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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Kajal Pawar

Tragedy Classics Inspirational


Kajal Pawar

Tragedy Classics Inspirational

The Poisonous Chambers

The Poisonous Chambers

2 mins 274 2 mins 274

Wake up not the dreamers who are as drowsing dressed as peace,

Their beds are secret gas chambers, soon they shall be gone piece by piece...

Be quiet! they are sleeping not knowing their dawn is death,

The sunset which they may have seen today shall only rise their deathbed...

Let it all pass by like a wave and watch them as they sleep,

The poison shall be released tomorrow- will you come to weep?

How many coffins shall dead trees make and how many bodies shall die?

Millions of breath shall bid adieu not knowing when to cry...

Here I see a child crawling in the dark night,

does he know what lies in heart of darkness?

He trembles as he calls for his mother, fear cannot see the light...

Reduced to labels and numbers and slaves,

They survive merely as men lived in caves...

The power shall play the games of despair and fallen crown,

Here comes the noise between the tunes of sweet town...

A century may not be enough to apologize to the grieving souls,

The times were dark with wars, the children begged with wooden bowls...

The women wailed as their husbands died in their laps,

The old cried as their thin bodies were used as torn maps...

Wake them not! they are fast asleep let them die as they float in dreams,

Let the truth not touch them this time, let them die without their screams...

The shaking hands writes this truth after hundred of years,

The silent pain still lives in the war zones, won't you wake your ears?

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