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Poetic Princess!



Poetic Princess!


The Friendship

The Friendship

2 mins

The friendship was strong and real,

Between the boy and the girl,

The friendship was a ride of joy,

Riden by the fairy and the boy!

Like a neonatal flower, their friendship bloomed,

But not like a perfect song, their days were tuned,

Like a rising sun, their eyes shined,

But in dark, all the tears they cried!

They truly loved their friendship, so to each other,

Which burnt at times but who did bother?

People pictured their Bond as unreal in their eyes,

And to pray, the two hearts looked up in the skies!

The king of heaven helped them, playing fate at times,

Because of those hates, the fairy now constantly cried,

Loving his dear, how can the boy not shed tears?

No one, but only their friendship and love feared!

Their love was so true and beautiful,

That it destroyed from this world, the cruel,

Which was something the narrow minds didn't see,

Because their minds were made up, not to set them free!

The fairy's soul and the boy's heart only made them live,

Yet at times they remained surrounded by all the grieve,

If the boy was the sun, then the fairy was the moon,

As he promised to become the tune of her croon!

Love made them live and fate scattered their smiles,

As by the latter, their hearts were separated by miles,

Yet the boy tried to be strong but the fairy failed,

Because now her heart, with grief, was nailed!

She couldn't bear the dark nights without her beloved,

Therefore with tears, her heart she graved,

The fairy in sorrow died, and the boy got the news,

He hurried to his friend, through miles which were not of few!

Oh! His hands couldn't take the fairy's Cold hands,

Even after the sad death of love, no one still held hands,

The boy didn't let even a tear escape for what he eyed,

Which escaped when he closed his eyes as near the beauty of his body!

Love disappeared from the world as both the hearts stopped beating,

Friendship weakened as their love started dying,

Only the dark waves crushed the narrow-minded people,

They regretted but still, their hearts remained feeble!

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