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Wasima Raida Islam

Romance Fantasy Inspirational


Wasima Raida Islam

Romance Fantasy Inspirational

The 1

The 1

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I never knew how to fix a broken heart

So I always kept quiet from the start

Unlike the ocean to the waves

Coming back seemed to fall apart

But when you knocked at my door

I didn't know what's keeping me up all night

When your waves meet my shore

I wish I could tell how your thoughts were keeping me tangled at first sight 

You took me places where I belong

You showed me, someone, I thought I never could become

Just when things go a Lil bit wrong

He knows how to sing my favorite song

Just like the candle to the flames

Chasing mysteries when someone's calling me names

With sincere apology remains

Removing poisons from my stains

He's still the one less lonely 

For whom I arrive undone

Cause Every second with you is illogical irrational fun

Left where my insecurities begun

But sometimes I am afraid

Thought of it makes me scared

Whether My fate follows The Wren

We get lost where we began

What if u forget the road to my soul

What if the same love gets old

If we ever think wrote each other off

Promise me you will judge me against the cause

Please babe whenever we fall

Dont be the one to create the wall

Every day with us is an uphill battle

Two souls crafting home

Enemies come to destroy my castle

My lover builds a fort

Every night is lonely and pathetic 

When he's not by my side

With his charms so magnetic

Keeps me warm during the tide

Every road we cross is the greatest ride

Every story made is not a real guide

In our story, we are the ones to decide

Heartbroken enemies sneak to divide

But I know I am only me when I am with you

I never knew love could be so true

When I thought its time for goodbye

And its time for me to run

He became the apple of my eye

And I couldn't deny

Cuz he is the one.

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