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Travel the path from illness to wellness with Awareness Journey. Grab your copy now!

The Hidden Nut

The Hidden Nut

2 mins

I was fixing to make it,

In the friendly hope of,

Finding a hidden nut.

I discovered in a leisurely,

What its like to have an,

Elephant search your clothes,

Like lecherous expression of a camel,

Must wheeze of disappointment,

Like crazy planet, No alignment,

Cannot see what reason it affords,

Look from the aching sky, day stalks, a tyrant with a flaming sword!

Clear of all the clutter of lives lived,

A hidden nut inside in my heart,

Years and years back I carried upon,

Till age in twenties whose counting,

When it May past plenty,

Every second count,minutes equal many

No matter how you hammer at its wall

Till truth obeyed call

Deep down "the hidden nut"

I carried long way back

Bye never created oneness among

Being a pure soul

I am silent

I am nothing

I left my view Point

I see people around me

With open Mind and imagination

Something happened, I was innocent

Unspoken words in all dilemma

"The hidden nut" deep down inside

Is all my mental depression

The reward for the watching eye

The listening ear is great

I lost somewhere

Than I spent more hours

To quite witness of hidden nut

Was eating my mental peace each moment

Manifold expressions of life

That grace our planet

It is something so bright

Now being owsome overseeing

Its off-spring proudly

I get aware the meaning of freedom

By not being caged physically

But inside who you are

A beautiful creation of god

I am in the wild are

Hidden nut fine away

Has been pushed up

In practice, free in my space, ln time

In my relations with nature, with humanity

Now I am being bold and

The most intelligent

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