Journey Of The One Who Sold

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I started this journey with you ignoring all the odds. We met, we loved, we shared. I was too sure that you won't leave me so I never gave a thought to separation. A call to witness your vital presence was always what made a bad day a beauty. Sitting on the bonnet of car, walking on roads, laughing in park, your eyes were full of spark. When I saw you smiling like a kid, I fell more for you. Your touch was as beautiful as holy water. Every beer, every tear, all the pain & this ever increasing strain. My soul is now thirsty for that holy water that you showered. While living my life I always thought that we are going to be with each other. But things changed, time changed & what was worst is you changed. Even when you know my soul resides in you. Even when you know I can't love any human being except you. Even when you know my life will always be an incomplete track without you. Even when you promised that our love will stay the way it is till the end.

Its tough to accept the change that came. It has been such a long time that I didn't feel you. We didn't exchange our breaths. I didn't kiss your eyes to tell you how cute you are. Because of all this I will always be incomplete because without you I go blind. When you held my hands everything was like a scenery. After what finished & what took place Everything looks like a burnt place, burnt emotions, lost love, lost life. I don't know how to describe those times when I took you in my arms while making eye contact that cutest shy smile on your face just before I used to kiss you. I miss the time when I used to go mad at you. When my hands went through your hair. When used to tell you that I love you the most & you are equally important to me as my PARENTS & that is What I never said to any one. You were the only one who I valued . I miss those nights we crushed each other to witness that magical feel.

Everything washed away like sand in rain. It left me with emotional scars & unbearable pain. I am walking alone now. Because you left me in between. I have no choice because I never cared about backup. I always was sure of us. I always thought we will make it up till the end. I Trusted you . I Loved you. I tried my level best to make you realise how much I love you. But what was painful to see was you valuing others more than me. You were running before abstract when I was the best reality. You never understood difference between real & fake. What put my life on stake. The people who know my story have cried more, have felt bad, they know I deserve you, they know I love u. They feel for me because they know me. They pity you because you kicked the person who always moved his hands on your head, kissing your head saying I love u the most. I wish you had loved me at least a bit. I wish you have stayed. I wish .....

I am on a long walk deprived of you, your feel, our love, those silly talks, those hand holding walks, those kisses, that touch. Spent nights in your arms. I miss everything so much. I don't know where will my life take me now, where will I end up but with all my heart, I just want to say it again "I love you the most" "My cuteness".

I am leaving

This story is a deep mystery.

A Journey of the one who sold his soul for love.

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