Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

The Face On My Kurta

The Face On My Kurta

2 mins

Shining with the gleam of sun

My silk kurta,

I do wear with most of care.

One day at sudden

For something I watched

With the closest attention. That's May hidden

Among most of the events

I think was something about.

Cannot be explained by all natural causes,

Beyond nature runs her courses

Unbelievable one of my weekend days

Lying on a bed in the morning

Not getting up and delaying

The Following night of saturday

Just right corner side of my kurta

An anxious half man's face appeared wearing spects

An inch of length

I watched it again and again

As much I can

For I need of all that strength

I won't believe on my eyes

I won't believe on my senses

No story that could be explain

I thought a moment

Than pray for atonement

To save from the things that I can't see

Image appeared on my silky

Nothing like most of your examples

But a truth, I always believe

From different angles!

I watched it throughly

Something more interesting greatly

On strange occurance could tell happened

So, sure not to have my spirits. Dampened

I washed it up, even brushed up

But nothing happened this Never ending, just the same

As real as may asking something!

Just close to nothing

Each n every moment

It grew more and more

Real and remarkable confrontational, thought yet irreplaceable

Filled my thoughts day and night

Curious curve of the nose half

Remarkable forehead by wearing spects over

"face of an uncommon man,

Man in a thousand."

Mind started to search to look upon

Whom? this face appeared half can match!

Somewhere I was convinced. The real man must exist.and him I must meet.

Why I had no idea,

I only knew that he and I.

"save god alone,to weigh my all questions why?"

Somewhere linked by fate

Beyond my madness of appeared half man's face

I neglected everything else

Be suspicious image appeared controlled me

Forget about my gender as woman;

Men, men, men, all the time

Months passed by now and than

Over and under every where my eyes searched about that face

There I even lay in a broken condition for someweeks

An 'my' liason come to see me,an somehow he couldn't speak.

Years passed by half man's face still as same appeared even my favourite silky kurta turned up

Spend lifetime like old age man!

From the same face appeared decayed

Something destined

What was that still questioned?

But, it was surely something may science won't believe

Since the day that I found

There's something about

Makes me want to lose it and pounceya

But it's not just my body,

It's my mind, my spirit, everything combined.

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