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True Lakshiyan Warriors

True Lakshiyan Warriors

2 mins

We are Lakshyan,

Rainbow colours in the sky.

We are lakshyan,

Seven wonders of the world,

Seven swara of sangeeta,

Yes, this is the way,

We have to walk upon,

Walk with great fire,

With a passionate rattle,

Ignite and inspire,

An affectionate battle.

Beam from the heart,

And jump into the saddle,

Born aimless but,

Fire in a belly,

Of great soul,

With a passionate rattle,

Those push light in the earth,

Watch it roll through cracks.

We trained beyond,

We destined,

Keep receiving punishments,

From the training,

Like soldiers,

To become warrior of life.

Few of ran away bow down,

Undefined situations,

But left few finally,

Comes to terms with thin situations.

Stay focused day by day,

With numerous breakdowns day by day,

By enlightened Dream with an aura to learn again and again,

Denying circumstances unexpected backgrounds become game- changers.

Limping,wounded ,

Couldn't wait to grow up and be a part of that magical realm,

Our world is only a war, 

As we fight to win.

Conquer every challenge Come in a way that will take,

Lakshyan wounds are heavy and not Healed yet,

But will not rest.

Yes, this is the dream,

Which we have to. Realize,

Lakshiyan those,

Storm's cannot stop,

Neither earth,nor sky can stop.

The earth will shake,

Beneath your feet,

Many destinations will embrace,

We just keep walk day and night,

By matching up shoulder to shoulder,

And match step to step.

Together we have to become,

Embers and melt stones,

We brave"Lakshiyan",

Become clouds. And cover the hills.

Play with danger,demons,

While laughing so much courage we have,

We sings song of victory,

By Raising enthusiasts in heart.

On the eyelids,

Lamps of memories burn such,

Some dreams are there,

Which always walk with us.

True Lakshiyan's

We are let there be no dream left,

Let there be no promises broken, 

Let the one you love with all your heart.

Lakshiyan unstoppable,

This earth,this sky,

Sing songs, this wind,

This weather, they all echo,

With fragrances of purity,

Lakshiyan's dream will,

Come true one day.

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