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Poetic Princess!

Drama Romance


Poetic Princess!

Drama Romance

My Heaven!!

My Heaven!!

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My love....

Was the moment a birth or a blessing,

That we met without any warning?

Slowly and gradually we decided,

When the friendship between us unfolded!

Life seems like fate if you hate,

And if you love, it lives like a date!

Every time you wink at me, I smile,

The one that is my most favorite, is your style!

Don't worry if anything makes us apart,

Because it brings me closer to your heart!

Oh dear! Look I am there within you,

I am like your soul that never quits you!

Let our fingers get intertwined slowly,

Let our every tear add new love to our diary!

The treasure of my life is your memories,

Will you add more for your darlingest of all fairies?

I bet, my last breath will take your name,

My heart will silently beat it's last as it's not fame!

You are the heaven for me, must you know,

Oh! Even after my death

, I will live under(with) your shadow (love)!

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