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Abstract Drama Romance


Rakesh Pandey

Abstract Drama Romance

A Double Romance

A Double Romance

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She smiled, ruffled my hair playfully and left. She left me distraught! It has been a year since she left. A year, when I missed her everyday! 

They say that it's impossible for males to fall in love with two females and then love them equally. I agree. I'm in love with her and her younger sister. I am unable to decide whom I love more! Although, they don't have this problem. Both are aware of my infatuation and love me back equally. Why is it that only males are so territorial? Why are females so adjustable and equivocal? The testosterone is considered more potent and powerful, but I think the estrogen rules the world! May be, that's why Rudyard Kipling has observed that 'Females of the species are deadlier than males.' And also more intelligent, I believe. 

She is very beautiful and can be a charmer when she wants! She can ignite romance like a wildfire immolating a jungle. I don't want to be lyrical about her as I'm not a poet, but she deserves lyrics. There are few people I know, who are rather besotted with her and have written volumes on her beauty and moods. I know I should hate this and should get jealous, but I love the idea of guys writing poems on her with a perverse pleasure and in fact, enjoy it! I know that I'm crazy. You have to be, in order to fall in love with two temperamental females. One is usually enough for a sane guy! 

Yes, she's very temperamental! I'm sure that she would kill someone in one of her tantrums. Who knows! Maybe she already has! She even hits and hurts me, when in one of her ferocious moods. Ah! Once in her killing moods, she made me walk from Dahisar to Mazagaon. A distance of 45 kilometers. And to add salt to injury, I was seriously sick with malaria. She was least bothered by my malady and was ruthless. I was so upset that I cursed her. But, I love her too much and one cannot remain forever angry on one's loved ones. I forgave her the very next day and was in her arms again with she teasing me and laughing in my face. 

She's agnostic. She hates Ganpati, Janmashtmi and other Hindu festivals. That's absolutely fine! Religion is one's personal prerogative and only fools argue and fight over it. 

She has two siblings. Her younger sister is my soulmate! She's lovely! Kind and very beautiful! My friends don't like her. They say, she's frigid. Well, so is ice-cream and we all love it! 

She always brings a glow on my face. Just like her elder sister, even she is temperamental and wild sometimes. She has the capacity to freeze your soul by her ethereal eyes. May be, cruelty and ruthlessness run into their family! Still, I love her desperately! Why I love danger? I believe I'm cursed... or plain stupid! 

They both are like goddesses and before their charms and beauty, I feel myself as a puny mortal. If I were not a mere mortal and if bigamy was legally allowed, I'd have married both of them after murdering their wicked elder brother! If wishes were horses..! 

Their elder brother is very hot-headed and wicked. I go to any lengths to avoid him and his insane fury. He is visiting us right now and unwilling to leave. Just like me, he loves Panvel, where I live. He is just wild and cruel! I hate him. They say hatred originates from fear. If it insinuates that I'm afraid of him, I'm all for it! It hurts my male ego to admit, but it's the harsh truth that I'm scared of him. 

Now that he's packing his bags, I'm sure that the elder sister will steal it. I just can't wait to see her face, which acts as a cooling balm on my soul, which is bruised and burned by her brutal brother. I told y'all, brutality runs in the family! 

Welcome back, Rains... I hope you are not so temperamental this time! I love you! 

My young and beautiful Winter! My beloved! I live in the hope of your freezing kisses on me! Hope you come soon! 

Summer! Why don't you jump in a well and cool yourself, buddy! Hate you from my soul! 

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