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Dharitri Mallick



Dharitri Mallick


Yes ! I Am A Rebel

Yes ! I Am A Rebel

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~ (1) ~

YES ! Yes I am a Maverick, a Rebel !

Live like a rebel to destroy all evils

Intolerant to Injustice, immoral, wrongs and corruptions...

Intense desire to bring revolution

~ (2) ~

But I became alone in this war path

Those few are with me also

Faced the disastrous as I

Living isolated in surroundings

Every support system has withdrawn

Still I didn't lose my Courage & Faith

~ (3) ~

Every time got injury blood shot

Whenever try to get across

Again stood up to fight

After each falling down

~ (4) ~

No army no arms no troops

Single girl with old ailing mother

Started to voice against all injustices

Wrongs, Blind customs traditions

In own family, outside & circles

In consequence it damages

Every relations & left with isolation

~ (5) ~

Still Something is within me

Ignites the flame of Conscience

The Truth, Virtues, Courage, Morals

All are my weapons to bring Rebellions

The guiding force, Spiritual Energy

The Soul Spirits that lives within me

Gives strength & energized me

I am a divinely guided Spirit

~ (6) ~

Yes ! Everything is within you

You can also ignite your power of Conscience......

Bring changes & live for good cause...

Destroy all unwanted systems that only poisons the Life .......

© Dharitri Mallick ✍️

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