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Kavita Yadav

Others Abstract


Kavita Yadav

Others Abstract

Internet Is My Life

Internet Is My Life

2 mins

Though I wasn't looking for anyone

I fall in love day and night

More than my wife

Internet is my life

Just like you're the person

And the one who is there.

Whenever I stuck or even found offline

I may feel die world

But you are still there

Like me millions are dying for you

You explore as much likes,

Shares you, the way you act.

I eat and breathe broadcasting across

Across the ocean and vivid time zones

LIke my loving wife

You provide what I want

As I am as big giant

Yet I have not seen your face

Your value is now for me

More than all the world's treasure!

It keeps me awake till 2 am

So, I'll bring my attention towards you

Ah, yes I was remembering the lyrics incorrectly

But as usual you're impressive

You always seem to get me

This is all my world of Internet, my evening doomed

Crazy games I play

Funny jokes that I share

Lives and lives connected

Through wires!

Fire in belly that inspires

However you always there

24*7 in light or in dark

By being so nostalgic

Maps showing the road where to go

More than my internal life

Information overloaded

Being become my girlfriend sometimes

Weekend, day, each hour and every moment within I spend

Get gossips of celebrity link up

I choose my destination

It's like Aladdin's magical lamp

Where I can explore and fulfill all my wish

Find love Without sharing even more than a kiss to my girlfriend

Live in anonymity bliss

All this and more is just away

Wired world(Internet) is alluring and on display

A complete world of mine by itself

Sense of discrimination in the real world.

So should we in this digital world.

Upon the midnight hour one touch and you appear

And in my arm you stay

A vibrant and a gentle being.

Nobody says now I have no friends!

In my digital world I have even more than real world

Insta, Facebook, Twitter

Hey if I don't miss YouTube

WhatsApp and many more

To read, to learn, to play,to laugh

To do night hunt to not only chat but Explore the world beyond imaginations.

Once you know the secret of being in the now,

You have known the greatest mystery of existence

Passions,hobbies and friends

Social media that makes our lives no ends!

We sleeps late night with beeps and site updates continuing at whatsup

By seeing messages in thumbs-up.

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